Nongfu Spring Flavored Water

Nongfu Spring brings you a line of water with just the right amount of fruity flavors. Designed by mousegraphics, just looking at the bottles can spark a desire for some refreshing, thirst-quenching water with a little hint of fruit.



“Our design approach had the intention to show in a pretty straightforward way the fruit flavoring of the water. By creating the optical illusion of a floating fruit we convey the idea in an honest and direct way. The iconography of the 4 fruits—grape, pomelo, lychee and lemon—is such that it produces the very natural effect of a fresh fruit slice dipped in water; an impression enhanced by the light coloring of the water. Lettering is kept to the one side of the container so that the other offers the clear view of the free floating fruit.”

Nongfu Spring Flavored Water needed to appeal to a diverse age market and to all sexes. The result truly gives consumers a sense of the product inside—a swelling wave of water and faint, dreamy hues to indicate the flavors. An image of the fruit floating in the water lets the buyers know that the water is flavored ever so slightly, while still retaining the pureness that Nongfu Spring Water offers.


Designed by mousegraphics

Country: Greece

City: Athens

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Califia Nitro Cold Brew

Meet the next great adventure in coffee: a creamy yet dairy-free cold brew latte. Combining almond and macadamia milks with a cold brew made from a blend of direct-sourced beans, Califia Farms has a tasty way to enjoy some morning joe.

“The Califia Nitro Cold Brew line-up is completely vegan, dairy-free, GMO-free, soy-free and carrageenan-free and includes: Califia Nitro Cold Brew Latte, a perfectly balanced blend of Califia’s award-winning creamy Almondmilk, direct-sourced cold brew coffee and nitrogen-infused micro-foam; Califia Nitro Cold Brew Mocha, with an extra rich blast of cocoa, and Califia Nitro Cold Brew New Orleans, which is jazzed with uniquely smooth NOLA-influenced notes of chicory.”

“Cold brew coffee has experienced dramatic growth (115%) in the past year with 24% of consumers reporting they are drinking it, according to Mintel.(1) Califia Farms, which is already a leader in RTD coffee drinks (and outpacing Starbucks in specialty retailers(2)) aims to lead innovation in the fourth wave coffee craze. The company, which is known for disrupting retail refrigerator shelves with its iconic, curvy Almondmilk carafe, showcases the new Califia Farms Nitro Cold Brews in a similarly disruptive eye-catching RTD aluminum bottle that is unique to the category.”

Nitrogen-infused drinks are certainly a new and exciting trend, and the sleek, on-the-go bottle aluminum bottles have a bit of a futuristic feel to harness that. The drink comes in three flavors—Latte, Mocha, and New Orleans—and each has a coordinating color that stands out against the eggshell white bottle. The Califia logo rests at the top of the bottle, allowing consumers to easily associate it with the other products they offer. At the bottom the periodic table symbol for Nitrogen appears further emphasizing the unique way the beverage is made, while the bottle shape and cap feel familiar.

“Whether purchased to drink on-the-go or poured into a glass for a gleaming head of foam, we are excited to be making this kind of frothy artisan brew conveniently available to consumers at retailers nationwide, while also serving the growing ranks of customers (particularly millennials) seeking premium, clean energy swaps for high-sugar carbonated and coffee drinks,” says Greg Steltenpohl, CEO of Califia Farms


Designed by Califia Farms

Country: United States

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Modus Operandi Brewing

Late last year, Modus Operandi made a bold first appearance onto the craft beer scene. They quickly scooped up awards for their aromatic, flavorful beers made on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. They turned to Co Partnership to redefine their voice and brand identity as the pioneers that they are in the world of craft beer.

“Co Partnership tasked themselves to transform the craft beer category, stepping away from the common and saturated codes of craft, images of hops, wheat sheaf’s and distressed type. To do this they first defined the brands reason to believe; ‘Beer First. No Shortcuts.’ By beginning the design process with their core belief, they inspired the design and informed the brand’s point of difference.”

“Each batch of beer is made with the finest quality ingredients, but what makes Modus Operandi different is the yeast; only using live yeast imported from America to reach the quality they are known for. This diligent process of production inspired the Modus mark, a continuous line from start to finish, with no shortcuts. A cult symbol for a brewery defining the future of beer.”

“From here the team worked on extending the brand message. Firstly, the retail cans and tap badges needed a low cost and flexible solution, to keep up with the fast pace of changing products and seasonal experiments. In response, Co Partnership designed a common aluminium can, retaining its raw silver substrate to communicate freshness and modernity in addition to applying a custom kraft label for each beer to the lower part of the can. This was innovative because it applied itself randomly, whilst always at the same height against the can. The overall effect spoke to the industry on two levels; a strong and consistent brand mark repetition with a random element of inconsistency, which spoke to the craft category by appearing hand applied. The aluminium can was finished with a smooth satin, matt varnish which creates a tactile hand feel, in contrast with the rough brown kraft paper for each of the beer personalities.”

“The same thinking was applied to the tap badges. When a bar receives a new beer, rather than manufacturing another costly tap badge, Co Partnership simply created a sticker to apply over the existing metal base. This allowed the brand consistency even when their beer only poured for a day.”

“The brand also opened up their brewery to the public, where drinking areas were planted in the heart of the engine room. To keep in line with this feel, Co Partnership used raw materials such as stainless steel, timber, kraft stocks, screen printing, and heat branded wood across all touch points from signage, apparel, menus, and stationery.”

“With beers and brewers full of personality the team wanted to create opportunities wherever they could for a witty tone of voice to shine through. Copywriting was used to bring the brand to life on beer mats, bar towels, menus and apparel. Rich storytelling around the origins of the beer names were crafted to increase the conversation around the brand and drive engagement—success of which was fast reflected on social media, the true test of the brand’s reach.”


Designed by Co Partnership

Country: Australia

City: Sydney

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Hookahs Cobra Paladin

“What doesn’t kill us, we don’t smoke.” Hookahs Cobra Paladin takes a totally badass and tough approach to hookah. Pavel Drakunov developed the packaging, using intimidating images of skulls, ravens, and cobras with a bit of traditional, classic tattoo inspiration. The black, white, and gray box only further emphasizes the brand’s attitude, and is also an indication of the bold hookah flavors.



“In most of the stores selling hookahs they are unpacked and it is very difficult to attract the customer’s attention. We decided that the seller of the store will be our First Client. So he will see the package and love it. Only then he will faithfully recommend hookahs to the customers.”



“The basis of the aesthetics was taken from package of expensive alcohol. Calligraphy and unique illustrations will attract attention and break stereotype, claiming the product unique. Besides the package will work well in the Internet, where high-quality pictures will attract attention also.”


Designed by Pavel Drakunov

Client: Point-art

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Bohemia Beer

Global brand design consultancy, Elmwood, has completed its latest project for Heineken with a radical redesign of its oldest premium Mexican beer brand, Bohemia. The re-brand is the third piece of work delivered by Elmwood in the Mexican market, which continues to put Elmwood on the design stage as a global player.

Being the first premium beer in the country when it launched in 1905, Bohemia is an iconic brand in its native Mexico. Steeped in traditional values and a wealth of heritage, the brand has enhanced local beer culture and become a pioneer in food pairing.

 However, Bohemia’s appeal had aged with its loyal customers, losing a strong point of view along the way. The brand needed to become aspirational once more with a fresh approach that could engage with a younger generation of beer lovers, while staying faithful to its existing consumers. Elmwood’s extensive immersion into the brand’s background and culture, highlighted a thirst amongst Mexican beer drinkers for a sophisticated and premium national brand to champion. This was a chance for Elmwood to revive Bohemia and create a brand that people of all generations would be proud to support.

Throughout the creative thinking process, maintaining respect for the brand’s past was paramount, together with the need to conserve its authenticity. Elmwood focused on what makes Bohemia unique – it’s name. Something that is ‘Bohemian’ expresses itself in unexpected, authentic, creative and original ways. From here, Elmwood developed the brand’s new distinct point of view: The Bohemian Angle on Life: Taste with all your senses. Have an opinion, from a uniquely Mexican perspective. Be inspired by tradition, while always looking forward.  

In keeping with the new Bohemian point of view, Elmwood used marbled patterns to adorn the iconic gold-foiled tops. The patterns visually describe the sensorial experiences of the beers while also communicating the unexpected and authentic creativity in the brand story.

Oliver Mason, Design Director at Elmwood, says: “Knowing that the audience are engaged beer lovers we wanted to focus on highlighting the premium processes, ingredients and the flavour profiles that make each of the Bohemia beers unique – this comes to life through the foils and the carefully crafted storytelling that makes up the neck labels”

Elmwood collaborated with Mexican lettering artists ‘Lettres’ to redraw the Bohemia word marque. The task was to retain the distinctive character of the ‘Bohemia’ lettering but give it an authentic and contemporary Mexican flavour. The new marque celebrates the balance of perfection and passion that goes into the beer – the perfection is achieved through the consistent rhythmic uprights while the passion comes to life through the playful flicks that break out. Meanwhile, the Emperor, who has been iconic to the brand since its launch, remained, but with a refreshed look. Elmwood respectfully recrafted the proud figure in a contemporary style that shares a consistent visual DNA with the redrawn Bohemia word marque. Addressing issues of clarity and simplicity means he is now an impactful and proud icon, not just an illustration. Bravely, Elmwood avoided current trends when thinking about the colour choices and adopted a dark and rich colour palette to convey the depth of flavor in the beers.

Greg Taylor, Global Provocation Director at Elmwood, said: “Bohemia is a truly authentic Mexican brand that has huge opportunity to appeal to the mass market – young and older. We needed to bring Bohemia back and put it in the minds of social, passionate Mexican beer lovers once again. Our unique approach encompasses in depth analysis of the market and the product itself. By tapping into authentic issues, looking at local consumer behavior and recognising a national identity we were able to deliver a robust creative strategy for Bohemia.”

 Gisselle Villarreal, Brand Manager, Bohemia and Affligem said: “The brief to bring Mexico’s oldest premium beer brand back into the minds of the consumer, with a radical new redesign, wasn’t an easy one. We knew it needed an agency who could really get under the skin of the brand as well as the culture it lives in. Elmwood’s approach, coupled with the team’s exemplary creativity, made them the perfect extension of our brand team. We knew they could deliver what we needed, and they have. Elmwood has respected the brand’s heritage and protected it brilliantly while delivering an identity that is fresh, distinctive and powerful. Bohemia will undoubtedly leave its mark once again for many more years to come.”


Designed by Elmwood

Country: United Kingdom

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Neenah Packaging Box Wrap: Creating a System for Packaging Designers

Before Neenah Packaging could unveil its new Luxury Box Wrap papers with designers and brand managers, it first needed a way to present the immense collection, and highlight the extensive customization that is the cornerstone of this portfolio.

Washington DC-based Design Army, the creators of some of Neenah Packaging’s most popular promotions including the Character and ON promotions, took on the task of summarizing and organizing the elevated line of packaging papers for national and multi-national retail, beauty, alcohol, electronics and entertainment media brands into a specification tool. The goal was to create a book with a visual system that would help designers not only see the breadth of this offering, but also inspire them to create their own designs. 

Creative Director Pum Lefebure’s design approach was to lay the book out as simply as possible. She developed four descriptive umbrellas to categorize the papers: Metallics, Soft Touch, Luxe Leather, and Fine Leather & Linen. These categories make up the four separate waterfalls that appear in the book. “Our job was to look at the whole collection, break it down into color palettes, and create an organizational structure that would appeal to designers. Then, we had the task to assemble it all into a single, comprehensive, and easy to understand, book. As designers, we are always thinking about time, working against time, and running out of time, so we look for tools that are quick make the process easy,” said Lefebure. 

Showcasing the immensity of Neenah Packaging’s Luxury Box Wrap collection was not an easy undertaking according to Lefebure. This line has an extensive library of embossings including realistic metal-like finishes, authentic-looking fine leathers and high-end exotic skins with dozens of finishing options in between. 

Lefebure says she selected the colors for the waterfalls from a designer’s point of view, “Would I specify that color, does that color help me visualize the customizable options?” The book is organized in three steps: You first select a color, then you select an embossing pattern, then you decide if you want to further enhance the design with a print pattern or specialty finish.

“When designing packaging, we have to leave the computer and look at papers, we have to feel the texture and react to it like customers do. It’s our job to create the experience, so we must know what that experience will be. We used that same philosophy with the book. This book is thick, it feels like a box, and the box on the cover presents three different papers, so you have this textural experience right from the start. Then you open the book and you have this unboxing moment when the colors and textures are revealed,” she said. 

The Neenah Box Wrap Luxury Packaging Solutions specification book is the introduction to the new collection of one-of-a-kind papers. This collection is about building unique designs with colors and embossings, or moving beyond the book to create a one of a kind custom design. This book is part of a two-book specification program for Neenah Packaging’s that also includes Premium Box Wrap papers. Contact your local Neenah Packaging rep to request a special presentation of the new books.


Client: Neenah Packaging

Design, Production and Copywriting: Design Army, Washington, DC

Prepress and Printing: Fey Printing, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

RetroCorn Popcorn

You can’t move for popcorn brands these days; in fact, there’s no shortage of popcorn brands that mostly taste and look just the same. Very few indeed, in a crowded sector, have the character and originality to genuinely stand out from the crowd. 

However, RetroCorn, who began producing small batches of its tasty all-natural, gluten-free, vegan popcorn in Essex in 2012, were already well ahead of the game; Each batch is gently hand-popped, and using their own secret technique, coated with crushed classic sweetshop sweets [Candyshop hard-candies] ; Cola Cubes, Strawberries & Cream, Rhubarb & Custard, Lemon & Lime Sherbet and Cherry Pips. 
The brand is distributed through Farm Shops, Delis and retailers including The Co-op and Mr Simm’s; They were the Official celebrity goody-bag snack of both the 2016 Brit Awards and the 2016 Rock Awards, and have produced bespoke flavours for the Radisson blu Hotel Group, Elemis and a special “Brain flavour” in conjunction with NOW TV’s release of “The Walking Dead”. Despite all this, purchase frequency wasn’t as high as they’d like – and that, clearly, had to be addressed. 

The popcorn category has experienced recent huge growth, with myriad new opportunities in usage occasion – so RetroCorn needed to stay one step ahead of the competition. After tasting RetroCorn Popcorn we were genuinely amazed. The quality is outstanding – with truly original, classic and unforgettable flavours, so it was clear that we needed to create packaging with equal impact that was classic yet edgy; fun, but different. We were briefed to reinvent the brand in a modern and relevant way whilst being respectful that at the heart of the RetroCorn brand are the traditional British Sweetshop Sweets of Old, which is integral to the individuality of the product. 

The key to getting them noticed was to ensure the design re-injected the spirit of, and clearly communicated, the “Britishness” of the product in order to attract both nostalgic grown-ups and recruit real foodies, without resorting to the cliché’d bucket and spade/end-of-the-pier gift-shop look. 
Inspired by both the spirit and the aesthetic of the Punk movement, classic British irreverence and freedom-of-expression-without-reprisal – a smidgin unconventional for the popcorn category – whilst taking cues from other relevant categories such as sweets and crisps [Candy and Chips] we developed a system of bold, confident colour combinations – a palette that shouted loud and proud about the brand’s unmistakably eccentric, inventive and slightly bonkers British origins. Together with using a bold Union Jack motif as a stamp of quality and provenance, with these bright unconventional colourways – to differentiate the flavours – and confident, anarchic punk typography -combined with great product photography – we were able to emphasise the amazing ingredients and eccentric and innovative nature of the product. 

This kind of nuttiness wouldn’t happen in, for example, Germany; who’ve only recently graduated from having just two flavours of crisps – Kartoffel and Paprika; or Norway, where Plain and With Salt, it would seem, are the only popcorn flavours permissible. Like a lot of other world-changing British inventions the genesis of RetroCorn may have begun with a simple but crazy idea. However, this essentially British brand of innovation exemplifies a propensity for playful inventiveness, a special British kind of “Bonkers”. 

The new design clearly differentiates itself from the competition through its bright and original and provocatively punk aesthetic. However – most of all, the design gets rid of any dated preconceptions that popcorn packaging must follow a certain look, what we like to call the “red plush and cinema lighting aesthetic” – and instead creates a new enticing brand – rich with British flavour, offering consumers a distinctive, iconic, modern, and crucially- different – product. Working to a tight deadline, we enabled RetroCorn owner Greg Taylor to transform his imaginative and original product into a genuinely standout brand. 

New-look RetroCorn Popcorn was released in April and they’re already beginning to go down a storm; achieving first-time listings in new UK supermarkets, and stores internationally, within it’s first week of relaunch. Since then, we’ve applied the system to a wide range of in-store materials, from Posters to FSDU’s and an array of communications, including literature and ads – all infused with the new vibrantly visual and verbal flavours of RetroCorn.  

Retrocorn is absolutely delighted with the work that Quite Storm Design did on the re-branding. Retrocorn now has a really strong new identity that promotes its inherent Britishness and its unique selling points. The new designs have allowed us to reach new customers at home and further afield in Europe, The Middle-East and China, and make us instantly recognizable on the crowded popcorn shelves in stores across the UK. We are really excited about our future and look forward to working closely them again on new products for new markets.






Designer: Gareth Roberts

Photographer: Simon Fowler

Designed by Quiet Storm Design

Client: Greg Taylor MD Retrocorn

Country: United Kingdom

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home