Kinfolk Magazine Community Gatherings in Tokyo: Flower Potluck by Tina Minami Dhingra

br> Directed by: Tsukaya Suzuki
Music: Yuri Miyauchi / JKD Collective

On April 29th 2013, Tokyo hosted a Community Gathering on behalf of Kinfolk Magazine.
In the spirit of May Day (an American holiday where traditional baskets of flowers and gifts are left on friends’ doorsteps) we encouraged guests to make bouquets to gift to friends.

KINFOLK by DmitryWeidner

br> Kinfolk dinner In praise of slowness. #kinfolkufa #kinfolk #kinfolkteam #kinfolkdinner #dweidner Ufa 2015

Kinfolk Ufa: Алия Айсина, Вера Грузда, Лиана Губайдуллина, Полина Тулушева, Елена Филипова.
Фотограф: Андрей Глухов. Видео: Дмитрий Вайднер.
Воркшоп: Олеся Червинская. Место проведения: Загородный клуб Фазенда.
Шеф-повар: Александр Финк. Помощь в организации: Марсель Шарипов.

Фазенда – яблони и груши шефповар by DmitryWeidner

br> Серия роликов для Загородного клуба «Фазенда» в Уфе.
– #fazendaufa
Видео Дмитрий Вайднер
– #dweidner
Уфа 2015

Kinfolk – Pacific Rhythms by We Are The Rhoads

br> Kinfolk | Pacific Rhythms
A Film Directed & Produced by Chris & Sarah Rhoads of We Are The Rhoads
Music by Houses
Cinematography & Editing by Russell Brownley
Styling/Propping: Lisa Moir
Food Styling: Val Aikman-Smith
Family: John Moore & Hannah Henderson in their Venice Beach Home
Kinfolk Issue 11

bömarzo coffee & brunch by atipo

br> vídeo promocional para un nuevo café-brunch de aires noreuropeos que toma su nombre de los famosos jardines italianos.

promotional video for a new coffee-brunch with a northern european atmosphere which takes its name from the famous italian gardens.

© “another day” by pomplamoose (2010).

Pure Simple Juice by One Hundred Seconds

br> This video for Pure Simple Juice captures the playful and inventive spirit behind Lydia Spanswick’s cold press fruit and vegetable blends. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and supporting local agriculture, we tell the story of each bottle of cold press juice from farm to processing to consumer. Check them out at!

PHD Cleanse by PHD Cleanse

br> The PHD Juice Cleanse is the ideal way to experience a raw juice cleanse. This clever blend of 6 specially formulated, cold-pressed nut milks, vegetable and fruit juices will provide you with a gentle and nurturing – yet highly effective cleanse.

The perfect way to kickstart your healthy eating habits!

Viva Raw | A Well Sown Quilt by Reuben Bloom

br> The Viva Raw team visits one of the North Carolina farmers who grows organic produce for those delicious cold-pressed juices.

See more:

Viva Raw –
Eastern Carolina Organics –
Randy Massey, M&M Plant Farm –

Hilltop Cafe by Good Start Packaging

br> Ken Jacobus of Good Start Packaging visits with Ben Reed of Hilltop Cafe in Wilton, NH to learn about the local cafe in an historic farmhouse using fresh produce and eggs in their dishes right from the farm, just steps outside their back door.

195 Isaac Frye Hwy, Wilton, NH 03086