RYGR Brygghús Pays Tribute To Viking History With Its Shield-Inspired Design


This Norwegian beer utilizes color and geometry in order to pay tribute to Viking history and its role in the production of rye. The main graphic was inspired by shields used throughout time in order to represent the various regions and products of Norway.

“RYGR Brygghús is a new local brewery by Norske Bryggerier (Norwegian Breweries) and is part of the company’s strategy to establish local breweries along the Norwegian coastline. RYGR is the original Norse name for the western region of Norway, Rogaland. RYGENE is the old name of the inhabitants from this region and suggests that they were growing rye. Rogaland is known for its rich Viking history, particularly the famous and great naval battle fought in Hafrsfjord around year 872 which led to the unification of Norway.”



“When looking for a distinct and recognizable design for the brewery and the different types of beer, we wanted to base the design concept on the proud Viking saga and their excellent craftsmanship and their rich trading culture – sailing vast distances to far away civilizations.”



“Using shields for the main design, we created a system of endless possibilities, embracing any new type of beer using both patterns and colors in combinations which allows us to make numerous and distinct series with a clear difference between the beer types. The product names are from the region named from the viking era. Hafr is Hafrsfjord. Jædr is the original name for the beautiful place Jæren, and Haugr is their name for the town Haugesund on the west coast. The logo is developed from a viking axe to focus on the craftsmanship and the brewery is also located in Øksenevad (øks=axe) in Kvernland Næringspark.”






Designed By: Frank Kommunikasjon
Photography: Tommy Andresen, Roman Jøe (Lysebotn) & Geir Solem Lysbakken
Model: David McInnes.
Location: Oslo, Norway

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15 Fashion Retail Branding and Packaging Designs We Love

Artboard 1 copy 5-100.jpg

When it comes to fashion, branding and packaging can make a serious statement for any brand looking to make its mark. We’ve picked out 15 fashion retail branding and packaging designs that are nothing short of elegant examples of design done right.

1. Twice Fashion



2. Floravere Wedding Gowns



3. Snask Redesigns Branding for Trendy Norwegian Eyewear Brand Kaibosh



4. Eat My Shorts Is A Unique Clothing Packaging Solution



5. Sepatu Bersih



6. We Love The Holographic Elements of Black & Bone



7. Bombay Electric



8. We Love This Bold Branding For PERI.A



9. Sleepy Jones



10. This High-End Branding and Packaging Has Us Wanting a Trip to the Tropics ASAP






12. Stand Out in Style With This Paradise Inspired Swimwear Brand



13. Undr Underwear



14. Parámetro Studio’s Elegant Identity System for Fashion Label House of Zatt



15. Cocoon


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This Coffee Brand Uses Science To Create an Exceptional Product


Freytag Anderson designed the clean yet visually-appealing packaging for Algorithm, a California coffee brand that prides itself in incorporating science within their coffee roasting practice and craft.

“Algorithm are a pioneering leader in specialty coffee. Sourcing small lot, single origin coffees that are exceptional in flavour and also good for the environment. They use the latest coffee science and brewing technology to source, roast and brew special coffees from all over the globe, ensuring quality by working with coffee farmers who are passionately dedicated to their craft.”


“Algorithm approached us to design a new packaging style for its range of single-origin coffees. Using their existing roundel design we updated their typographic approach to be bolder, more confident and have a better standout on shelf across a range of new packaging.

As the team at Algorithm source their coffee on an ongoing, seasonal basis it was important that the packaging was able reflect this. We created a flexible packaging solution for both retail and wholesale which allows them to consistently and easily update the seasonal ranges on offer.

Inspired by the locations in which they source their coffee beans, we referenced mapping topography, creating a brand pattern which echoes the sinuous lines of the pre-existing logo roundel and references the remote regions where beans are harvested.”






“To minimise the production impact we created two branded bags for retail (12oz) and wholesale (5lbs). We then created a customisable label template for application to each range. Colours were kept simple yet confident for strong shelf standout. The labels were designed to highlight information such as soil, altitude and harvesting months.

Working with packaging suppliers Savor Brands we created a branded design which features the brand pattern on the side panels of the bags whilst allowing the new labels to be printed as required for each range and applied to wrap around the edge for further shelf visibility. The bags are printed in matte white and the product labels are printed on a metallic foil to create a tactile contrast of materials.”






“When initially considering the project we were amazed by the level of knowledge that Algorithm possess regarding the coffee they source, the regions, the altitudes, the soil types etc. We felt it was important to reference this attention to detail in any new packaging. We were inspired by the detail/graphic representation of topographic mapping to create the brand pattern and used the product labels to simply outline the specific information in a clear and concise way.”



Creative Direction & Design: Freytag Anderson
Printer: Savor Brands
Client: Algorithm Coffee Co
Location: Glasgow, Scotland

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Now You Can Rosé All Day With Winc’s Summer Water Societé


By: Casha Doemland

It’s summertime, baby.

You’ve purchased the perfect bikini and an assortment of pool floats ranging from donuts and unicorns right on down to the iconic Instagram swan. Now, the only thing missing from your picture-perfect kickback is a bottle of Rosé, the obvious drink of choice.

Fortunately, Winc has made obtaining the bottles the next three months as easy can be with Summer Water Societé, a membership that includes three months of Rosé delivered right to your door.

Between May and July, members will receive the equivalent of six bottles every month for a one time fee of $350. May and July include 3 limited-edition Magnums while June serves up a 24-pack of Summer Water Droplets.




Since no Rosé really tastes the same,  Winc wrote up tasting notes for each variety. “Dry, light and perfectly crisp – with notes of strawberry, pink grapefruit and white peach.

Or, basically, Rosé.

Winc’s not alone in this journey. Nah, they’ve called experts Yes Way Rosé, an Instagram account turned retailer of Rosé themed goodies, to deliver extra treats right to your door as an extra incentive to sign up for the Summer Water Societé. Gifts include a baseball cap in May to protect your face from the heat, a S’well bottle in June to ensure you’re staying hydrated in between glasses, and a beach towel in July for all your pool and beach going needs.



Summer Water Societé is a limited membership, so not everyone is granted access. Lucky for you, it’s first-come-first-serve, and there are still a few spots available. If you happen to miss out on the deal, there’s no reason to Hulk-out because Summer Water is available in retailers across the country. Swing by your local Whole Foods, throw 18 bottles in your cart, and you’ve essentially got the same deal going on, minus the swag.

Who’s ready to sip Rosé all day and work on their perfect tan?

SW_17-5675 (2).jpg

Untitled design (2).png

Casha Doemland

LA-based and Georgia-bred, Casha Doemland spends her days crafting poetry and freelance writing. Over the last two years, she’s been published in a variety of publications and zines around the world. When she’s not nerding out with words, you can catch her watching a classic film, trekking around the globe or hanging out with a four-pound Pomeranian.

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We Love This Adorable Penguin Packaging for Sweet Habit’s Low Fat Ice Cream


Sterling Brands designed this adorable ice cream packaging for Sweet Habit, a brand that aims to be a healthy alternative to a notoriously decadent sweet treat.

“Sweet Habit is a new entrant into the low calorie, high protein ice cream category. Our challenge was twofold: to disrupt an already disruptive category and to go from concept to shelf in six months. To accomplish the first task, we created a design that was iconic, playful, and something we could imbue with wit and personality. The design also had to clearly communicate calories and nutritional information to compete in the category while still being clean and iconic. Knowing it would sit on the bottom of the freezer case due to its larger quart size forced us to make sure the top of the lid worked just as hard as the primary display panel.”




“To bring the concept to life quickly we crafted design, positioning and brand voice simultaneously. We worked lose and iteratively with our client to make quick decisions and involved our strategy team at every stage to create the tone of voice for the brand. Avoiding a ‘big reveal’ approach to the design process helped us move more quickly and function as a team. It also helped us quickly identify what was working and devote or creative energy to those ideas and designs.

The immersive design process also helped us as we moved into the next phase of the project, designing the web site and crafting the social media design and strategy. Animations and tone of voice made Sweet Habit come to life as a brand and not just a piece of packaging.”



Designed By: Sterling Brands
Chief Creative Officer: Philippe Becker
Creative Director: Butler Looney
Design Director: Lia Gordon
Location: San Francisco, California

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Old & New Come Together in Nashville’s Only Bean-to-Bar Chocolate


By: Theresa Christine

In an age where consumers constantly want newer, better and updated versions of everything they own, Olive & Sinclair is a relaxing step back in time. Sure, this bean-to-bar chocolate brand has only been around since 2007—but one glance might convince you this is the same chocolate your grandparents picked up at the general store when they were growing up.

“I wanted Olive & Sinclair to feel approachable,” explained Founder Scott Witherow, “like it had been around for 100 years, even though it hadn’t. I wanted it to look classic.”

The trend of retro-inspired packaging continues to grow, but for Olive & Sinclair, it isn’t purely aesthetic. They put innovative new twists on beloved sweets (like their Muzzle Loaders which put a spin on the bourbon ball), but their brand values and practices embrace the traditional. Even their brand name comes from two family ancestors—Sinclair references the grandfather on his mother’s side, and Olive is a reference to his wife’s great aunt.


“I’m a borderline hoarder of old stuff,” laughed Scott. “I just love old buildings, houses, cars, and antiques. If you come to the factory, you’ll see what I’m talking about.”

Olive & Sinclair has made its home in what was initially a grocery store from the 1920s that was later turned into a bakery. Once the key machines, roaster, and tempering units were laid out, he went on a hunt for the perfect antiques to fill the space. Visitors who stop by for a tour will find a vintage neon diner sign reading “EAT,” antique lighting from an old army barracks, and support beams made from 200-year-old pine.

The process itself also has some nostalgic aspects to it. Most notably, Olive & Sinclair uses melangeurs (stone mills) from the early 1900s, and the cacao beans are ground to create their line of treats. It’s a method also used for stone ground grits—a perfect fit since they’re based in Nashville, Tennessee.

From there, the blur between old and new starts to happen. “Using pure cane brown sugar was my initial Southern knee-jerk reaction,” Scott mentioned. “I’ve been in kitchens my whole life and when I tested it out on folks most preferred it to white sugar.”

He’s also experimented with other items not typically used in chocolate. Molasses makes for a nice, slow sweetener for certain products in their line, they’ve used bourbon barrels to create a bourbon brittle, and their white chocolate is made with buttermilk. Scott added he turns to local producers and uses nothing but fair trade and organic ingredients. “Most of what we do is inherently Southern.”


To package this quintessentially Southern line of sweets, Scott turned to Sideshow Sign Co. Riley Carroll, Graphic Designer at Sideshow, worked alongside Owner & Creative Director Luke Stockdale and Designer Madeline Westfall.

“We wanted to find a middle ground with ‘modern classic,’” explained Riley. Being a sign company, the logo was also a high priority for the agency. “We wanted something that would be future-proof, something Olive & Sinclair could use thirty years down the road,” said Riley.

“Luke drew inspiration from older packaging where things look really segmented and geometric. Then we cleaned up and refined the styles, and juxtaposed it with some fun colors.”

“You look around at a lot of chocolate bars, and they don’t look like chocolate,” Scott said. “They look like wallpaper with a stamp placed in the middle. With this packaging, I wanted to get back to where chocolate was the true focus.”

To achieve this, Sideshow focused a lot on selecting the right colors. “Luke went through tons of revisions with a lot of different colors,” mentioned Riley. “We really wanted to nail colors which felt like chocolate made by a candy company and not vice versa. Some colors made it look too sweet or like it might not even be chocolate, so we tried to keep it classic.”

Also, being a sign company, the logo was a high priority for the agency. “We wanted something that would be future-proof, something Olive & Sinclair could use thirty years down the road,” said Riley. They decided to keep the cacao crest which was on the original packaging they did years ago but gave it an update to make it more versatile.


“We wanted to make a mark so Scott could do any kind of sign with the logo,” Riley added. “You can make it neon, a marquee sign, you can put light bulbs in the letters. You’re not backed into a corner.”

When it comes to new old-fashioned, Olive & Sinclair does it from the inside out. “There’s a sense of romanticism about doing things the old-fashioned way,” Scott added, and this nostalgia for simpler times which we see on the packaging comes from the heart of the brand itself.

“We’re not setting out to be huge makers. There are newer ways to make chocolate,” explained Scott. “It would be easier to use a bowl mill, and we could make more product. But where’s the fun in that—where’s the love in that?”

Thank you to the Nashville CVC (1-800-657-6910) for introducing us to Scott at Olive & Sinclair.


Theresa Christine

Theresa entered the world of design through The Dieline. With a background in writing and journalism, she has a passion for discovery and cultivating human connections. Her work for The Dieline is a constant journey to deeply understand all facets of the design process and to investigate what makes designers tick. Theresa’s writing has taken her snorkeling in between the tectonic plates in Iceland, horseback riding through a rural Brazilian town, and riding an octopus art car at Burning Man with Susan Sarandon as part of a funeral procession for Timothy Leary (long story). When not writing, she is planning her next trip or taking too many pictures of her cat.



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This Brew Incorporates Elements From Two Cultures In Order to Create a Striking Design Solution


CODO Design teamed up with Beijing-based Prodigy Brewing to create a brand identity and packaging design for their range of offerings. The design takes inspiration from both American and Chinese culture in order to create a solution that is eye-catching and meaningful.

“Prodigy Brewing is a new brewery in Beijing, China. We traveled around the world to experience the city, its beer and its people, first hand en route to creating their brand identity and packaging.”



“We built out a brand identity that looked vaguely American, while retaining key pieces that would resonate with folks in China. The main icon was inspired by ribbons (a reference to academia; red ribbons are often used in China as a good luck charm), and a combination of the letter ‘P’ and the lucky numeral ‘8.’ The icon is set atop a bottle cap seal (combining academic and beer references). The color palette has a warm, nostalgic feel that has been a staple American craft beer aesthetic for years. Finally, we rounded out the identity with rule lines, grid lines and hand-drawn elements to further reference academia and expertise. This spoke to the original brand essence and positioning of Prodigy as the intelligent craft beer choice or an enlightened, American craft beer academic who’s fallen in love with China and its culture.”




“With the identity wrapped, we went on to illustrate and design Prodigy’s two flagship beers—Happy Hydra IPA and Beijing Haze (a Hefe).

Beijing Haze Hefeweizen (4.7%) is inspired by lazy summer days in the mountains or by a lake. Brewed to Reinheitsgebot standards, this refreshing wheat ale is lightly hopped with a fruity aroma and hints of banana and crisp apple. Happy Hydra IPA (6.9%) is brewed with a cascade, centennial, and columbus hops to deliver a bold, balanced and hoppy beer.”

See more behind the scenes process notes on the CODO blog.



Designed By: CODO Design
Location: Indianapolis, United States

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This Vietnamese Coffee and Tea Range Comes With Colorful Dynamic Illustrations


We love these colorful and vibrant illustrations for Vietnamese beverage brand, Cau Dat Farm.

“Cau Dat Farm was established in 1927 in Da Lat highland. It is the oldest tea farm of Vietnam and is located in the oldest tea factory in Southeast Asia.”



“After several generations, Cau Dat Farm is now renown for its quality resources of Oolong and green tea as well as small amounts of high-quality coffee beans. With the rise of tourists’ visits to Da Lat city and Cau Dat, there are new chances to introduce the beauty of the farm to the public. Cau Dat Farm has chosen us to collaborate with in order to bring its beauty to light.”







“We came up with a comprehensive visual system for different product types: coffee & tea on various SKUs. The wrap-around design allows people to see the whole beautiful scene in a panoramic view.”






Designed By: not yet famous and BT Studio
Client: Cau Dat Farm
Creative Direction: Vuong Nguyen
Art Director/Designer: Vuong Nguyen
Illustrators: Hiền Vũ, Lê Nho Huy, Linh Nghiêm
Project Manager: Nhi Pham
Final Artist: Vinh Pham
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Modest Packaging Dares You To Be BOLD


Packaged in modest cylindrical containers with BOLD written vertically in all caps with line breaks on the base and black and white stripes on the cap, this company demands you be bold and dare more.

“Masculine, brave and innovative – this is BOLD, a stylish sex toy brand for confident men who dare more and demand a distinct design with strong stimulant sensations.”


“BOLD with its practical, modern design combines high-quality materials with powerful performance. The distinctive black and white look makes the toys truly unique and emphasizes the powerful character of the brand. All of the products are specially adapted to suit the needs of men and to fit the male anatomy just perfectly.The BOLD toys contain a broad range of premium masturbators, mainly crafted of high-quality materials, with thrilling inner structures and a suction effect. These toys are easy to use and clean, and they offer all-over gripping experience.


Designed By: AMORELIE
Packaging Designer: Janar Siniloo
Toy Designer: Tom Mudra
Photographer: Alberto Ferrero
Location: Berlin

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Job of the Week: Miller




The ideal candidate will have experience in branding, packaging and web design, with a college degree and some agency experience (a plus). But, the quality of your portfolio will be the main thing we look at

Learn More + Apply

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