Hello lo (as my sister would say) and welcome to the weekend. No recipe today – no, wait – don’t go – I just wanted to quickly share some pics from an amazing day out yesterday and give you the heads up on some awesome places to eat…As you can see I was super lucky to get invited to join a team of like-minded foodies (and wine-ies and beer-ies and designers) on a culinary cruise on Auckland harbour – aptly named Harbourvore. We sailed out of the viaduct marina on Yonder Star ( a loverly 87 ft yacht) about 2pm and blissfully headed out to anchor just off Motutapu island. During the afternoon the clouds came and went, there was a lovely fresh breeze that kept us lively and the food and drinks just kept coming. We were presented with Te Kouma and Kaipara harbour oysters, trevally and kingfish sashimi, salt and dill cured gurnard, crispy flounder on perilla leaves and coromandel lobster sliders – and that was just for nibbles!

As the afternoon wore on we feasted on grilled whole Terakihi, Cloudy Bay cockles, grilled eggplant, baby corn and snake bean salad then finished off with Waiheke island Phutukawa honey & coconut milk creme brulee and Marou chocolate and blackberry pots de creme. Miraculously, I didn’t feel full to the gunnels (little boaty reference right there), as the food was so light and supremely fresh, and packed with flavour thanks to the use of grunty, vibrant herbs and minimal interference. We were lucky enough to have the delightful Lek (Wichian Trirattanavatin) from Saan restaurant on board, cooking, chatting and laughing and talking passionately about the origins of his recipes – all passed down from his chef parents and grandparents. His excitement about being able to cook with such amazing New Zealand produce was infectious, as was his pride in the Thai heritage of the dishes. I should also make mention here of the amazing beverages on board – luscious Pandan Punch cocktails, Hallertu beers, Poderi Crisci, Kumeu River Estate and Man O War wines. I was a total pig in mud but just managed to keep myself tidy, by crikey if ever there was a food and drinks line-up to make a girl throw caution to the wind, that was it. So today, still licking my lips, it’s back to yoga, work and reality…but damn it was good!

This series of Harbourvore cruises was hosted by the trimuvirate of Saan, Cafe Hanoi and Xuxu – three of my favourite Auckland restaurants, so essentially there was no way it could be anything other than magic. If you’re an Auckland local, keep an eye out for future events, based on yesterday I would highly recommend it! 

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20 Inspiring Packaging Designs for Products that do Social Good

We are living in an age of companies built for social good. To some, it is merely a trendy marketing gimmick, to other brands it is a genuine guiding philosophy. But consumers can tell the difference. As we dive further into the 2017 Trend Report, we’ve rounded up 20 of the most inspiring packaging designs for products that aim to do some good in this world.

Read the 2017 Trend Report.

120WaterAudit Water Testing Kit







Having clean drinking water has become more of an issue this past year than ever before with states in the US like Michigan unable to maintain health conditions due to contaminated water. Knowing such a devastating matter was effecting thousands of lives, 120WaterAudit wanted to help. In collaboration with Co-motion Studio, they created and packaged a water testing kit for businesses and consumers. The kit provides a convenient way to frequently test your water for unhealthy contaminants. 

Designed by Co-motion Studio

Country: United States


Elephant Gin






Whip up your next martini or Tom Collins with a gin that also supports charitable foundations. Elephant Gin is a crisp-tasting spirit with notes of juniper and pine, and funds go towards helping the Big Life Foundation’s Ranger Club and Space For Elephants Foundation.

Via: Elephant Gin


Collector’s Edition Function Woodblocks




You’ve only got 26 chances to grab one of these woodblocks. The Designers Foundry designed the packaging for Collector’s Edition Function Woodblocks, which are auctioned off to benefit cancer research. The kraft box reflects the product inside, while red foil adds a splash of color and intrigue. Tissue paper enhances the opening experience and adds to how special each and every letter truly is.

Designed by The Designers Foundry

Country: New Zealand


Charity Beans Coffee








Drink coffee and do good, all in the same sip. Imaginaria Creative developed the packaging for Charity Beans, a line of premium coffee beans that consumers can enjoy even more knowing that some of the proceeds go to charity. Charity Beans offers an impressive lineup of coffee, including chocolate hazelnut, Ethiopian beans, and a breakfast blend. Their wide variety allows any coffee lover to find just what they’re looking for, and their cafe even offers some non-coffee options and food. 

Designed by Imaginaria Creative

Country: United States


The Soulfull Project






 Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset





They got soul. The Soulfull Project, a new PBC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Campbells), hired Soulsight to develop the Soulfull Project—a food brand that also gives back to the community and helps those in need. The Soulfull Project works in two parts. First, they provide nourishing food to those who purchase their products. Second, they make donations to food banks to help those who are less fortunate.

Designed by Soulsight

Country: United States


PLANT Apothecary






PLANT is a line of apothecary goods that will make you feel good, inside and out. Not only are the products comprised entirely of natural ingredients, but they’re made with the help of disabled adults who work at the nonprofit BKLYN UNLTD workshop. 



Olympic Coke Cans 2016






Even though the Summer Olympics just ended, celebrations are still going on. So grab a limited edition coke can and hit an Olympics-themed party in honor of the 558 athletes who completed in Rio!  Wrapped in a ribbon of the games colors, each can tributes an individual sport with a silhouette of an athlete above the iconic Coca-Cola logo. Representing the 46 gold and 37 silver medals the United States has won, diet coke is packaged in silver and gold cans alongside the standard red and black cans for Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero. 

Designed by Coca-Cola

Country: United States


Tiger Beer Turns Air Pollution Into Ink




This pen is like no other! Designed by Marcel Sydney and Graviky Labs, air pollution is transformed into ink through a series of tools that attach to pollution emitters like the tailpipes of cars. Once in place, the device captures any raw carbon and soot that might seep into the air. That is then put through a purification process to ensure its safe for anyone to use.

Designed by Marcel Sydney

Country: Australia 


Clean Green with these Vegan, Eco-Friendly Products






It doesn’t get much better for the environment than this. BIOZ GREEN is a line of cleaning supplies that you can feel good about using in your home—you won’t be using nasty chemicals and you won’t be harming animals. Estúdio Caxa developed the packaging for this bright and contemporary line of cleaning products that doesn’t force you to sacrifice your values.

Designed by Estúdio Caxa

Country: Brazil


Beer Packaging and Branding that Celebrates Diversity







Wherever you go in the world, there’s one thing you’ll almost always find easily: beer. Holic Design Studio developed the branding and packaging for Folks Craft Brewery in order to celebrate people from all walks of life enjoying a nice, cold brew.

Designed by Holic Design Studio

Country: Brazil


Premium Playing Cards Courtesy of Neil Patrick Harris






Get ready for something legendary. Neil Patrick Harris teamed up with Theory 11 to create an exquisite deck of playing cards that are a clear tribute to his passions of mystery, magic, games, and theater. The NPH Playing Cards aren’t just beautiful, though—for every deck purchased, $1 will be donated to the (RED) fight against AIDS.

Via: Theory 11

Art Direction: Neil Patrick Harris


Pepsico Collaborates with Artists on their New Brand LIFEWTR




PepsiCo has announced its brand-new product set to launch February 2017 in the United States. A premium bottled water called LIFEWTR “fuses creativity and design to serve as a source of inspiration, as well as hydration, to usher in a new era of thirst quenchers.” Its brand identity will serve as a blank canvas for labels designed by up and coming artists to provide exposure in a broad scale to the worlds of graphic design, photography, fine arts, and more. 

Designed by In-house Pepsico

Country: United States


Ethique Sustainable Soap





Lather, rinse, repeat. With Ethique you can feel good about caring for your body, knowing that you’re using shampoos, conditioners, and soaps that are all natural and free from any plastic packaging.

Brianne West founded Ethique not because she had a deep passion for makeup or cosmetics but because she loves science and the environment. Because plastic tends to end up in landfills and can take centuries to decompose, creating plastic-free bath products only made sense. Ethique’s products also save water—some conditioners are made up of 90 percent water, so the company’s bath products can save about a liter of water per bar. And since the products are incredibly concentrated, they tend to last longer (actually up to five times longer) than a traditional bottle of shampoo or body wash.

Designed by Ethique

Country: New Zealand


Vertical Water





Vertical Water is a maple water on a mission that is taking over the natural alternative water category. Created by Feronia Forests, the brains behind Sustainable Full ForestryTM, Vertical Water is a delicious, sustainably tapped maple water whose core mission is to preserve U.S. forestland through a radical new model for conservation. 

Designed by BRIGADE

Country: United States


ECOS Soaps







ECOS has a new look! This line of soaps is made for you with nature in mind, generating no waste and using renewable energy. Liquid Pixel Studio and ECOS Design Team redesigned the soaps for a vibrant, lively appearance that would make the refreshing ingredients stand out.

Designed by Liquid Pixel Studio and ECOS Design Team

Country: United States


Christmas Gifts from Aroma Lab





The perfect holiday gift for some R&R. Aroma Lab developed these fantastic gifts for the home that will transport you right into nature. And because they care about nature and the environment, 5% of the price of each product is donated for the protection of wild forest animals.

Designed by Aroma Lab

Country: Lithuania 


BrandOpus designs new identity for Lil-lets





Lil-Lets has unveiled a bold new brand identity and pack design, designed by incumbent agency partner, BrandOpus. 

Following a strategic review of the brand, Lil-Lets, the leading non-applicator tampon brand in the UK and South Africa, has moved away from its ‘discreet’ positioning to a bolder and more refreshing approach to sanitary protection. 

The new design celebrates Lil-Lets’ new brand personality and superior products, which are designed by women, for women. 

Designed by BrandOpus

Country: United Kingdom


Rethink Breast Cancer Give-A-Care Collection









Every October, countless campaigns talk to us about the awareness and detection of breast cancer. But what do you say to someone who has just been diagnosed? That’s the insight behind Rethink Breast Cancer’s latest initiative that recognizes the communication gap between women with breast cancer and the people who care about them. So, rather than try to fill that gap with flowers and greeting cards, Rethink Breast Cancer set out to give them the care and understanding they really need. 

Designed by Lg2

Country: Canada


{POST}MODERN Compostable Compost Bin





It seems like a no-brainer, right? A compost bin that can be composted itself. {POST}MODERN Compostable Compost Bin has made it a reality, making it easier to keep food waste from going to the landfill. Platform, Inc. developed the packaging for the starter kits and refills which are designed to hide under the kitchen sink without being noticed.

Designed by Platform, Inc.

Country: United States


Who Gives A Crap








 I think we’ve all had that awkward feeling when we check out at the store with a huge 24-pack of toilet paper rolls. While we like to keep our number one and two private, this is some toilet paper you’ll actually enjoy picking up and showing off.  Designed by Craig & Karl, the pop art infused rolls give consumers a refreshingly fun way to store their toilet paper rolls—by actually displaying them to be seen!

Designed by Craig & Karl

Country: United States

from Blog – The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design http://ift.tt/2naTIim

This Set of Children’s Books Comes in an Adorable Packaging Solution

“The Adventures of 3 Bears” is a set of children’s books that is packaged in a clever and adorable way. The pages of the books come together to create a bear mask, which is sure to entertain and impress any kid.

Owl & Dog Playbooks is an independent children’s book publisher based in London and is behind the design for this playful book. Designers Yeonju Yang and Claudio Ripol founded the company and come from product design backgrounds. They aim to “see books as objects and formats to be challenged, rather than being standardized vessels to contain images and words.”



“‘The Adventures of 3 Bears’ is a set of three books in a triangular concertina format. Panda discovers his bravery in the jungle, Bear has a dreamy experience under the sea, and Koala journeys to the moon where he meets a friendly alien. After reading the stories, the books unfold and become a mask of the main character.” 

“The unusual shape of the books was an opportunity to challenge the way they were packaged. 
We defined our brief as follows: We needed to display the books in a fun engaging way, to protect them properly for shipping, and finally we wanted to keep packaging waste to a minimum.”

“Our solution was to display the books all side by side which creates an arch of textures and colours as well as shows off all the book covers. We created a backboard ‘carved in’ to protect and encase the books, and we designed it so it would hopefully be kept as a base to tidy the books. There are also additional hidden illustrations when the books are lifted.” 



“We are interested in new, unusual formats, halfway between books and toys, and exploring the theatrical role-playing involved in reading a book to a young child. Our books are designed to be read and used creatively, our mission is to celebrate the fun ritual of book-reading, and to promote magical moments of discovery.”


Designed by: Owl & Dog Playbooks

Location: London, UK

from Blog – The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design http://ift.tt/2ngpGv9

This Whiskey Has a Method to its Madness

M&E Design created the packaging for Method and Madness, a new range of experimental premium whiskey from The Midleton Distillery. The design is fresh, fun, and funky, all the while retaining a high-end sensibility. 

“The identity for this completely new brand reflects it’s name, and the juxtaposition between the words method and madness served as a very interesting starting point for designers M&E. Inspired by the masters and apprentices working side by side at the new micro distillery, the brand identity strives to convey the sense of excitement when tradition and innovation are combined.” 

“M&E wanted to create a bespoke bottle that celebrates the liquid and the process behind its creation. Although the bottle design takes cues from laboratory glassware found in the micro distillery and the paneling of a whiskey cask, the designers also took inspiration from outside distilling and Ireland, wanting a departure from traditional whiskey branding and design.” 

“The octagonal shape of the bottle was designed to refract and bounce light. The side panel embossings were created to produce a kaleidoscope of patterns within the bottle, bringing method and madness together.” 





“The brand identity uses two opposing patterns throughout all the labeling and packaging. The use of straight lines symbolises method and order, while the marbled patterns reference madness and liquid experimentation.”

“These paper marbled patterns were custom made by M&E for each release, using a colour palette identifying each type of whiskey. These colour palettes were inspired by details from the micro distillery.”

“It was important to M&E that elements of the identity are modular to allow the brand to expand it’s range without repetition, since the brand will continue to release new expressions forming the next generation of Irish whiskey.” 


Designer: M&E Design 
Client: Irish Distillers Pernod-Ricard
Creative Directors: Matthew Bolger & Emelie Lidström at M&E Design
Bottle photography: M&E Design
Advertising Agency: Public House
Label copy: Jarrod Banadyga
Location: Ireland

from Blog – The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design http://ift.tt/2mvMiJm

Krasis Wine Has a Balance of Folk and Modernity

Kommigraphics Design Studio created the design for Krasis wine. The illustration on the label has a folkloric feel to it but overall the wine has a fresh and contemporary look.

“’Krasis’ is a biological wine of the most famous Achaean red grape variety, coming from private vineyards in Santameri Achaia. Rich in fruity and herbal aromas with vivid red color and velvety mouth, ‘Krasis’ is the latest organic product of Sant’Or winery. The aim of the creative direction was to communicate the origin and nature of the product through illustration, with the purpose to transfer a sense of nostalgia to the viewer.” 



“The perimetrical cutter of the label that once adorned old stamps was the basic idea behind he design, while the primary font brings a breath of fresh air to the final design. The art of the past combines with the innovative ideas of today on a canvas of uncoated paper.”


Designed by: Kommigraphics Design Studio

Location: Athens, Greece

from Blog – The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design http://ift.tt/2mXLl8I

This Cocktail Syrup Is Good to the Last Drop

We love this fun concept for Slow Drop, a cocktail syrup brand. The drips and colors of the syrup provide for an eye-catching design that accurately represents the product. Stas Neretin came up with this clever and contemporary design.

“Slow drop is a series of syrups for making cocktails. I kept two goals in mind when working on the packaging: to show the viscous nature of the syrup and make the bottle part of the interior.” 

“Bottles often get a lot of attention in bars and get showcased on a wall. In such cases they stop being just packaging but also become a significant part of the interior. I noticed that most of the time syrup bottles look out of place and don’t fit within refined interiors. I decided to make syrup bottles that look as good and polished as spirits.” 





“The naming and packaging of the syrup represent the nature of the liquid inside — sweet, viscous, and flowing. The key approach for the packaging was the shape of the label that is reminiscent of a syrup drop flowing slowly down the bottle. The color of the syrup inside gives a good contrast to the label and makes it stand out.” 

“Different tastes are presented on golden prints with an image of the key ingredient while the syrup colors speak for themselves. Label decor gives the bottle a posh touch but the text on the labels bring the seriousness down and creates a nonchalant relaxed ambience to enjoy an evening sipping a cocktail. Slooooooowly…”


Designed by: Stas Neretin

Location: Moscow, Russia

from Blog – The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design http://ift.tt/2nV2GAc

TUT NUT is Some Seriously Cute Nut Butter

Panfilov & Yushko CG has designed the adorable packaging for TUT NUT, a line of nut butters. The logo is a clever and cute take on the name of the company, leaving a memorable image for consumers to digest. Each flavor is differentiated by colors that fit the brand and the products.

“The simple and clear name (TUT NUT) fits into the category and is well remembered. The memorable quality is provided by several factors: simplicity, an internal rhyme in a combination of sounds, and the writing of the name. These qualities are maintained by the graphic decision: the logo in the form of the friendly, positive character, and also other graphic elements. The main objective of which are to beautifully show the usefulness of nut paste and all its positive qualities.”

“The main interest is the corporate mascot, which organically integrated the writing ‘TUT NUT’. The buyer initially sees a hero, and then quite easily unravels the charade and reads the name of the brand. This technique allows for an emotional effect and builds a potential relationship with a consumer.” 

“Nut paste in a disposable packaging is convenient to take with you on the road, and to include in a healthy breakfast or lunch for schoolchildren. A gift spoon will be a pleasant and convenient complement to the purchase.”


Designed by: Panfilov & Yushko CG

Location: Russia

from Blog – The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design http://ift.tt/2nqIGb1

Lumene: The Radiant Finnish Beauty Brand

Lumene is a radiant beauty brand all the way from Finland. JDO Brand & Design has partnered up with them to re-launch a new series of skincare and cosmetic ranges.

“Steeped in 45 years of pharmaceutical expertise, Lumene is dedicated to pushing boundaries and developing natural skincare infused with rare and exceptional ingredients from the wilds of Finland that inspire authentic beauty rituals. Each variant in the new range uses an organic Finnish ingredient known to have naturally occurring but powerful therapeutic properties; polar spring water, antioxidant berries and nourishing tree root, to name a few.”

“Lumene has an honest take on authentic beauty. It’s about cheeks that glow, freckles that show and cheekbones that gleam. In a world where artificial claims and products promote fakery, Lumene celebrates naturally beautiful radiance, and encourages women to be true to themselves and their own, unique beauty.”  

“Lumene partnered with JDO to bring the new brand proposition to life, working for twelve months to create a visual world that would leverage the brand’s heritage and provenance, as well as the arctic luminescence at its heart.” 

“Developing a unique visual identity was imperative to stand out in an exceptionally competitive category. The new identity and pack design hero the ‘wheel of light’, a powerful and iconic new equity that was created to cue and connect the brand’s unique and rich Nordic provenance story across all touchpoints. JDO also created the brand’s entire retail experience for flagship, duty free and other channels. Crucially, the wheel of light has become a pivotal storytelling strategy for Lumene that will go on to help the brand convey natural Finnish beauty deeply distilled with luminosity in a consistent way.” 

“The team sought inspiration outside of the beauty category and adopted ‘Nordic Chic and Style’ as the visual anchor for the skincare and makeup ranges. This vision borrows emerging trends from the fashion world, infused with simple Scandinavian and premium category cues to deliver solutions that enhance, not cover up.” 

“Tim Jebb, JDO founder and chairman concluded: ‘The Lumene re-launch had to be as unique as it was unified. Our design needed to excite and inspire women around the world with something new, but at the same time, leverage the brand’s rich heritage, natural products and values. Great design can evoke positive emotions and tell a story of integrity, authenticity, originality and unique beauty. The Lumene re-launch is a perfect accolade to that.'”



Designed by: JDO Brand & Design

Location: UK

from Blog – The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design http://ift.tt/2nFSbn2

What is your dream project as a designer?

Even if you’re doing work that you enjoy and find really fulfilling, you probably still have a dream project in the back of your mind. Something that would be the ultimate, and not only creatively satisfy you but give you a chance to become a better designer. Something that you’re itching to do, but haven’t had the chance come up quite yet.

Roanne Adams at RoAndCo Studio mentioned, “A dream project, for me, would be to art direct a campaign for a brand at the top of the fashion game—that is already artful, highly curated, and aspirational.” Rafael Prieto, founder of Monterrey, Mexico agency SAVVY Studio, dreams of designing a city. Members of Chase Design Group said projects like an airline or a boutique hotel would be at the top of their list.

So tell us: What is your dream project?

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