Tribe Organic Foods

In the heart of Beijing, Tribe Organic is a café that serves healthy food all day, and they turned to BUREAU for the Advancement of Lifestyle and Longevity and Success for new packaging. The big challenge was to create a system that would fall in line with Tribe’s current offerings but also allow each item to shine as an individual product. Using a simple and straightforward design helps to reflect the rawness and organic nature of their food and beverages.

“Tribe Organic is a café serving all-day healthy food fare in the heart of Beijing, China. During the Lunar New Year celebration—one of the most important holidays in the country, Tribe Organic introduced three gift sets in line with their ethos of happy healthy eating.”

“Designing for the Lunar New Year of 2015, packagings were silkscreened with warm hues of red—an auspicious colour of the Chinese culture to kindle the spirit of Lunar New Year. Grounding the graphics to its roots, geometric graphics were also used as inspired from the flag of China.”



“Following Tribe Cafe was the birth of a secondary brand, Tribe Nutrition. Being a brand that promises healthier and more convenient takeaways for working adults, careful considerations were made to create sustainable and efficient packaging forms. Vibrant colours were introduced into the design system to increase visual clarity to the customers while they choose from the different meal types. At the same time, the vibrant colours evoke an energetic and dynamic tone to the brand. A blank space on the labels also allow for handwritten customisation.”






Creative Director: Edmund Seet

Designer: Natalie Lee

Designed by BUREAU for the Advancement of Lifestyle and Longevity and Success

Country: Singapore

City: Singapore

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Manchester Three Rivers Gin Celebrates the City’s History

Manchester Three Rivers has immense Manchester pride. The name itself comes from the rich history of the city, and they are proudly the first dedicated gin distillery in Manchester. Their gin is made in small batches by the master distiller and will be sure to up your G and T game.

“Like so many important cities, Manchester’s waterways played a pivotal role in the development from rural countryside into the thriving metropolis we know today. Many will be familiar with the various canals, which flow through the city, but before the canals there were three rivers; the Irwell, Irk and Medlock, which pump life into the city and made it possible for it to grow and for its industries to develop.”

“In so many ways the three rivers really are the beginning of Manchester’s story and it was this beginning and our geographical location close to the banks of the Irk, which inspired our name, Manchester Three Rivers. Furthermore it was no accident that we chose to make our home at the City of Manchester Distillery on Red Bank, in the shadow of Angel Meadow and in the heart of the city. The area has a rich history of creation and production. We felt a deep connection with the Green Quarter and a need to pay homage to what had gone before us as well as contributing to the ongoing resurgence in the area by building our production facility and visitor attraction.”

The small batch dry gin is packaged in a clear bottle, allowing the pristine spirit to sparkle. A deep, rich blue and copper accents give the label a look of luxury, as well as acknowledging the copper pot still used in production. A geometric logo and lines on the label feel precise yet beautiful, indicative of the well-balanced combination of botanicals used in the process. Manchester Three Rivers Gin offers notes of vanilla, cinnamon, almond, oats, cardamom, and spicy black pepper, crafted just so for an amazing flavor and mouth-feel.

“City of Manchester Distillery, home to the brand new super premium Manchester Three Rivers Gin is Manchester city centre’s first ever dedicated Gin distillery in modern times. A new cultural visitor attraction for Manchester city centre, we are located in a railway arch in the resurgent Green Quarter, an area that is alive with industry, innovation and creation.”

“Manchester Three Rivers Gin is produced by hand in small batches by master distiller Dave Rigby using our 450litre custom made copper pot still ‘Angel’ made by one of the world’s finest manufacturers of distillation equipment, Arnold Holstein.”

“Having spent a lifetime in the city learning, absorbing, being inspired by everything from the architecture to the museums, nightclubs, restaurants, bars and most importantly people; our Master Distiller Dave Rigby made the conscious decision to create a drink that was as well rounded and distinct as the city itself. But more than that, to create a space, a place where people could come and share in his passion for processes, industry and a damn fine Martini!”


Via: Manchester Three Rivers

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7 Key Packaging Tips for New Business Startups in 2016

Start-ups find it difficult when developing packaging for their very first product. Faced with a myriad of factors such as budget, time and promotional value, start-ups must be deliberate when launching their product into market.

Capturing the attention of target audiences and grabbing a significant chunk of market share is a constant battle. The battle becomes even more fierce when you are operating in the industry of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs). One of the easiest and cost-effective solutions to effectively captivate their target market is through their product packaging. However, the right packaging for your product is not only important for establishing your product and brand, but for the overall success in the marketplace.

Packaging can make all the difference especially when you are looking to give your brand an exclusive image and personality. A beautifully designed package not only lends an attractive face to the brand but is an integral part of overall marketing efforts.

When your target prospects see your product for the first time, the product packaging should entice them towards your brand in the aisle and should indicate a promise which only your brand can fulfill. Good packaging is not only visually appealing; it also tells the story of your product in the most compelling manner. 
But what exactly should your product packaging say? Here are 7 key packaging tips to help you get the attention of target prospects and make a lasting impression.

Stand Out

Small to medium sized enterprises may have a limited budget and may lack the visibility of larger brands; however, they can still stand out on the shelf by thinking outside the box – literally. While most small to medium sized businesses often see packaging as a cost they should cut down on, they may be overlooking its potential to help boost product sales. Packaging should be seen as an attractive but silent salesperson communicating your message to the people. 

Packaging, when used strategically, can help you convert prospects into customers in just about any setting. Customers are drawn to products that look attractive and inviting. Visually compelling product packaging has the ability to make your product stand out from the rest on the shelf and promote your brand message to your target audience. When selecting your product packaging, it is important to take into consideration the product persona and product positioning as your packaging can mean the difference between the success and failure of your brand. 

Manage Your Costs

While you may want to select the most attractive looking packaging for your products, you need to take into consideration the costs involved in the process especially if you are a startup. Consider simplistic options and packaging designs in order to keep your cost-per-unit of your boxes lower. Always remember, there are a number of ways to get visually compelling packaging for your product without breaking the bank. 

Custom boxes can be pretty expensive. So come up with a design that is efficient, cost effective, and requires the least amount of material. Furthermore, it is a good idea to place bulk orders because when you buy a single package or few chosen packages, they cost more. On the contrary, in bulk options you can purchase more packages in less money since these save die-cutting process and printing inks. They also reduce the cost of traveling expenditures, which is a bonus for you. 

Always remember, companies that have physical stores are bound to charge you more than online stores. Online stores are cost efficient because they have their niches set up and cater to certain types of packaging only. This makes them the expert in their field, allowing them to charge less from their clients while giving out better packaging options. Furthermore, there are a number of cost-effective options available for businesses having limited resources. These options are not only cost-effective; they are visually compelling as well. All you need to do is find out packaging suppliers that offer such options. 

Consider Where You Be Selling Your Product

Another important aspect to consider when selecting product packaging is: your product market. Will you be selling your products online or will they be stocked in shelves in local stores? Carefully consider all the aspects of your market and your marketing strategies that are best suited for that market. For instance, if your business aims to ship products directly to consumers, you might not need fancy packaging. However, if your products are to be displayed on store shelves, selecting a visually compelling product packaging would be your best bet. 
When you order your package, make sure you talk to the provider to give you expert advice. Good packaging design companies have structural engineers who pre-test their packaging products so that no harm comes to your products or the people using them. From helping you select the right design to the order delivery, their customer support service will be available for your help 24/7 to make sure that the final results live up to your expectations. They also offer you a range of customization options to make sure the product packaging suits your needs and preferences. 

Manage Your Inventory

For startups and small to medium sized businesses, it is extremely important to consider different aspects to keep your costs under control. Managing your inventory is one of the most important aspects of your business, especially because it is directly linked with sales. Always discuss your stocking options with your inventory manager to make sure you are utilizing your resources in the most cost-effective manner. Ordering larger quantities of boxes is one of the best ways to save on costs. You can also consider options to rent public storage to stock your inventory. 

Assess Your Inherent Risk

While bulk ordering is the best option to save on costs, you need to consider risks involved with ordering excessively larger quantities. A safer option would be to consider short-run options since there is a chance of businesses not picking up the way they anticipated. 

Also, before placing a bulk order, it is always better to ask for samples. Never ever make the mistake of placing a huge order without first seeing what the end product would look like. Discuss in advance with the company how you want to see a sample first because once you lose money on an end product you don’t like, it is money lost forever.

Pre-Made Boxes And Labels

Another cost-effective way of saving on costs is to select pre-made boxes and getting customized labels designed. This is not only a cost-effective option; it will also help you mitigate your inherent risk. Be it text, your company logo, text or graphics, business labels and stickers are a cost effective way of promoting your business in the best possible light. Ease of use, durability and cost effectiveness is another factor that makes business labels a popular option. Also, they are perfect for your branding campaigns, especially if you’re tight on budget. 

Find The Right Box Or Packaging For Your Product

In order to stand out, businesses need to design and select a unique packaging design, adding their logo, text, product details and other information. A good product packaging design not only reflects a business’s positioning, it communicates your visual identity. Nevertheless, selecting product packaging can be a challenging task especially for startups. The biggest challenge faced by most startups is that they may not have the resources to invest in expensive packaging options. 

With a plethora of options available, you need to find the most appropriate box to ensure efficient shipping costs and secure packaging that offers superior protection to your products. If you need to ship your products to your customers, you need to check the boxes for rigidity to ensure they won’t break apart during shipment. On the other hand, boxes that are placed on store shelves need to impress your audience; however they need to be practical and functional as well.

Because Packaging Matters!

Product Packaging can serve as an incredibly powerful marketing tool for showcasing your business. Stylish, elegant and catchy, these have the power to magically attract the attention of your target audience while providing detailed information about your products. 

Both small and big businesses share a common goal—to differentiate their product from others in terms of features and quality, and when in terms of branding: packaging. 

Businesses have to design eye-catching packaging for their products to increase the probability of a customer making a buying decision based solely on its packaging. Don’t forget, the packaging for your product says a lot about your company. It can be the making or breaking factor for your startup. So be very careful with what custom design you come up with and have it tested before usage.

Alice Campbell is an Editor and Designer at PakFactory, a leading packaging company that produces short-run premium custom boxes and packaging solutions at affordable prices.


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Tänk vilken utsikt vi hade


Den här bilden, tagen från bryggan vid vårt förra hus, var det 3e inlägget jag gjorde när jag först började blogga 🙂


Om 18 dagar är det 8 år sedan jag postade mitt första blogginlägg här i bloggen som då hette På Vår Udde.

Det här inlägget blir nummer 2432. Fatta, 2432 gångar har jag suttit framför datorn och funderat på vad jag ska dela med mig av till er. Inte konstigt att fantasin och idéerna tryter emellanåt. Finns det något mer jag kan visa, eller blir det bara upprepningar? Styr jag kanske tom mitt liv lite på ett sätt som gör att jag får nya saker att blogga om hela tiden? Så är det nog lite för oss alla, medvetet eller omedvetet.

Känner mig allt lite nostalgisk när jag tänker tillbaka på vilken resa det varit sedan den där dagen för 8 år sedan när det första inlägget publicerades. Så annorlunda allt är nu, men ändå inte på något märkligt sätt…

En ska som definitivt är annorlunda är utsikten där jag bor. När jag började blogga var Lillan nyfödd, och jag var uppe en gång varje natt för att amma. Vi bodde vid vattnet då och jag hade nyss fått min första kamera. Det hände ofta att Lillan somnade om mätt och belåten, medan jag tassade ut på altanen för att fånga det skådespel som utspelade sig över sjön.

Vädrets och årstidernas skiftningar var makalösa där ute på Udden. Är det något jag saknar därifrån så är det just det. I stan ser man knappt skillnad…


Kram kram


from Drömhus

Day_TM, energy bars

A tasty snack for gym-goers and healthy-minded consumers everywhere. Named and designed by the greek studio, mousegraphics, protein bars are packaged in paper pouches and embellished with pops of color and playful typography. 

“To name this daily snack we simply trademarked the time-span of its use: ‘Day-TM’ registers as a hip and easy to remember formula. Energy bars look like quasi-anarchist clusters of materials (dried fruit, nuts, cereals) or abstract mosaics and this served as our main graphic inspiration. We devised a hand-drawn typeface that replicates in synthesis those clusters and reveals their content in percentages (fruits, seeds, protein, honey). Typography animates packaging with shapes which are the same for letters and objects (i.e. fruits). The packaging surface holds them together exactly like honey binds the bar ingredients. Energy must sure play a role inside and out.”






Designed by mousegraphics

Country: Greece

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Ikeas Bestå som sänggavel, perfekt för vårt lilla sovrum!

Nere i Hannas hus för att plocka ihop lite sommargrejor som ska stuvas undan inför höstsäsongen -Hanna har ju lämnat mammas & pappas trygga näste för boende inne i city-  
vad hittar jag då ???
Jo, en tom, dammig alldeles övergiven Bestå.
Synd & skam tänker jag & ber maken om hjälp att få upp den i vårt sovrum.


Vårt hus är väldigt litet, så också vårt sovrum.
Här ser ni Bestån  -såattsäga- bakifrån, var tvungen att kliva ut på balkongen för att överhuvudtaget få en chans att fota … dvs. litet hus!
Jag plockade bort dörrarna & använder den enbart som hyllplan
– av den enkla anledningen … haha, det finns inte utrymme att kunna öppna dörrarna!-

Förutom den stora vinsten att få tillgång till mer förvaring i sovrummet,
blev det dessutom ett extra + med själva ovansidan.  Ni kanske minns min förtjusning över hyllplanet vi satte upp bakom soffan .

Sängavel Bestå

Nu har jag även en hylla här bakom sängen!
Iom. detta kunde jag flytta upp sänglamporna på Bestån & samtidigt plocka undan våra sängbord vilket genast gav en luftigare känsla i rummet.
-Jag lovar, ni ska få se bilder längre fram när jag fixat till sängen ordentligt, nu är där en enda stor röra av kläder, påslakan, kuddar av alla de sorter-

sänggavel bestå,böcker

Ett gäng nya böcker har hamnat här hemma efter era fina tips.
Så härligt att ha laddat upp inför den mörka årstiden,
-välkommen till tända ljus, varmt gott te & fantastisk läsning tänker jag!

zetas trädgård

Men i kväll startar jag upp höstens läsning med denna fina gåva
-som jag till min stora glädje fann i dagens brevlåda-

victoria skoglundfrån min fina vän Victoria Skoglund.
Hennes senate bok Min trädgård vid sjön,  längtar redan tills kvällen,
ska bli så otroligt roligt att läsa.



from @my casa

Licor Don Gaby Tequila

For the perfect cocktail or a powerful shot at the bar, look no further than Licor Don Gaby. Diego Gutierrez designed the branding and packaging for the elegant liquor, giving it a premium appearance that harnesses the tradition of making the spirit.






Licor Don Gaby has a bit of a traditional look, with a combination of text styles and dedicated blocks of information. Gold accents make it high-end and the bold brand name at the top appears confident and strong. A red bottle cap is striking, making it recognizable among those who drink it and intriguing to those who have yet to try it.





Designed by Diego Gutierrez

Country: Mexico

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home


When life gives you a vineyard, make wine, of course. Six friends who managed to get a vineyard knew they wanted to develop delicious wines with a distinctive character, but first they had to do a little exploring. They checked out different wine growing regions all around the world for inspiration and to uncover the trends. Without even realizing it, they had become “Winehunters.” Peter Schmidt Group developed the branding and packaging for their wines, playing off of the idea of hunting for wine, whether it’s with a spear or a fishing rod. The result is a sporty, playful representation of premium wine.



“An analogy to hunting typically comes to mind when referring to winehunters and so it was natural for a stylised target to be developed as a key element of the brand’s corporate design, for it symbolises the accurate pursuit of perfection, while individualised logo colours increase the brand’s overall flexibility across diverse media applications.”

“The wines themselves equally embrace the hunting theme: The Pinot Noir is an ideal accompaniment to red meat and is robustly called ‘The Hunter’ while the white Pinot Gris is a perfect companion to seafood and so bears the name ‘The Fisherman.’ Each grape variety is represented by an intuitively understandable image that cleverly illustrates both the name and provenance of the wine.”

“The grape is always the center of attention. It is cut out of the label so that the bottle shines through. This gives the grape its color. Depending on the flavor and terroir the grape is being held by a different hunting weapon such as an arrow or a hook.”




Designed by Peter Schmidt Group

Country: Germany

City: Hamburg

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Goshen Coffee Company’s Secret Stash

A small batch, small-roast production of Goshen Coffee Company’s fine single origin, Secret Stash is made for a limited run in cooperation with small farms all over the world, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. The design was a combination of Goshen’s design library which includes elements illustrated for both this package and their original branding library.




The bag is matte black overprinting a silver substrate. Each batch has a long 6′ label that wraps from the front to a small tag on back. All labels are hand-applied as the coffee is bagged.

The design is all vector-type illustration over the “illuminat-eye” pattern. The back is a one-color version of an illustration I did something similar for on the brand’s main packaging for larger retailers.


Designer: Jim Harper Creative

Illustrator: Jim Harper

Printer: Roastar Packaging

Photos: Jennifer Silverberg Photography

Designed by Jim Harper Creative

Client: Goshen Coffee Company

Country: United States

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

När man får en kväll med styvdottern i storstaden


Lillans stora storasyster hängde med mig på pressvisning hos Duro. Vansinnigt fina tapeter som helt klart tände en tanke om att kanske tapetsera sovrummet… (HÄR ser du fler bilder).


Tänk de där små tjejerna som jag träffade första gången för 13 år sedan, de var bara 6 och 8 år gamla då, så stora de blivit. Tänk att jag har fått ta del av nästan hela deras liv och tänk att de blev storasystrar till vår lilla Tilda. (Hon heter inte Lillan, jag kallar henne bara för det, eller Lillis, eller Sessan eller Fisen eller Fröken Löken, Tildis, Tildelur, eller något annat som passar just för stunden).

Självklart går det inte bara på spikrak räls när man träffar någon som har barn, men jag tror att det finns både enklare och svårare varianter. Jag gissar att jag, eller vi, har klarat oss med den enklare varianten. Inga jättekontroverser och rara barn som accepterat mig och situationen redan från dag A.






Tjejerna är 19 och 21 nu och vi har en fin relation vilket jag uppskattar mycket. Förra veckan hängde jag med dem i Stockholm. Stora storasystern och jag på torsdagkvällen (och på hotell på natten), och så kom mellansystern på fredagen och hängde med mig runt i badrumsbutiker och på lite annat.






Storasyster och jag promenerade genom ett ”nyduschat” Gamla Stan.




 På väg mot Lydmar passerade vi Grand Hotel (och där ska jag banne mig bo nästa gång jag ska till Stockholm).




Senare passerade vi den här tjusiga figuren och hans kompis 🙂




Till slut landade vi på Nobis och tog oss en bit mat (eller hehe, jag var inte hungrig så jag tog en citronglass som badade i Prosecco, sjukt gott) innan vi gick tillbaka till hotellet.


Kram kram



from Drömhus