Happy Cappy

Bring a little joy to your life with Happy Cappy. This popsicle line from Mexico, designed by Futura, is putting smiles on people’s faces with their vibrant colors and charismatic packaging. Yellow is used as a primary color to evoke a sense of happiness and playful wonder. Alongside to color palette, cute illustrations sailor-themed encourage kids and adults alike to use their imagination. 














Designed by Futura

Country: Mexico

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You can learn a lot through a culture’s food, and one thing that is quintessentially Spanish is Ibérico Ham. Otoño is a premium brand of Ibérico Spanish ham made from free-range pigs that were raised in a sustainable environment. Tres Tipos Gráficos developed the packaging for Otoño, keeping in mind the the meaning of the brand name. Otoño means “Autumn,” referring to the time of year when trees produce acorns, which are vital to the quality and distinction of the product.



“Ibérico Ham is an exclusive, only Spanish product, and we wanted to represent the importance of its origins to this product’s identity. The presence of the unique Spanish letter ‘Ñ’ reinforces its roots. Also the symmetrical rhythm of the three capital ‘O’s’ helps generate a strong, stable logo.”

“The logo’s most singular trait is the shape over of the ‘Ñ’ character, based on the historic Spanish typeface, Ibarra Real, which lends a very special and authentic design to this unique accent. A new sans typeface was built around that special shape, which is also reminiscent of the traditional geometry-based iron logos from old ‘ganaderías’ (livestock ranches). The result is a simple, solid brand with a strong connection to its origins.”




The leaves of three different acorn trees appear on the front, with a large cut-out for the meat to be seen. Brown packaging gives Otoño a rustic appearance, indicating the careful work that goes into getting the best pieces of ham. White text stands out against the background illustrations along with a small signature in the lower right-hand corner, further contributing to the small-farm feel of the product line.





“Respect for tradition and a dedication to safeguarding the environment is crucial to the brand’s essence. This is reflected in the brand’s identity through various illustrations of the three main species of acorn trees: Quejigo, Alcornoque and Encina. The illustrations were made by Muti.”

“The packaging collection functions as a set, where each of the three main products is represented with its own tree species. The leaf blueprints provide each product with its own individual identity, thereby enriching the brand experience of the whole product range and creating a strong link to the brand name ‘Autumn.’”


Designed by: Tres Tipos Gráficos

Country: Spain

City: Madrid

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Sibbarps Husbryggeri

I can’t say I’ve ever had Swedish craft beer, but the bottles from Sibbarps Husbryggeri definitely make me want to try it. Taking a straightforward design brief, FEW has created packaging that celebrates craft beer at the same time it celebrates the village in which it’s brewed.



“Sibbarps Husbryggeri is a microbrewery based in the former fishing village outside of Malmö (Sweden) named Sibbarp. The beer is characterized by traditional craft beer combined with new influences.”

“The design brief was simple; reflect our love to the beer craft and embrace the history of Sibbarp. The solution is based on the sea bird cormorant with its very odd look. The cormorant is a common sight along the coast—hunting for fish and drying its wings on a stone in the ocean. In the local dialect the cormorant is called ‘Eel crow’ from its penchant for eel.”



FEW executed the brief to a T, creating something simple that can stand out on a crowded shelf of craft beer but also something that recognizes its heritage. Going along with a crisp Nordic design, the bird’s silhouette makes up the majority of the label. A sans serif font adds to the clean, modern design that gives the impression of a refreshing and delicious beer.


Designed by: FEW

Client: Rolf Nilsson

Country: Sweden

City: Malmö

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home http://ift.tt/1TkPkcd

Scandinavian Spruce Ale

Can’t you just imagine the mellow yet tart flavor of this spruce ale? Designed by Vitaliya Zhyriakova, Scandinavian Spruce Ale is a delightfully refreshing and flavorful craft beer from Sweden.



“Spruce Ale is a beverage flavored with the buds, needles, or essence of spruce trees. Trees and their branches, barks, and berries have been used traditionally for flavoring beers, especially in Scandinavian countries, for hundreds of years. Juniper, spruce, and fir are some of the most common. Delaware’s Dogfish Head Brewery recently revived the Finnish Sahti, a traditional beer made from rye, barley, and juniper.”

Scandinavian Spruce Ale takes an incredibly methodical yet beautiful approach, with the label laid out in a perfectly clean manner. A thin border runs around the text on the front, and pine needles and pine cones pop up at the top, a clear indication of the type of beer. The thick sans serif font and the delicate script combine to give the label depth without cluttering it unnecessarily. Black and white labels lend a bit of a minimalist look while also speaking to the crisp taste of the spruce ale itself.


Designed by: Vitaliya Zhyriakova

Client: Scandinavian Spruce

Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home http://ift.tt/1UWkjfF

Sonoma Brothers Distilling

In 2012, brothers Chris and Brandon Matthies launched Sonoma Brothers Distilling, an artisan distillery that focuses on crafting handmade spirits and liquors in small batches. They encountered some early success, but recently turned to CF Napa Brand Design to redesign the packaging to better communicate the brand story and quality of craftsmanship in each bottle.



Facing an increasingly competitive market, the Matthies brothers wanted a branding solution that would immediately tell buyers about their unique product made with small batch quality. The new look clearly expresses a premium brand, with fine details and gold foil that makes the label pop. Each spirit has its own unique color palette that appeals to a more traditional side of the spirits business—a refreshing blue for the gin or a rusty orange for the whiskey, for example. The spirits express a deep respect for the distilling process while still expressing the high quality of each product.

“CF Napa incorporated a nostalgic, turn of the century look to give the brand an authentic, and genuinely Sonoma craft feel. It was important to ensure that the new designed looked premium, and small batch, yet approachable and inviting to the consumer. CF Napa adjusted the label hierarchy to make the brand name ‘Sonoma Brothers Distilling’ the primary read, allowing for greater readability from behind a bar or on the retail shelf.”

“To give the brand a more proprietary look, we removed the barrel icon which didn’t have a strong tie to the product, the distillers, or the brand position, and instead incorporated an illustration of the two brothers, which better communicates the core of the brand story. Intricate detailing and gold foil treatment elevate the quality perception and communicates the detailed care that goes into the product itself, while a color system differentiates product SKUs, allowing for better product identification with the target consumer.”


Designed by: CF Napa Brand Design

Country: United States

City: Napa, CA

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home http://ift.tt/1TkG7AF

Landers Premium Cheese

You had me at premium cheese. Fabula Branding has developed the packaging for Landers Premium cheese, expressing a superior taste in its superior design.








Each pack contains a covering for the cheese that is attached to a black background, covered in subtle yet elegant designs. Gold foil instantly elevates the brand and helps make the cheese stand out against others on the shelf. It’s unique that buyers can actually see and feel the shape of the cheese, which in turn brings them closer to the product and more likely to want to buy. Nutrition information and brand history are shared on the back, allowing the front—what we see initially—to remain sophisticated and uncluttered.


Designed by: Fabula Branding

Country: Belarus

City: Minsk

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home http://ift.tt/1pN2nY0

Stasis Cabernet Sauvignon

Wouldn’t you just love to get your hands on this luxurious bottle of cabernet sauvignon? Makers & Allies designed the label for Stasis Cabernet Sauvignon, creating a deeply mysterious and intriguing wine.

“Defined as a period or state of inactivity or equilibrium, Stasis wines seek to explore the delicate balance of the winemaking process as the grapevines hover in a state between life and death. Inspired by 17th century wine labels, delicate gold filigree and vintage engravings create a striking balance against the rich midnight blue of the label and highlight the elegance of the Cabernet inside the bottle.”

Stasis is delightfully stunning, with precisely drawn illustrations and gold accents that seem to tell a story. It almost feels as if you’ve opened up an old atlas and are skimming through the pages, in awe of what’s in front of you. Against the midnight blue, the gold filigree shines. The label’s symmetry has a bit of a calming sense and feels confident and strong but not overpowering.


Designed by: Makers & Allies

Client: Rabble Wine Co.

Country: United States

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home http://ift.tt/22RkkGB

The Burren Perfumery

From Ireland, with love. For over 40 years, The Burren Perfumery has produced small-batch, high-quality natural cosmetics. Inspired by the beautiful natural scenery of the Burren, a region of southwest Ireland, moodley brand identity designed lovely, honest packaging for the family business.






“Based on the flora and the breathtaking nature in the Burren, moodley brand identity developed a packaging design that presents The Burren Perfumery like it is: self-confident and just genuinely natural. The six scent families give the product range – from body lotions to soaps and creams – a clear structure; the subtle, natural colors appear as discreet eye-catchers, proving that natural cosmetics cannot only stand out with their contents, but also with their looks.”






The Burren Perfumery is clearly a brand that is proud of its heritage, featuring images of the Burren on the labels. Each product has a coordinating dreamy pastel color, eliciting warm and happy emotions. The font is a classic choice that looks almost like it was written by a typewriter, emphasizing the brand’s long history and pride in its tried and true cosmetics production. Overall, the packaging embraces a gentle simplicity which is then reflected in the pure and natural ingredients used to make each item.


Designed by: moodley brand identity

Client: The Burren Perfumery

Country: Austria

City: Vienna

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home http://ift.tt/1RKug9z

Beauty & Pin-Ups

Images of pin-up girls will be proof forever how undeniably magnetic the quality of confidence truly is. This line of hair products and tools, redesigned by Brick Design, encourages women to “Love it. Live it. Own it.”

“Beauty & Pin-ups is a line of salon hair products and tools. The original name and idea was the brainchild of the celebrity hairstylist Priel Maman. After an initial launch of a few products the company was bought by Level Beauty Group who then hired Brick Design to rebrand the line with 7 products and an iron. The new branding was launched late 2015 and with a new partnership with distributor BSG is now getting into stores and shows around the world. The design is a nod to the classic pin-up including artists like Alberto Vargas.”

Instead of hiding the ampersand in the Beauty & Pin-Ups name, it is instead used as the perfect backdrop for each pin-up girl. These old retro images featured ladies doing household chores, fixing cars, lounging around the house, and often doing typical, mundane activities. Instead of setting the scene with an illustrated background, the ampersand is the perfect thing for each illustration to center around. Aside from the faded colors of each illustration, the packaging is mostly black and white, allowing the images to truly pop. The packaging is also incredibly clean and modern-looking, creating a nice juxtaposition between the retro images and the clean, minimal design. Although the women represented on the products lack diversity, the real essence of the brand is clear: effortless beauty achieved by using their products.


Designed by: Brick Design

Client: Level Beauty Group

Country: United States

City: San Francisco, CA

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home http://ift.tt/2319iv2

2 Degrees Coffee Ready & Go

2 Degrees does more than just help you stay healthy—they also help children in need every time you buy from them. Leandro Palencia designed their latest product, Coffee Ready & Go, to give consumers the morning joe they need while helping make the world a better place.



The packaging is bold and straightforward, giving buyers a sense of the fast-paced lifestyle that a cup of coffee helps to fuel. Text is large and easily readable, making the decision-making process between the different varieties simple. The brand utilizes playful, bright colors that bring in a little bit of personality, perfect for busy professionals who want to make a difference in any small way possible.


Designed by: Leandro Palencia

Country: Colombia

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home http://ift.tt/1olL0MU

Sun Basket

Delicious foods made of wholesome ingredients, delivered right to my doorstep. Sign me up! Kyle Miller Creative developed the packaging for Sun Basket, a meal delivery company based in the Bay Area.





“Sun Basket is a San Francisco based meal delivery service, consisting of organic ingredients delivered weekly and curated recipes from local chefs. When designing the packaging we went after a real farm to table aesthetic while adding some bright, poppy, and colorful illustrations. It was really important for us to deliver a box that people were actually excited to see on their doorstep. Everything from the menu cards to the patches carries that same fresh, clean feeling.”




Sun Basket is all about fresh food, organic ingredients, and innovative dishes created for people with a busy lifestyle who still don’t want to compromise health. The brand features darling illustrations that give Sun Basket a “small town” feel. A farm or a fisherman, for example, make the consumer feel more connected to the source of their food. This not only makes them more emotionally invested but also speaks to the freshness and high quality of the food as well. Even the word “basket” in the name creates a vision that a farmer put the ingredients in a small wicker basket and then they were delivered to the buyer.


Designed by: Kyle Miller Creative

Client: Sun Basket

Country: United States

City: Austin, TX

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home http://ift.tt/1ZKrgjy