Phoenix Organic Drinks

Phoenix Organic Drinks has been at the heart of the organic revolution, creating quality liquid libations since 1986. What started as a revolution, has grown into a much loved brand with a fridge full of firsts. 

But with an influx of organic challengers entering the market and a shift in cafe and consumer needs, Phoenix set out to reposition themselves as the market leader and engage a new generation of loyal fans. We were fortunate to work with Fly, the lead creative and strategic agency for Phoenix in delivering some fresh organic goodness. 

The previous logo had evolved incrementally so that the word “organic” was eventually not integrated into the device and was so intricate it was hard to use across the growing portfolio of communications. The word mark felt too industrial and not reflective of Phoenix’s fluid and creative attitude. While not part of the original brief, we felt that to ensure Phoenix built on a strong foundation, we approached the logo as part of the packaging redesign.

The new logo gives the brand more flexibility when presenting itself in multiple contexts. ORGANIC is the centre point of the brand, with NEW ZEALAND being supportive to the core PHOENIX word mark. The three components of the logo can easily be deconstructed and reconfigured to translate stronger across all communications. An unusual approach, where brands are often defined by slavish guidelines. We also removed any unnecessary cliched design cues. We don’t need a green logo to speak to organic or natural cues. Consumers are smarter than that. 



The previous packaging used a flat circle of colour to differentiate flavours. We wanted to tell the story of Phoenix’s rise from challenger brand to leader brand. We still remember back in the early days when Phoenix Ginger Beer was made in barrels, in a Ponsonby garage and if over fermented would explode. Phoenix Ginger Beer is still produced in batches and still delivers that unique gingery, throat tingling explosiveness. These stories, developed by Fly, became inspiration for the packaging designs. We developed bold, graphic devices, overlaid with simple white line work and screen printed textures to bring an element of attitude and style. Curious Design led the charge on helping shift Phoenix into a new school “organic” aesthetic. It’s no longer about green leaves and hippy references, but simplicity, clarity and quality.





Designers: Monique Robins, Curtis Walker, Lynne Richardson

Creative Director: Nigel Kuzimski

Strategy: Fly Creative

Designed by Curious Design

Country: New Zealand

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The food supplement line “My elements” by Isoplus includes a vast range of effervescent products differentiated based on their composition and benefits. The packaging design had to, on the one hand, create a distinctive image for the brand, and on the other hand, differentiate each product based on its formulation and function. 

2yolk created a unified layout for all the packages that reproduces the two leaves, part of the “My elements” logo, which we have also designed. In this way, each product has a specific frame where the functionality and the components are highlighted. A series of descriptive or abstract illustrations were designed to illustrate the targeted or multi-level effect of each supplement; a choice dictated by the research on the category of each product separately and by its target audience. The colour palette, the vibrant or transparent multiply colours, created a unified aesthetic that avoided the category clichés.






GRAPHIC DESIGNER: John Seitanidis, Konstantina Benaki

STUDIO MANAGER: Alexandra Papaloudi

COPYWRITER: Despina Sakellaridi

ACCOUNT MANAGER: Stefania Papakosta

Designed by 2YOLK

Country: Greece

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Oi – Organic Initiative

Organic Initiative’s mission is to provide sanitary products that are good for women and good for the world. For far too long, women have struggled to find an alternative to using intimate products made from harmful chemicals and toxins. Oi approached Cato Brand Partners with the challenge to ‘tear down the pillars of power’, and educate the marketplace away from conventional products. We adopted an ‘in your face’ disruptor model, creating a wall of passionate protest in the supermarket aisles implying that the conventional tampon companies were dishonest and harmful.












Creative Director: Andrew Treder

Designer: Mike Peters

Designed by Cato Brand Partners

Country: New Zealand

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När tid för njutning blir en tid av stess!

Hur svår är det inte när man som -duktig flicka- måste acceptera att
det bara inte går, jag varken kan eller orkar … nu är det dags
att sätta sig ned & bara gilla läget.

på terassen_myrberg

Jag har tagit ledigt idag.
Ni hör ju själva L E D I G T, en dag för avkoppling & tid att njuta
av trädgård & sommarvärme.

Men istället startar dagen med en inre lista på allt som
jag ska hinna med denna lediga tisdag.
Listan är lång, jag menar helt orimligt lång.
Allt jag inte hunnit med under maj månad -pga sjukdom-
ska alltså utföras idag.
& då pratar jag enbart trädgårdsarbeten,
hur det ser ut inomhus,
den listan låtsas jag inte om överhuvudtaget.


Startar upp med gräsmattan,
men fasen va jobbigt det var.
Går upp på terassen för att hämta mer vatten 
att dricka, det är riktigt varmt idag!


Där hittar jag mina stackars dahlior,
långa, taniga saker, som jag inte hunnit ge knappt något vatten eller
& absolut ingen omtanke alls.




Råkar samtidigt kika ned i trädgårdslandet,
där hösten alla löv ligger kvar.
Rosorna, hortenisorna vi bara grävde ned
i höstas bara för att … vi inte hann annat, står fortfarande kvar!

Där & då … kände jag S T O P P
min trädgård som jag älskar, har blivit ett stressmoment denna vår.
Precis som min fina kollega Helena här på Sköna Hem skriver,
 är trädgården en balsam för själen, trädgården är för oss båda avkoppling  
men alltså även en källa till stress. 
& just nu känner jag 0%  avkoppling & 100% stress här hemma.
I morgon är det 1:a juni, då brukar min trädgård vara klar
för sommarnjutning!


Okej…so what…trädgården hann INTE bli klar,
i stort sett INGET har blivit klart,
denna vår har inte varit vad den borde vara …
det trista i livet kom liksom emellan.

Soffan & kuddarna är ju på plats,
olivträdet har kommit ut på sommarsemester,
syrener på bordet.
Snälla jag, skärp mig … försök att njuta bara,
jag är L E D I G idag.



from @my casa

Peach Street Distillers Rebrand

Colorado’s-own Peach Street Distillers has launched a full rebranding that gives all of its 25 craft spirit brands a cohesive look and feel, including a new website, labeling and branding, and digital/social components, including a video titled “This is Peach Street” (view here: The rebranding was created by Peach Street Distillers’ creative agency, Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners (RTO+P), and signals the award-winning craft distillers’ commitment to quality and growth. 



With a new tagline, “Colorado Made by Colorado Folk,” Peach Street Distillers’ new look will highlight the epic story of how a passionate few turned Palisade, Colorado’s legendary local fruits and grains into a family of extraordinary spirits. “Colorado Made by Colorado Folk” plays into the craft spirit trend, but shines through with true quality and character. 

“The guys behind Peach Street are the real deal,” said Steve Red, President and chief creative officer of RTO+P. “Their ingenuity and stubborn attention to detail, matched with the almost mystical qualities of Palisade, CO, results in craft spirits like no other.” 

Founded in 2005, Peach Street Distillers are a band of misfits making unreasonable spirits the hard way. From Colorado’s first Bourbon to their well-known Goat Vodka, Jackelope Gin and other exquisite craft grappas, brandies, and their own Rarer Air bier schnapps, Peach Street’s spirits are made with local fruits and grains raised by local, devoted farmers. In Palisade, Colorado, where Peach Street Distillers call home, the original fruits that made the small town famous live on in Peach Street’s family. 

“After 10 years in the making, we couldn’t be more excited about our new look and feel. This launch isn’t just about us; it’s about our community, growers and the amazing agriculture we are able to utilize to create our spirits. RTO+P completely understood this and with this rebrand gave our spirit family life,” said Moose Koons, sales manager at Peach Street Distillers. 

In addition to the rebrand, Peach Street Distillers is launching the first special edition flavor of TuB Gin – RTO+P’s very own gin brand – called Hopped Plum. This new flavor starts with the original citrus-forward gin and is married with Palisade Plum Eau De Vie and macerated Colorado Hops, for a hoppy, softly spiced smooth spirit. This spring edition of TuB Gin kicks off a quarterly new flavor launch to coincide with the seasons. 

Distribution for all Peach Street Distillers spirits is California, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey and New York. As part of the launch, RTO+P will also handle point-of-sale in-store creative and creative collateral for events. 





Chief Creative Officer: Steve Red

Executive Creative Director: Steve O’Connell

VP, Group Creative Director: Ryan Scott

VP, Creative Director: Todd Taylor

Art Director: Michelle Maben

Digital Designer: Jasmine Patel

Copywriter: Ryan Scott

Producers: Nick Pitcavage

Tech Lead: Aaron Grando

Developers: Travis Hyatt, Ed Taylor

Social Strategy: Jenny Shaab

Creative Strategist: Vann Madison

VP, Digital Strategy: Uri Weingarten

Digital Strategy: Josh Sirulnik, Catie Borzillo

Account Director: Jacqui Abel

Designed by Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners

Client: Peach Street Distillers

Country: United States

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Black Mama Craft Beer

Do you think you could handle this craft beer? This hearty IPA combines deep a passion for brewing beer and label design for a striking drink. Think Bold Studio developed some unique packaging for this special release from Original 1920.



“Black Mama is a special edition black IPA craft beer, brewed having in mind the holistic connection between the process of making the beer and the crafting of the label design characterized by the belief that the parts are intimately interconnected and accounted only by reference to the whole.”

From the detailed border to the gold foil, Black Mama Craft Beer is definitely something memorable to behold. An elegant font and impeccable embossed details add texture and sophistication to the strong, flavorful beer. The fat, stout bottle also adds to its imposing strength. Black Mama Craft Beer comes off as luxurious and stylish, perfect for craft beer lovers who want something to savor.


Designed by: Think Bold Studio

Client: Original 1920

Country: Portugal

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Mandalay Rum – The Governor’s Choice

Brand Union Hong Kong has partnered with Heritage Spirits. Ltd. to produce an export version of the popular rum brand, Mandalay Rum. The iconic drink has been distilled and bottled in Mandalay, Myanmar since 1886. 

The export brand, also known as “The Governor’s Choice”, is currently only available in Asia and was created to test the waters for potential larger scale exports to European and American markets. Brand Union was tasked with creating a suite of branded materials from scratch, including the design of the bottle, packaging and marketing collateral. 

The latest addition to the line expresses the singular personality of Mandalay in a light-hearted way. The Governor’s Choice celebrates the colonial period when the rum was first produced, evoking a world of eccentric colonial settlers and parodying life in a rum-soaked Mandalay township. The bottle itself is inspired by antique rum receptacles and includes engravings to achieve an antique patina. The pattern work was inspired from carvings found at ancient Mandalay temples. 

Andy Reynolds, Brand Union, said, “We wanted to evoke a sense of the colonial era, which is firmly rooted in the minds of many consumers, and create a nostalgic, fun-loving nod to the brand’s history. 

Jonathan Carr, Heritage Spirits, said, “In our label revamp for export, Brand Union’s excellent collateral has made all the difference in achieving the positive reception we have had from consumers and distributors. The creative work by Andy, the creative director, and Gianluca, the designer, perfectly brings to life the elements of exploration, appreciation of quality and exotic vistas that make this brand unique.” 

A select number of the limited edition bottles were sent to distributors and bar owners across South East Asia, in order to garner attention and drive orders during the launch phase of the campaign. The rum bottle is wrapped in a copy of the “Mandalay Gazette”, a parody of the early colonial newspaper, featuring Mandalay Rum stories. Brand Union also crafted bespoke coasters for bar promotions that feature the illustrative elements from the bottle, along with labels and stickers that highlight the brand’s elements and visual style. These coasters reinforce brand recognition among consumers enjoying rum drinks and provide a unique reminder of the drink they enjoyed.

MR_Design_f18_copy 2

MR_Design_f18_copy 2

MR_Design_f18_copy 2

MR_Design_f18_copy 2



Chief Creative Officer: Reed Collins

Creative Director: Andy Reynolds

Assistant Creative Director: Mike Pearson

Copywriters: Malcolm Pryce, Mike Pearson, Amy Thompson

Designer: Gianluca Crudele

Illustrator: Barlo, Vincent Wong

Designed by Brand Union Hong Kong

Client: Heritage Spirits 

Country: Hong Kong

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Tidig morgon i Villa Skogsbrynet





Där inne ligger familjen och sover. Själv har jag vari vaken sedan 04.00. Jag åker till Abu Dhabi tidigt i morgon bitti och hade så mycket att fixa här hemma innan avfärd så det var bara att gå upp i ottan. Det är inte så svårt den här årstiden, det är värre på vintern när det är bäckmörkt. Nu är det ljust och fåglarna kvittrar och det känns faktiskt rätt ok.

Den här sommaren, sommar nr 4 i det här huset, ska fasaden bli helt klar. Den som är uppmärksam ser att de små fyrkanterna runt fönstren saknas på det stora fönstret till höger. De saknas på ytterligare några fönster på andra sidor, men det ska alltså fixas nu i sommar. Det är en keramiker i Ramnäs som handgjort 100 små fyrkantiga plattor som ska muras in i rätt mönster för att fasaden sa bli klar. Fasaden var så skadad nr vi köpte huset att vissa plattor hade fallit ned. Runt andra fönster fanns inga pga att huset fått nya fönster i historien. På framsidan, där den ”utbyggda” entré-delen är var det inte puts överhuvudtaget utan träfasad, så där fanns inga rutor, men nu är där putsat så nu ska rutorna dit!

Nu ska jag gå upp och väcka Lillan!


Kram kram



from Drömhus

Svanen i vardagsrummet istället



Hej ny vecka!


Det verkar som att sommaren kommit tillbaka. Dagen har varit helt strålande här i Västerås. När jag hämtat Lillan och hennes kompis på skolan åkte vi till Tullhuset för att hämta lite tygprover till en soffa vi ska beställa till huset i Abu Dhabi. Väl där inne bland alla härliga sommarnyheter blev vi förstås kvar en stund och ut kom vi med både nya gummistövlar till Lillan och Flipp flopps, örhängen och en härlig svassig klänning till mig. Efter det var det omöjligt att inte slå sig ned på kajen med varsin smarrig glass i handen  :-)

Nu är vi hemma och jag ska ta och laga lite mat. Sedan blir det lite jobb och packa och fixa till kvällen.

Ja just ja, som ni ser har vi möblerat om lite spontant igår kväll. Svanen fick komma ned från sovrummet, eftersom den passade så bra i färg med våra nya tavlor, Bertoias Diamondchair fick då ta plats där det lilla marmorbordet med mässingsben stod. Det bordet är fint, men vi måste hitta en alternativ placering till det. Kändes för övermöblerat nu när matsal och stolar är på plats. Vi vill ha det luftigt och inte så plottrigt.

Nej hej, nu var det lite mat här då till de små! See you!


Kram kram




from Drömhus

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3. Mon Choco















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