Så mörkt vi har här hemma,  måste verkligen ha in mer ljus!

Sitter i soffan & letar inspirationsbilder för vår kommande renovering av köket.  Hittar inte alls vad jag vill ha, misstänker starkt att det kommer bli ett D I Y projekt av det hela.
Då dök så lämpligt bordslampan Kurage  -från Foscarini- upp på datorn.
Med de smala och ljusa benen i ask blir det mjukt rundade lamphuvudet nästan svävande som en mjuk manet, & det är precis vad namnet antyder Kurage betyder manet på japanska.


Detta är en lampa precis utformad för hur jag tänkt mig vårt nya kök.
En enkel, mjuk välkomnande känsla, utan utsvävningar & krusiduller.
I naturligt rena material & dessutom i min färgskala beige.
Precis så som jag strävar efter att köket ska kännas.
Kurage får hamna överst på min önskelista till det nya köket!



from Åsa Myrberg @my casa http://ift.tt/2eyDkGD

Det gäller att ha tålamod och snyggaste handfatet på väg hit


Hittade det här fina handfatet hos Svedbergs, kommer bli så bra på den pimpade kommoden från Ikea.


Ja, jag säger bara det, det gäller verkligen att ha tålamod när man renoverar badrum. Eller förresten när man renoverar överhuvudtaget.

Huuur frustrerande är det inte när en liten manickel till duscharmaturen fattas, tar ett par veckor att beställa och hela bygget kommer inte vidare förrän den är på plats?

Tålamodsprövande, I´m telling you!




Ungefär såhär mysigt har vi det nu fram till v 45 då de återupptar bygget.

Bara att hålla sig på nedervåningen och snabbt smita in i sovrummet när kvällen kommer.

Men det kommer att bli bra när det blir klart!


Kram kram


from Drömhus http://ift.tt/2eo1tPH

Top 10 Packaging Projects & Articles

A new week is the opportunity to start fresh and to find inspiration along the way. Check out Top 10 and let us know what project you’re most drawn too. 




















from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2eBLInm

Design Nugget #100

Since 2014 we’ve been dropping mini knowledge bombs on you in the form of our Design Nugget series. Each little nug provides designers, who love all things branding and packaging, with fascinating facts to enlighten and entertain. 

After much help from our readers, our hunt for the final “100” has finally come to an end. The winner for the “HELP US FIND OUR 100TH NUGGET!” challenge is Josh Ash with his fun nugget on the Tootie Roll Pop. #designnugget

“Since the creation of the Tootsie Pop in 1931, the meaning and origin of the shooting star on the wrapper has become a topic of discussion and has been in circulation for generations. It has been rumored that local convenience stores used to give a free Tootsie Pop to anyone who brought in a wrapper containing the image of the shooting star. Unfortunately, we do not know how this rumor started and Tootsie Roll Industries has never actually honored this promotion. In fact, the shooting star appears on 1 in every 4 to 6 Tootsie Pop wrappers, just as frequent as the other images appear.  However, we do believe the star is a sign of good luck to come.” 

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2eBDUlF

Adidas Athletics Workout Gear

Find your focus. Adidas Athletics is a box full of gear to help you make the most of your workout by cutting out distractions. Colt developed the packaging for Adidas Athletics based off of the idea that the best exercise comes when you’re 100% in your zone.

“To announce the arrival of Adidas Athletics, Colt were briefed to create premium packaging solutions for one of the largest cross category activations the brand has ever seen. The Z.N.E (zero negative energy) hoodie which led the launch, is designed to block out any distractions and create a zone around the athlete in which they can focus. By using pyramid foam panels more commonly associated with sound-proofing as an external element, Colt were able to create a unique solution previously unseen in the market.”



“This theme was continued across to further packaging solutions that formed part of the launch; a laser etched acrylic slipcase housing a hinged box enclosed in more foam as well as a white sports bag.”



For many, a workout is their chance to destress and forget about everything else—it’s a chance to leave everything else behind. By using the soundproof pyramid elements on the outside of the box, it makes the consumer feel like they’re transported to a special, far less distracting place. Simple black and white keeps the look crisp and streamlined, and a sans serif font feels almost futuristic.


Photography: Michael Hedge

Designed by Colt

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2dP4pE0

Gogu Winery

Cheers to four generations of winemaking. Gogu Winery is a family winery that takes pride in making impeccable wines each with unique tasting notes. 43’oz developed the trademark and label design for their series, which includes a sauvignon blanc, merlot, and rose merlot.

“43’oz design studio proudly presents a new product on a market, the range of selected varietal wines ‘Gogu Winery.’ It is a niche product for a specific target audience: people who know a lot about good wine, who choose it not by chance, and to whom the name of a winemaker on the label will guarantee the quality of its product. And here’s why. The history of wine-making company ‘Gogu Winery’ is rooted in past 4 generations in a family Gogu. The company’s founder—Ilie Gogu is hereditary winemaker, who realized the dream of his forefathers.”

“The brand ‘Gogu Winery’ is based on a powerful image—the roots that take its rise from the monogram of Gogu family name and symbolize the authenticity, heritage and connection between generations on the one hand, and a huge, long-term experience in grape growing and constant development on the other. Branched roots have become a key element in the design of the label that will certainly outstand it on a shelf, and provide instant recognition among consumers and connoisseurs of wines with a rich history.”

The majority of the label is taken up by the tree roots image and the brand name below it, creating solid consistency throughout their line of wines. It also expresses a certain pride and emphasizes their long history as successful winemakers. A gold foil band at the bottom of the label adds a bit of sophistication.


Creative Director: Alex Kodimsky

Designer: Alex Kodimsky

Designed by 43’oz


Client: Gogu Winery (Moldova)

Country: Moldova

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2eBwChL

100% Natural

Midday Studio, London redesigned branding and package design for 100% Natural, a small brand created by Charlotte and Jess, a mother and daughter team who makes delicious and nourishing raw chocolate brownies with sustainably sourced ingredients and produced using renewable energy.

According to Charlotte and Jess “Midday transformed our brand, increasing sales by 400% and enabling growth from local stockists to nationwide listings in just a few months.”

“With the brand’s ‘Raw Polished’ positioning for 100% Natural allowed us to create a clean, progressive brand that appeals to both the style and health conscious alike. We combined natural materials to suit to the brand’s environmental credentials with a paired back aesthetic to provide stand out in an overly busy category.” said Midday Studio. 

As Midday has intended, we think the brand’s design does stand out amongst the normally overly busy and cluttered category. By sticking to a minimal approach, using simple, outlined type and muted colors, the design conveys the brand’s ‘Raw Polished’ position. The outlined type also shows an earnest energy, a transparency in the brand if you will. Consumer will always know what is in the brownies, where the ingredients are sourced and how they are produced. 

Designed by Midday Studio

Client: 100% Natural

Country: UK


from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2en8lfR

Några heta fakta




Tänkte bjuda på några heta fakta idag …

Ni som läst min blogg tidigare, vet att vi -speciellt sonen- har en väldigt stark eller kanske jag ska säga -HET- känsla för chili.

odla chili


Detta har smittat av sig kan jag säga, nu äter vi alla chili i stort sett varje dag -jag har tom. lite chili i när jag juicar-


Chilin är lättodlad & man kan skörda frukterna länge, chilin skördar man efterhand att frukten har mognat – vi har tom. skördat i december-
men då måste man ha tillgång att ha plantan i ett fönster.
Chili plantorna vill ha ljus & värme!


Denna eldiga grönsak finns i varierad styrka & smak, med den gemensamma nämnaren att de kan pigga upp immunförsvar & vrida upp ämnesomsättningen.
Sonen & jag odlar olika sorter, skördar, delar mellan varandra & vänner.




Chilipeppar, oavsett om det är  mild spansk peppar, inlagd jalapeño eller rökt chipotle så kommer styrkan från ämnet capsaicin.

Alla chilifrukter klassas efter styrka & graden mäts efter mängden av ämnet capsaicin.
Skalan kallas scovillegrader och förkortas SG.
Rent capsaicin har 16 miljoner SG & den riktigt stark chilin– typ habanero- toppar skalan med 300 000 SG.
Kajennpeppar -som kanske de flesta av oss har i en kryddburk hemma- har ungefär 50 000 SG.

Capsaicin har en förmåga att motverka cancer, enligt en studie vid Nottingham University. Forskningen visade att capsaicin angriper och förgör cancerceller utan att påverka omgivande friska celler, något som kan förklara att cancer är mindre vanligt i de länder där starkt chilikryddad mat förekommer ofta på menyn, tror forskarna.

Ämnet ökar också energin & verkar aptitdämpande.
Du äter helt enkelt mindre när maten är stark & det räcker med en halv tesked hackad chilipeppar för att minska din aptit, har man sett i studier.
Hettan i maten gör hela kroppen varm, en effekt som även ger fettförbränningen en skjuts i rätt riktning.
En chilikryddad måltid höjer alltså förbränningen!

Chili är inflammationsdämpande & kan lindra symtom när du till exempel drabbats av förkylning.
Frukterna är dessutom rika på C-vitamin, som hjälper kroppen att ta upp viktigt järn, stärker bindväven & motverkar infektion.
Innanför skalet finns också mängder av stärkande antioxidanter – ju färgladare frukt, desto mer av den varan!


Vackrare färger får man ju nästan leta efter



Min absoluta favoritsort torkar jag, allra helst på snöre en sk. rista.
Härligt att kunna ha hängande i köket, bara rycka loss en chili & slänga ned i grytan.


from Åsa Myrberg @my casa http://ift.tt/2eBtWkc

Vallegre Wines

Vallegre is a line of wines for every taste and preference that comes from Portugal. Opal Publicidade developed labels for the range of outstanding vino.



“The Vallegre asked us to create the labels for the full range of DOC Douro wines Vallegre, Old Vines, Reservations, and crops. We developed a line of labels that had ‘Vale Alegre’ as a starting point. And so we have reached a composition of ‘V’s,’ which, in contrast to the neutral backgrounds, represent the Douro valley with the sensuality and elegance of a neckline, distinguishing the brand from others. With the design, we also preserved the profile of each wine through different colors schemes, while maintaining the identity of the range.”

Although they have a wide variety of wines, Vallegre’s options all look cohesive. Using V imagery and creating a pattern from it acts as the spine of the design, allowing different colors and finishes to speak to the unique tasting notes. The colors on the label have a bit of a sheen, giving it a premium feel.


Designer: João Alçada

Creative Director: Pedro Sanches

Printer: Vox

Designed by Opal Publicidade

Client: Vallegre

Country: Portugal

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2eZWUg5

PizzaExpress Artisana

When good pizza meets good design – you definitely want a slice of it!

PizzaExpress has made its first move into the frozen category with the launch of Artisana, an exclusive range for UK frozen retailer, Iceland. Following their work on the redesign of the PizzaExpress ‘At Home’ retail packaging earlier this year, strategic brand and packaging design agency Bulletproof was appointed to create the packaging design for this new range. 

Launched to complement the current PizzaExpress chilled retail range and the restaurant experience, the new ‘everyday premium’ positioned Artisana range features five pizzas, three ready meals and three gelato. 

Bulletproof said: “Our challenge was to create a design that would deliver clear differentiation between the chilled and frozen ranges, while still ensuring that the new Artisana range felt part of the PizzaExpress family. We needed to give it a premium look and feel to stand out in the frozen pizza category, supported by sumptuous food photography showing an abundance of delicious ingredients.”


Designed by Bulletproof

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2eJBJKq

YVRA 1958 Perfume

An established journalist, Yvo van Regteren Altena became immersed in the world of fragrance houses and new scents. As a result of this exposure, renowned perfumers, including François Demachy from Dior and Jean-Claude Ellena from Hermès, encouraged him to create his own perfume. Yvo started this creative journey in 2013, which culminated in the launch of YVRA 1958 in 2016. The name refers to his initials and date of birth. 

Yvo has extensive experience in collaborating with creative director Durk Hattink. The packaging of YVRA 1958 had to embody the subdued yet indulgent character of a niche fragrance with a high perfume concentration of 20%. Hattink was also requested to connect Yvo’s beloved 1950s era to the present using a nostalgic yet timeless color scheme and typography. Hattink: “Inspired by the citrusy nature of the fragrance, a muted shade of orange was the obvious color choice. If you look closely at the details of the box, you can see Yvo’s love for subtle striping. 

However designing the flacon presented a whole new set of challenges. When I asked Yvo what our allowed expenditure was, he told me ‘budgets are made to be broken.’ And that is exactly what happened. Transforming the most precious materials into our vision of YVRA 1958 requires a high level of craftsmanship and commitment. Yet all the hard work paid off. During our visit to Pitti Fragranze in Florence, Chandler Burr, former New York Times perfume critic, called YVRA 1958 ‘extremely elegant and sophisticated’ and his reaction exceeded our wildest expectations. 







During the whole design process, Yvo and I discussed many different options. What struck us the most was the total lack of humor and wit in the world of fragrances. We tried to inject some tomfoolery by adding a few comical details to YVRA 1958. During final testing of the product someone slightly irked Yvo by commenting that it was as if he had created a chic, high-end insect repellent. I, of course, simply couldn’t resist making a small reference to this. If you glance through the bottle and read the inside of the label you notice the sketch of a dead mosquito and the inscription, “women die for it, mosquitos too”. Yvo’s meticulous eye for detail led me to include a booklet elaborating upon his long list of ingredients, which I also had engraved on the bottle.


Creative Director: Durk Hattink

Manufacturer: Vrijdag Premium Printing

Designed by Durk

Client: YVRA 1958 / Yvo van Regteren Altena

Country: The Netherlands

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2ex5RfL