Concepts We Wish Were Real

Happy Friday Everyone! Pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy this week’s concepts we wish were real. 

Luxury Chocolate Series










A dessert that’s almost too good to eat. Designed by Maria Le Quang, skinny chocolate bars are dressed to impress in a beautiful dichromatic ombre. The series features unique flavor combinations such as pink champagne, caviar, saffron, and polar salt. With the design kept to a minimal, the label allows the consumer to quickly determine the percentage of cocoa and flavor profile. The back of the packaging lists a convincing argument on why you need this Luxury Chocolate series in your life and the ingredients contained in every bite.

Taste the culinary rainbow.

Designed by Maria Le Quang

Country: Germany


Rakijateka, Distilling Company



Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 1.06.38 PM.png







Rakijateka is a fictional, small family distillery which produces high-quality brandy. In Serbia fruit brandies are commonly known as Rakija, and the most popular flavours are Šljiva – made from plums, Loza – made from grapes, Dunja – made from quince… 

It is widely known in Serbia, that rakia (serb. rakija) has been always considered a traditional cure, which is the main reason why she became a part of the “home pharmacy system” in almost every household. Many believe that besides being able to lift up your mood, helps in better digestion and elimination of various types of pain. But whether can rakija really cures diseases or these are just empty beliefs and secret desires, will remain debatable and each of us is given the right whether to believe it or not.

“The name of the distillery is actually a play of words – Serbian word for pharmacy is “Apoteka”. 

The whole concept is based exactly on these common folk beliefs and supposed to have a touch of humor in it. The aim was to create such a brand that will at the same time be modern and tradition-oriented, so as to be interesting and meet the needs of all generations, both young and elders. The names of different flavors derive from the fruits they are made of and the name of the specific medicine, because in my country we see this brandy more like a cure than the regular alcoholic drink. That’s why each flavor is meant to “cure” symptoms of various “diseases” that are related to everyday problems: mood swings, worries, stress, broken hearts, disappointment.”

Designed by Jovana Randjelovic

Country: Serbia









Perfect for a bachelorette or birthday celebration. Designed by Den Dodson, imported organic vodka is produced in small batches free from synthetic fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. Embellished with polka-dots against a bright red background, this bottle of vodka is hard to miss on supermarket shelves. The label tells the story of how the spirit is produced with its while a small handle on the cap adds a unique feature not seen on traditionally on spirit packaging. 

The overall design is inviting and falls under the “Shelf-Life” trend: shifting in the mind of the customer from disposability to keepability and from a tendency to hide the objects to a pride in sharing them. 

Designed by Den Dodson

Country: Spain












Dalia is a Greek company which products cosmetics for women and sells worldwide. Dalia’s goal is to create natural cosmetics, no animal tested, with old fashion granny style and elegant, since it addresses to all kinds of ages through its shop and its website. The final brand name was the Dalia. Direct and with no excesses it gives us the impression that is talking about a natural perfumed product. Design could be directed more freely to give the concept result. 

The font was designed by hand and its a curved font respect to the women figure. A particularity of the logo that makes the font more recognizable is the circle that is cut from the letter “a”.The circle represent the woman form and the liquid sense of the product. To create this old fashion style, I designed several flowers and a dalia to decorate my designs. This will make easier to understand that our product is natural, cosmetic and for women.

Designed by Lia Kazantzidou

Country: Greece


Ctrl Tampons








The “time of the month” doesn’t have to be a struggle. With these tampons, you can now take control of your life. Designed by Claudia Rubin, tampons are packaged into pastel-colored boxes discreet enough to walk around with. 

“Individually packaged tampons. Whether you’re starting your period or finishing it, sometimes you just need one tampon. Ctrl Tampons are a shortcut to getting on with your day. Straight-forward design for a straight-forward task. Created as a student project at Syracuse University abroad program in London, UK.”

Designed by Claudia Rubin

Country: United States


Moile – Biological Honey Of Abruzzo


Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 1.25.31 PM.png








The name “Moile” comes from the dialect of the Italian regione Abruzzo “lu moile” meaning honey. “Moile” become a real brand, designed in detail, it has been studied all the corporate identity, from logo to the corporate publishing.

Packaging is a modern retelling of the biological honey pack of Abruzzo, designed for Italian and international market. The pack has the aim to bring the Italian taste and in particular the Abruzzo flavors in the world, thanks to its packaging takeaways, composed of three different types of honey and a ceramic spoon, designed for the occasion, it revised to improve its performance of “honey drizzle “. In addition to the package, you can buy single cans of acacia honey, wildflower and honeydew.

Designed by KØSE

Product designers: Giovanbattista Cannella, Michela Damone

Country: Italy

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Att få en vacker bukett …



av någon man älskar på en fredag … ett väldigt bra sätt att starta upp helgen på!


En helg som skall tillbringas till största delen i trädgården,
höststädning kan vi kalla det!  Trädgårdsmöbler ska plockas undan, gräsmattan klippas & rabatterna göras i ordning lite smått inför
stundande vintersäsong.

Men först fredagskväll & fredagsmys, önskar er en riktigt fin kväll!

k r a m åsa




from Åsa Myrberg @my casa

Does Brand Design take Courage? Organized by the European packaging design association



International design conference “Does Brand Design take Courage?”
Organized by the European Packaging Design Association

Looking for inspiration and cultural exchange the European packaging design association has decided to cross European borders and is inviting designers from all over the world to attend its 2-day conference in Taipei on 27/28 October 2016.

“How different are European and Asian designers, customers, brand owners and packaging producers – and what do we have in common?”

During the conference on October 27 design managers from The Absolut Company Sweden and Suntory Beverage & Food Japan will provide insights into their branding strategies. Designers from East and West will be sharing their design approaches and inspire with design success stories from all over the world, from France, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Vietnam and Thailand to the US.

The program on October 28 includes lectures on social design and branding targeted to the local industry, inspirational talks on innovation in the packaging production process by industry leaders as well as workshops for students. 

A special highlight will be the opening of a design exhibition at Taoyuan Arts Center, organised by epda, by the Mayor of Taoyuan. Under the motto “The (Second) Beauty of Packaging” the exhibition will show internationally awarded packaging design, design concepts on the Future of Packaging as well as artistic views on packaging design in East and West.

The whole event will be an enriching experience for all Asian and European participants – a unique opportunity for cultural exchange getting introduced to different approaches on branding and design. 

The program is organised in cooperation with epda board member Jennifer Tsai, Proad Identity, located in Taipei, who has developed a stunning supporting programme, which will take the European audience on a cultural journey to get an authentic taste of Asia.

bout EPDA:

EPDA is the leading European network uniting internationally minded designers and agencies   who value contact and interaction with peers. epda members come from about 15 different countries and have their focus in packaging and brand design – including graphic, product, industrial, retail, digital and communication design. The association runs conferences on varying topics twice a year in different European cities to serve and enhance communication between all key stakeholders in brand and package design – brand owners, brand designers and packaging chain suppliers.

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Fredagsgöra och färgbomb i trädgården



Hallå hallå


Woops, var tog den här veckan vägen då? Tyckte inte det var länge sedan jag skrev om vårt ”kalasmaraton” förra helgen, och så vips är det helg igen, och kalas igen. Den här helgen nöjer vi oss dock med 2 kalas.




Lillan ska på discokalas ikväll och här hemma blir det kalas för lilla mamsen imorgon. Mamma kommer faktiskt att ”flytta in” här redan idag och stanna till söndag. Jag vill absolut inte att mamma ska vakna upp ensam på in födelsedag, och inte vill jag att hon ska somna själv heller på födelsedagskvällen. Lika bra att rå om henne hela helgen alltså. Imorgon kommer syster med familj och mammas bror också, så idag blir det kalasplanering och receptletande för hela slanten.




Ute strålar solen och höstfärgerna i trädgården är nästan bedövande på sina håll. Tog en sväng med kameran i morse, men det var aningen för mörkt för att med bilder kunna återge alla underbara rödgula skiftningar. Blir säkert mycket finare bilder om man fotar på kvällen i mjukt kvällsljus. Får se om jag tar en vända till mot kvällen.




Nu ska jag ta och jobba lite, svassa runt en sväng med dammsugaren, torka av inne på toaletterna och se över blomvaserna på borden (kanske plockar jag in lite höstiga grenar) innan jag börjar planera för kalaset imorgon.

Någon enkel middag till kvällen ska jag också planera. Men det får bli något väääldigt enkelt för jag vet hur det blir när fredagskvällen kommer. Då är jag oftast sjukt trött och panikhungrig, hahaha!


Ha en riktigt härlig fredag hörrni, så hörs vi sedan!


Kram kram


from Drömhus

Ny kokbok från Myllymäki … jag testar & bjuder er på ett gott & enkelt vardagsrecept!

Hittade Myllymäkis senaste bok Kött/Vilt/Fågel i brevlådan
Dags att testa ett enkelt vardagsrecept såhär en sen torsdagskväll.

Myllymäki kött_myrberg

En härligt simpel pastarätt … Amatriciana.


Tack vare att jag igår kvistade inom Östermalmshallarna på min väg till dottern hade jag köpt på mig lite ekologiska råvaror bl.a en fantastiskt fin
pancetta.  Vilket passade alldeles perfekt till just denna pastarätt!

För 4 pers.
150 g. pancetta eller rimmat sidfläsk, strimlat
1/2 dl olivolja
1 stor gul lök
1/2 tsk chiliflakes
2 stora plommontomater, skållade, skalade & i bitar
1 dl torrt vitt vin
400 g pasta
2 msk kokvatten
1 dl river pecorino

Stek fläsket knaprigt, men inte helt urstekt, i oljan i en stekpanna.
Tillsätt lök & chiliflakes, stek 1 minut till.
Skär tomaterna i mindre bitar & tillsätt dem i pannan (PS. jag tog 3 hela plommontomater från burk…orkade inte skålla mm  + 2 hela färska tomater som jag skar ned i bitar)  OBS! skvallra inte till Myllymäki!
Stek tills tomaterna släpper vätska.
Tillsätt vinet & koka ihop på hög värme till en sås.

Koka pastan i en separat kastrull med saltat vatten, 1 min, kortare än anvisningen på paketet.
Häll av pastavattnet, men spara lite kokvatten till såsen.

Tillsätt pasta & kokvatten till såsen & tillaga 1 minut under omrörning
till såsen fastnar ordentligt på pastan & pastan är al denne.
Smaka av med salt & toppa med pecorino vid servering.

Detta måste ni testa om ni gillar pasta,
riktigt, riktigt gott & dessutom väldigt enkelt.
Dvs. en perfekt vardagsmiddag helt enkelt!



from Åsa Myrberg @my casa

Believe in® creates ‘Uproot’ to launch new Canadian studio

To celebrate the launch of their new Canadian studio, brand design agency Believe in® have created a special limited edition bottle of premium maple syrup, one of Canada’s most iconic exports. The name, Uproot, reflects the company’s arrival in Canada while also referencing the process of drawing water up through the Maple tree to create the sap from which the syrup is made. 

Uproot takes a Canadian icon and adds a European design sensibility. 100% pure
Canadian maple syrup was packed by hand into heavyweight Italian glass bottles. Takeo Tassel, a subtly embossed light grey paper from Japan was supplied by UK paper specialist GF Smith to reinforce the feeling of luxury. The paper was digitally printed, die-cut and adhesive-backed by creative printers Kolor Skemes in South West England to create the finished labels. A truly international collaboration. 

200 bottles have been created, each individually numbered. The die-cut diagonal line on the front marks the geographic connection between Exeter in South West England and Mono in Ontario, the company’s two studio locations. 
Founder and Creative Director Blair Thomson said: 

“Our brand is very much a representation of who we are and how we see the world. 
Uproot embodies everything that we strive for in our work – simplicity, beauty,
Hopefully our clients and friends will enjoy the packaging almost as much as they enjoy its contents!” 









Creative director: Blair Thomson

Copywriter: Tim Burley

Paper: Takeo Tassel by G.F Smith

Print and finishing by Kolor Skemes, Somerset, UK

Bottle by Vetro Elite, Italy

Designed by Believe in

Country: United Kingdom

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Anton Honey

“Made by my bees, bottled by me.” Anton takes his honey personally. Tomaž Hrastar developed the packaging for Anton Honey, emphasizing this special treat that is made in small batches with the utmost care.

“Beekeeping Hrastar started grandfather Anton, back in 1950, with just a single beehive which he received as a present. Ever since, members of the Hrastar family have continued to spread their love of honey, and the family practice of beekeeping. Traditional beekeeping in line with nature, without excessive use of modern technology, is what they believe in and strive for.”

“They want to keep their business small, and their products accessible to those respecting the bees’ hard work, and the purity of 100% raw and locally sourced products. Their Carniolan honey bees live in natural environment, far away from urban centres and pollution. Their produce is available in limited quantities only.”




Anton Honey is almost treated as more of a gift than a product. A tag lets consumers know that the honey is produced in limited quantities and reminds them how special it is to enjoy. The brand name is written in two fonts—a handwritten style for the name Anton, which makes it feel more personal, and a modern sans serif. Jars are sealed with a sticker and are then wrapped in an outer paper, feeling like a fresh batch of honey one might pick up at the farmer’s market.




Designed by Tomaž Hrastar

Country: Slovenia

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Waffee Belgian Waffle and Coffee Chain

Waffles + Coffee = Waffee. This restaurant chain will satisfy your desire for something sweet with Belgian waffles and also take care of your caffeine fix with some freshly brewed coffee. Designed by A Friend of Mine, Waffee pairs the most perfect, crisp, golden waffle with a cup of joe.

“Waffee is a Melbourne based chain specialising in authentic Belgian waffles and coffee. We created a logo where the Waffee lettering is incorporated into the waffle griddle iron pattern, to produce a concise, simple marque. To provide warmth and approachability, A Friend of Mine also developed a cheeky racoon character in a series of illustrations depicting a bandit racoon eating, stealing or dreaming about waffles. A Friend of Mine consulted with architects Hecker Guthrie for the Swanston Street store and Foolscap Studio for the Emporium store, and designed signage systems for both fitouts. Packaging features crisp white waffle trays with bronze foiled details and bursts of buttery yellow inside, whilst signage details in-store echo the toasty bronze highlights and minimal modern colour palette.”




Waffee takes a delicious, golden waffle as inspiration for its branding and packaging. Although the restaurant has a clear focus and sells beautiful waffles, it still doesn’t take itself too seriously and keeps things fun. The logo is stylish and simple, while the raccoon character adds in a bit of humor.





Environmental photography of Waffee Emporium store: Sarah Anderson Photography

Brass signage production: Foolscap Studio

Vinyl signage: Decently Exposed

Designed by A Friend of Mine


Country: Australia

City: Melbourne

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Kokomo Coffee

You could book the next flight out of the country to enjoy some fine African or South American blends of coffee, or you could simply enjoy Kokomo Coffee. These bags of coffee feature postage stamps as a representation of how far the beans have traveled to get to your kitchen. AKU teamed up with illustrator Ryan Chapman to make each bag of coffee look like it’s own little caffeine care package, sent right to you from places where some of the finest coffee beans grow. The main label looks like a shipping label for something that would go through the mail, using a basic font with no frills. The stamps add character and help to show some of the unique features of the coffee beans.



“The packaging of the the small coffee roasters’ were designed as a modular system to avoid high production costs and leftovers. Besides necessary information the only visual elements are stamps representing coffee’s country of origin.”

“Packaging postage stamps for Kokomo Coffee’s African and South American blends. Designed in collaboration with UK illustrator Ryan Chapman the impactful miniature format functions to visualize the well-known symbols of the coffee’s origin and the distance these specialist products travel to consumers.”






Illustrations: Ryan Chapman

Designed by AKU

Country: Estonia

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

North Mallow Artisan Marshmallows

Imagine the kind of s’mores you can make with these tasty morsels. North Mallow is a line of artisan marshmallows, including flavors like vanilla bean, caramel swirl, chocolate chip, and mocha bean. Wink developed the packaging for these marshmallows that are sure to improve all of your s’mores, hot cocoa, and dessert recipes.

“North Mallow creates all-natural, homemade marshmallows in a variety of exceptional flavors. The branding and packaging needed to reflect that handmade and natural quality. A strong color palette and illustrative interpretations of each of the four flavors, combined with simple photography and a hand-applied flavor label, complete the packaging look and feel.”

Although marshmallows don’t seem like a premium sweet treat, North Mallow marshmallows are created with care and packaged in such a way to reflect this. A sans serif font emphasizes their modern take on the classic marshmallow, and each flavor has its own coordinating color and pattern. An image of the cubic marshmallows appears on the front which allows buyers to see what they look like, and the main ingredient rests next to it to demonstrate the fresh and unique flavor options.





Photography: Todd Hafermann

Designed by Wink

Client: North Mallow

Country: United States

City: Minneapolis, MN

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Santa Rosa Chicken

Having chicken for dinner doesn’t have to be boring. Dow Design designed the packaging for Santa Rosa, a line of chicken prepared in different ways to add some life into your dinners and favorite meals.

“The thing about chicken is, while everybody loves it and it’s our go-to dinner dish, that very everydayness makes it, well, a bit boring. Santa Rosa are in the chicken business. But let’s face it, no one needs to see another photo of a plate of white meat and veg, sitting on a sticker, on a tray of chicken. So for this older brand trying to fly past other birds in the coop, we thought for chickens’ sake, let’s not be boring. Enter colour and collaboration. It’s all about us and you, getting cooking and creating with chicken in the kitchen. The colour was already in the name. We could practically hear the castanets clicking. So, bright pops of colour and plenty of winning prompts have people clucky over another chicken dinner.”




Chicken is an incredibly versatile meal option, but not everyone has the time to jazz it up and make it extra special. That’s where Santa Rosa comes in. You can easily enjoy delectable chicken cordon bleu, shredded roast chicken, or savory slices for a sandwich. Because it’s prepared and basically only needs to be heated, allowing consumers to peek inside the packaging lets them imagine all the possibilities for a delicious gourmet dinner or easy and tasty lunch. The font is thick and bold, emphasizing the flavors of Santa Rosa’s chicken.


Designer: Leonie Whyte

Creative Director: Donna McCort

Account Director: Rebecca Hamer

Designed by Dow Design

Client: Santa Ros

Country: New Zealand

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

Det är faktiskt pinsamt…



Om en månad är det 5 år sedan jag stegade ut från operationsavdelningen på sjukhuset i Västerås och startade min resa som min egen.

5 år! Tänk vad tiden gått fort, tänk så mycket jag gjort.

Då hade jag en hobbysystemkamera jag fått i födelsedagspresent av M, och ett gratis redigeringsprogram i en 1,5 år gammal dator, att jobba med. Kamerautrustningen har avancerat och jag är nu inne på min andra proffskamera med fullformat. Antalet objektiv har växt med uppgiften och lite annat enkelt lull lull har tillkommit. Men… det är nu det pinsamma kommer…

Den gamla datorn, som nu alltså är 6,5 år, och det gratis redigeringsprogrammet är detsamma. Inget Photoshop här inte 🙂

Pinsamt så det förslår…

Alltså, jag har sett snajdiga fotografer som gjort inredningsreportage som kommit och haft hela bilen full med kamerautrustning när det varit dax. Det har varit sladdar och datorer och Gud vet allt vad de släpat runt på. Redigeringsprogrammen sen då, de har varit så avancerade att hälften varit nog.

Men vet ni vad som är det roliga i kråksången?

De fotograferna tjänar precis lika mycket på sina bilder när de säljer dem till tidningar som vad jag gör! Hepp!

Nu är det så att tiden kommit ikapp mig, jag har kommit till vägs ände och både dator och redigeringsprogram måste bytas ut, typ snarast. Färgåtergivningen i den här datorn är helt åt fanders (och då menar jag verkligen heeelt åt fanders) och redigeringsprogrammet är allt för simpelt för att jag ska kunna fortsätta fota och blogga och framför allt – bli bättre. Jag måste ha tillgång till alla de där finesserna som finns i Photoshop eller Lightroom. Detta håller inte lägre… Har bland annat sett att en massa bilder i bloggen är gula och fula och inte alls vita och krispiga som de är när jag håller på med dem i redigeringsprogrammet.

Så nu har jag inlett projekt ”Uppdatera teknisk utrustning 2.0”. Vilket i första steget innebär – Läs på vad du ska ha och spontanshopa inte!


PC eller Mac? Det lutar åt Mac.

Vilken Mac? Tips någon?

Photoshop eller Lightroom? Tar gärna emot tips även här.

Backup? Vad är bäst? Hur gör ni?


Ja, det är väl ungefär där jag är idag. Och hörrni, bilden där uppe innan texten. Är den gul och ful?


Kram kram






from Drömhus