3 Spins on the Classic Caprese Salad Recipe

3 Spins on the Classic Caprese Salad Recipe:

Caprese Salad Recipe-3-ways-HelloFresh

We’ve got three variations on the classic caprese salad recipe that’ll have you saying buon appetito in no time.   

Caprese Salad Recipe-3-ways-HelloFresh

Imagine what it would feel like to bask in the warm Mediterranean sunshine, wander through quaint Italian villages, and breathe in the aromas of homemade pasta. Does the thought make you go weak in the knees? Yea, us too.

Alright, back to reality. Although we unfortunately cannot promise you a trip to Italy (believe us, we wish we could), we can bring you a taste of the country’s summertime flavors with three different variations on the classic caprese salad recipe.

Taking its name from the southern island of Capri in the Gulf of Naples, traditional caprese is made with three simple ingredients: tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil (whose colors happen to represent those of the Italian flag). In fact, when you think about it, the dish is essentially a margherita pizza without the pizza dough. It requires minimal preparation, zero cooking, and nothing but fresh, real ingredients. In other words, a summertime dream-come-true.

Follow the cue of our expert chefs, Freida and Nate, and…

1. Switch up the ingredients

Caprese Salad Recipe-3-ways-HelloFresh

Swap out ordinary mozzarella for Burrata, a buttery and milky-flavored cheese made from mozzarella and cream. And instead of your normal tomatoes, try oxheart varieties. They’re heart-shaped with a sweet flavor and meaty, juicy flesh. Layer both of these ingredients with purple basil, drizzle over extra-virgin olive oil, and season with salt and pepper.

For tips to keep your tomatoes and basil fresh, check out our produce storage guide.

2. Slide it on skewers

Caprese Salad Recipe-3-ways-skewers-HelloFresh

Use mini tomatoes, bocconcini (a fancy word for those small mozzarella bites we pop like candy), and fresh basil leaves to build the prettiest skewers you’ll ever see. Drizzle on some balsamic vinegar, season with salt and pepper, and try your best to share.

Hint hint: assembling skewers is a great activity for kids!

3. Wrap it up

Caprese Salad Recipe-3-ways-wrap-HelloFresh

Give the salad a little more oomph by wrapping up the mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. Bonus: if you’re close to a sandwich press, heat up this lunch (or dinner, or snack) masterpiece until the cheese starts to ooooooze out.

What’s your favorite caprese recipe? Let us know in the comments!

For some more summertime kitchen inspiration, check out our must-read barbecue guide.

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Blush Parnell

Blush Parnell:

What a week! Eight months after spotting an empty space which screamed out to be filled with beautiful things, Blush Parnell has opened its doors to the public. Retail was never on Kelly’s agenda – there is a natural fear of the unknown and the fickle nature of the retail world – but with a lot of sleepless nights spent envisaging a way to create a space that offered something a bit different; something that we have always wished for ourselves – she took the proverbial plunge and decided to give it a go! God loves a trier right?

Blush Parnell is our dream home – it is a space where we can create floral arrangements for weddings and events in a place of beauty, as opposed to the garage at Kelly’s place! It thrills us to be able to share the exciting, mad, messy chaos that is involved in shaping our brides’ vision for their big day, or our client’s brief for their event. While we work at the back of our gorgeous brass workstation, the rest of the store is yours for perusing – you are free to wander and watch the process, whilst gazing at the gifts we have carefully collected to enhance your life. ‘Beautiful Things’ will always be on offer at Blush Parnell, and we aim to constantly refresh the offerings so there is always something new to treat yourself or that special someone with.

Our flowers – what we are ALL about – are sourced direct from the grower as frequently as possible – which enables us to stock the best quality blooms – and they are exclusive to Blush – meaning we really do offer something particularly unique. Our Columbian Roses in particular – aka. heaven on a stem – will blow your socks off, and they will continually be available to the public to take home per stem in one of our custom-designed and very practical Blush carriers.

We can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us – the phone is already ringing off the hook and our new website is being pumped with orders! With this blog we will provide a commentary about our collaborations, events, gift items and the growers and team that make Blush Parnell what it is.

So pop in anytime to see what we are about, grab some fresh cut flowers to grace your table at home or gift to a friend – we hope you enjoy our new home as much as we already do!

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Kylan and Justin Brookgreen Gardens Film Wedding

Kylan and Justin Brookgreen Gardens Film Wedding

Brookgreen gardens was breathtaking, the weather was absolutely perfect, every detail was incredible, but I can honestly say that nothing compared to the beauty of Kylan and Justin when they saw one another for the first time.

Kylan and Justin aren’t showy, they aren’t all about being the center of attention, and they aren’t consumed with what everyone else thinks. It’s clear, just by watching them, that they are content with who they are. They are simply true to themselves, and it’s beautiful. They have a strong friendship as the basis for their relationship, and you just can’t beat that as the very best place to begin a marriage. There’s nothing shallow about them. They are quiet with an old kind of love, and their love runs deep. Quite honestly, I just love the two of them together. Capturing them was one of my greatest joys last year.

Calder Clark and her team did a wonderful job pulling every stunning detail of this wedding together. Don’t miss all the lovely reception details at the bottom of this post! The oyster theme is amazing.

A big thanks to Weddings Unveiled Magazine for featuring their lovely wedding in Spring/Summer 2016 edition!

Venue: Brookgreen Gardens
Event Designer & Coordinator: Calder Clark
Officiant: Terrell Glenn of The Right Reverend
Cake Artist: Sugarland
Caterer and Bar Service: Austin’s
Florist: Blossoms Events
Event Rentals: Eventworks
Linens: La Tavola
Lighting and Sound: Technical Event Company
DJ/Band: Infinity Show Band
Ceremony Musicians: Archer Music String Trio
Hair Stylist: Stox and Co.
Makeup Artist: Deidre Outlaw
Invitations & Custom Paper: Cheree Berry Paper
Bride’s Gown: Anne Barge
Personal Dresser: Cacky’s Bride + Aid
Groom’s Attire: Taylor Richards & Conger
Alterations: Hayden Olivia
Earrings: Jenny Packham
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Transportation: Absolute Charleston
Bridesmaids Dresses: Shoshanna
Welcome Baskets: Bag and Bows, Ella B Candles, JK Chocolates, A Southern Season, NoDa Brewery, & Get Carried Away
Film Processing: Indie Film Lab











































Fredagsbrickan med confiterad tomat



Har du hunnit planera vad ni ska äta ikväll? Om inte kanske jag kan tipsa om min fredagsbricka! Confiterad tomat med grillad majs, korv, tortillabröd och egen ketchup. Mycket av det här går att köpa färdigt vilket gör det smidigt när man inte har tid att fixa allt själv. Majskolvarna köpte jag färdigkokta och grillade i en het panna.

Att servera mat på det här sättet ger en härlig tapaskänsla samtidigt som barnen kan plocka det de gillar. Vill du göra brickan vegetarisk finns goda vegokorvar eller varför inte byta ut korven till grillad aubergine? Passar bra till både tomater och tortillabröd.

Varje vecka kommer jag att servera FREDAGSBRICKAN med olika tips till fredags- eller helgmyset.

En stor kram till alla er som hälsar på mig här!


konfiterad tomat fredagsmys helgmat IMG_2013-2confiterad tomat grillad majs fredagsmys helgmat korvrecept


Fredagsbrickan, 4 port
6 korvar
2 majskolvar
8 tortillabröd
(en kvist rosmarin eller timjan)

Confiterade tomater
Sätt ugnen på 100 grader. (Höj till 120 om du vill att det ska gå fortare.) Låt tomaterna vara kvar på grenen och lägg dem i en liten form. Häll rikligt med olivolja på och lägg en örtkvist bredvid. Baka i ugnen tills tomaterna börjar spricka. Det tar ca 35 minuter. Ta ut formen och låt tomaterna svalna i oljan. Flytta över på ett fat med hushållspapper innan du serverar dem på brickan. Använd den goda oljan till att ringla över salladen och majsen.

Stek korven i lite olja och grilla majskolvarna i en torr panna. Håll den grillade majsen stående på en skärbräda och skär längs med kolven.

Servera allt på en större bräda eller ett stort fat. Njut!

Klicka på länken för recept på:

Egengjord ketchup

Hembakat tortillabröd




Every week I will be serving you my Friday platter. On my platter today you have tomato confit, sausages, tortilla bread, corn and homemade ketchup. I love serving food on a big plate or platter. It feels like meze or tapas and gives you the right Friday feeling.

Enjoy! Wish you a great weekend!


Friday platter , 4 port
6 sausages
2 cobs of corn
8 tortilla bread
cherry tomatoes
mixed salad
olive oil

Tomato confit:
Heat oven to 100 C. Leave the tomatoes on the branch. Place in a small roasting pan with olive oil. Roast for 35 minutes. Let the tomatoes cool down in the pan and oil. Put the on a plate with a paper towel before serving them on a plate. Use the oil to drizzle on top of the corn and salad.

Fry the sausages in oil until they are cooked.

In a dry pan, grill the cooked cobs. Cut the kernels off the cob by cutting close to the cob.

Serve salad, sausages, corn, chili and tomatoes on the platter. Cut the tortilla bread into pieces.

Recipe for: Homemade tortilla bread

Another favorite “tiny house” in Venice

What do you do when you need a mini-vacation, but you don’t have enough time to go anywhere? Airbnb! I feel like in-town vacation rentals are the perfect outlet for unique staycations. Adam and I just spent a couple days at my other favorite "tiny house" in Venice (which I first discovered on Airbnb), and I completely fell in love with the space:

Meet the @craftsman.mini.me by @shophbleu. Isn’t it a dream? The fig vines are everywhere and are beyond beautiful. And the outdoor shower was the most gorgeous little place to relax and breathe:

At 400 square feet, this house is only slightly bigger than our Tiny Canal Cottage. But, much like our home, the numerous windows and doors make the space feel open and airy.

(My camera broke during our stay, so these photos are mainly iPhone. Sorry for the less-than-ideal quality, but the subject is so amazing that it hardly matters. Enjoy!)















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the Mjolk home for Kinfolk

nicole-franzen-kinfolk-1 nicole-franzen-kinfolk-2 nicole-franzen-kinfolk-3 nicole-franzen-kinfolk-4 nicole-franzen-kinfolk-5 nicole-franzen-kinfolk-6

So there are a few elements in the post which I really like. First, the photography of Nicole Franzen. She captures the most beautiful images. Then there is the Kinfolk home book. A must have, with great inspiration! Then, the online store Mjolk.

In this post, it all comes together, Nicole Franzen photographed the home of the Mjolk owners for the Kinfolk home book. Perfection! We already wrote about this great book before. And we still have a look in it once in a while, just to relax with a cup of coffee and great interiors and beautiful stories.

Nicole wrote about it on her blog as well, you’ll find the post here. Enjoy and have a wonderful day!

vivian’s home renovation

home-anna-henriette-aprilandmay-5574d86d29a622b52-_R5A8138-750x1050301228_godhemsgatan_5-39.jpg-236311997-rszww1170-80Home Story


While finishing our bathroom, I am already focussing on the new workspace.

For now, I’m thinking about some naturel tones combined with black and blue details to give it a bit contrast. I want to create some space for my favorite books, to get inspired. A nook to store my painting tools and craft supplies and of course a desk with computer and space for drawing etc.

So, now that being clear, I can start thinking of a floorplan. But first I started to collect some inspiration on Pinterest.

I’m definitely loving the cork wall, the naturel colored accessories and the plants. The space will get a very large window, so perfect to make a little space with loads of greens!

Soon more about this, and in the meanwhile, follow the #vivianshomerenovation hashtag on Instagram 🙂



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