pomegranate roasted grape & blue cheese bruschetta with figs & salted caramelised walnuts

makes 15

Happy New Year’s Eve, eve! I thought I should get my act together and post this now in case you are hosting tomorrow night and trying to think of nibbles to serve with drinks. These are super easy to make, all of the prep is done in advance, and the combination is bloody fabulous – sweet roasted grapes and figs with salty, pungent blue cheese, peppery rocket and crunchy, golden caramelised walnuts. (A recipe I originally put together for my good mates at Dish magazine). Yum. Aaaaand in other news,  I hope you had a happy Christmas! I was lucky enough to have Hoob here for two nights, which was short but very sweet, and as usual hosted Christmas brunch with recipes you can find here – bircher muesli, roast side of salmon, salad with avocado, broad beans and goat cheese and Christmas mince chocolate brownies.

Since then I have been floating around in the weird no-man’s land of having no kids at home (unlike all of my friends) and feeling very ‘spare maiden aunt’ while families go on holiday and spend time together (the city is like some kind of abandoned twilight zone). I do try and keep in touch and organise stuff but sometimes it is just a bloody effort on your own! Thank God for my four besties preventing me from falling off the radar completely – I owe them big time – to be paid back fulsomely with food and strong alcohol in the new year. (Last night case in point – lovely drinkies and dumplings and a tiny bit of bar hopping). In an effort to perk myself up I have been sticking to my lovely big walks and heading to Waiheke for beach days now and again…and have actually joined a gym for the first time in many years. I had a lovely trainer explaining exercises in huge detail to me yesterday and only just managed not to mention that I was actually a personal trainer a few years back – haha, God forbid they have any expectations I will feel obliged to meet…much better to keep it on the low down I reckon. Right time to get up – walk, Waiheke, beach and a quiet night in are on the agenda. Wishing you a fantastic, fun-filled NYE and a bloody brilliant 2018…see you next year!

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A Way to Pick up After Your Pet in Style


No more walking around embarrassed, holding a dilapidated, leftover plastic bag after you pick up after your pet. Modern Kanine, designed by Studio Wulf, adds a splash of color to an otherwise boring (and not so glamorous) task.




“Modern Kanine offers a convenient and stylish way to pick up after your pet. We created a design that was differentiated and had standout impact as a new product being introduced to the market. We created a unique logo and visual system that created an easily recognizable visual vocabulary with impactful shelf presence. Custom dielines were designed for the boxes with a unique closure system that was quite different from the competition. Bright colors and clean geometry applied to all packaging and a tradeshow booth gave Modern Kanine standout presence in their introduction to the pet landscape in 2017 tradeshows.”



Designed by: Studio Wulf

Creative direction: Linna Xu

Design: Linna Xu & Sharon Pang

Photography: Judy Gu

Country: Canada

City: Toronto, ON

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A Protein Bar For Gym-Goers Who Want to Up Their Game


Primal Pantry has released a new line of hemp protein bars that the health-conscious are going to love. Midday designed the packaging to reflect the product’s clean, natural ingredients, using some jagged, geometric elements to add an element of earthiness and nature.






“Due to the natural clean energy contained within Primal Pantry products the brand has been adopted by the sports market. Our design builds upon our previously established Primal Pantry aesthetic with a vibrant and energetic twist. We combined this with a social media campaign idea to create further buzz amongst the sports community.”



Designed by: Midday

Designers: Claudio Vecchio & Will Gladden

Country: England

City: London

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Be an MVP with this Collectible Sneaker Box & a Bottle of Rémy Martin 1738

Get ready for a real MVP experience. This special sneaker box doesn’t hold exactly what you might think—open it, and discover a bottle of cognac inside. Developed in collaboration with QuietNoise, the design is utterly luxe, with a crisp matte black and shimmering gold foil. It also comes just in time for a US tour with NBA All-Star Baron Davis.

“Inspired by streetwear culture, the collectible sneaker box is 13″ X 8″ X 4.5″ and is designed to hold a 750ml bottle of Rémy Martin 1738. While Cedric Townsend, designer of Nice Box, created only life-size units on display in select locations, the boxes available for purchase were inspired by his designs. Nice Box customized sneaker boxes has fans such as 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, James White (New England Patriots running back) and Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond.”

“The idea was created by Rémy Martin and the design was developed in collaboration with QuietNoise—a boutique design agency, operating out of Toronto, NY and LA.”

BBREMYNBA — SHOT4 — 0063_v4.jpg

“The Rémy Martin 1738 Sneaker Box hits stores just in time for Rémy Martin’s MVP Experience. Rémy Martin will tour the United States with two-time NBA All-Star Baron Davis and current president and commissioner of BIG3 Roger Mason Jr. to cities such as LA, Miami, Chicago and back to Los Angeles during the biggest weekend in basketball in February 2018 to host multiple star-studded basketball themed activations.”

“This limited edition Rémy Martin 1738 Sneaker Box is available online for pre-order at ReserveBar.com for $77 and in-store at select retail locations.”


Designed by: Rémy Martin in collaboration with QuietNoise

Country: Global

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This Adorable Chocolate Calendar Will Help You Celebrate Christmas


Puskás Marcell designed this cheery Christmas calendar packaging. The design and concept is based off of the traditional Christmas song, “Twelve Days of Christmas.” Each window reveals a hidden piece of chocolate, with a beautiful “mistletoe typeface” adorning the entire package.






Designed By: Puskás Marcell

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This Skincare Line Has Some Beautiful Typographically-Driven Packaging


Lavernia&Cienfuegos designed this clean and elegant packaging for Oily Skin, a skincare range created with a younger demographic in mind. Classic typography makes for a simple yet sophisticated packaging design solution.



“A line of skincare products for young people, for which we developed a typographic solution. The brief gave us a lot of freedom and we chose to transmit a restrained, functional look, where the information is given priority in the graphic design. Young people with skin problems look for efficiency and clarity. We took our inspiration from the aesthetics of old medicinal compounds found in pharmacies at the end of the 19th century, designed with a typographical composition which mixes fonts of different sizes and weights. We opted for a transitional Roman typeface, Baskerville Italic, for the text composition. The varying sizes and weights serve to create a clear hierarchy of information. The text is in black or white, on a blue background; the colour which identifies the line.”




Designed By: Lavernia&Cienfuegos
Client: RNB – TESCO
Art Direction: Nacho Lavernia & Alberto Cienfuegos
Graphic Design: Tom Martín
Location: Spain

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Manners Gin is a Unique Spirit That Glows in the Dark


Estudio Maba created this unique packaging for Manners Gin. What makes this particular gin so special is that it glows when in the dark.

“The thing about gin is that it can be drunk in such very different circumstances – during the day, when relaxing after lunch, or at night, amid the noise of the disco. The desire to create a gin that would be equally popular in such different situations was a decisive factor in the decision to develop a new brand.”




“The packaging of Gin Manners was designed as an all-inclusive project encompassing brand concept, naming, choice of container and graphic presentation – and always with a strategic perspective of the final product’s market positioning. 

The whole brand, imbued with the London origins of its recipe and inspired by the popular elements of British culture, projects an image midway between the two extremes of strict formality and rebellion against all established order. And that conflict in British society is epitomised in a label that changes to reveal its wildest face when night falls.”






Designed By: Estudio Maba
Client: Destilerías Bernal
Concept & Graphic Design: Manel Quílez
Creative Assistant: Adrián Marzal, Beatríz Suárez, Miguel Ángel del Baño
Naming: Manel Quílez, Adrián Marzal, Beatríz Suárez, Miguel Ángel del Baño
Location: Spain

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Check Out This Special Brew That Celebrates The Game of Hockey


Mikkeller Brewing NYC, their first U.S. location outside of California, has teamed up with Buffalo’s Thin Man Brewery to launch Filthy Flow IPA, their first-ever collaboration.

This limited edition IPA, brewed with Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic and Galaxy hops, pays homage to teams from each brewery’s locale—the New York Rangers and the Buffalo Sabres—who will face off at Citi Field on New Year’s Day in hockey’s annual outdoor game. 



Part of the festivities on Jan 1 at Citi Field will include a public can + Mikkeller merch release at their still-in-construction brewery before, during and after the game, giving beer aficionados, hockey fans and the public at large a chance to sneak a peek at the interiors and purchase cases + four-packs to take home. Filthy Flow will also be available by the can in the stadium throughout the game. 



Filthy Flow’s label was designed by Mikkeller art director Keith Shore. Before, during and after the game (subject to availability) on January 1, it will be on sale for take-home consumption from Mikkeller’s Citi Field brewery, slated to open in early 2018. Filthy Flow will also be sold in 16-oz. cans in the stadium throughout the day.




Designed By: Mikkeller Brewing NYC

Photography: Danielle Adams of BeccaPR

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New Identity for SCRUBD Allows Men to Make Their Mark


BrandOpus has created the identity and packaging for SCRUBD, a new and exclusive UK-based premium men’s grooming range.

“The range which launched exclusively in Harvey Nichols this month, is dedicated to crafting effective, all-natural grooming products specifically for the demands of men’s skin. Combining age-old artisanal methods with cutting edge techniques they have created an effective, natural product line that leaves men feeling ready to make their mark on the world.”


“As the traditional definition of masculinity evolves with it comes shifting attitudes towards male grooming. Often faced with unsuitable products not relevant to their lifestyle, SCRUBD identified a gap in the market, they had an opportunity to cater for men who take pride in their appearance and are looking to enhance their grooming rituals. A SCRUBD man is confident in themselves and their style and actively seeks out quality and discernment in every aspect of their lives especially their everyday routines.

Through a thorough understanding of the market and commitment to the finer details, we created a modern, graphic and bold solution that mimics a stonemason’s signature, a symbol of the creator’s finest work. Assured yet unpretentious, SCRUBD adds a little luxury into the everyday routines that make up a big part of men’s lives. Not only is each product of the highest quality, a mixture of beveled embossing, texture and exceptional finishes ensure that the packaging is worthy of the product.”


“The range consists of their original organic triple-milled soap blocks and has expanded to include an energizing skincare range and anti-ageing skincare range. SCURBD launched exclusively at Harvey Nichols on 30 October and is available globally at SCURBD.com.

John Ramskill, Executive Creative Director at BrandOpus says, ‘Our partnership with SCRUBD was based on mutual understanding and shared ambition. Together with a carefully crafted brand and an exceptional product we were able to gain lucrative shelf space in Harvey Nichols. Proving that dedication to quality and attention to detail are invaluable when creating a brand.’”


“Mark Helvadjian, Founder of SCRUBD says ‘BrandOpus were instrumental in helping us to define what SCRUBD stands for. The entire collection is crafted not only to meet the specific needs of men’s skin, but to become an integral part of a discerning lifestyle. They really understood that when a man feels great in his skin he can achieve anything.’”



Designed By: BrandOpus
Location: United Kingdom

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Calling All Star Wars™ Fans, This Perfume Is For You


If you’re a Star Wars™ fan you’re sure to love this perfume packaging. Perfected Designs created this licensed packaging for a special limited edition set of Star Wars™ perfumes and it’s surprisingly elegant.



“From the mind of visionary writer/director George Lucas, Star Wars™ the epic space fantasy introduced the mystical Force into the cultural vocabulary and it continues to grow, its lush universe ever-expanding through film, television, publishing, video games and more. May the Force Be With You… Always! 

The Brief. 
Perfected Designs were challenged to create a packaging solution for a limited edition set of Star Wars™ perfumes. The fragrances are sold as two individual products and a twin set, that would appeal to both the mainstream consumer, passionate collector and nostalgic purchaser, to celebrate and capture the enormous consumer demand for the iconic Star Wars™ franchise.”


“The Solution. 
Our goal was to create packaging that would make a great keepsake and that wouldn’t look out of place amongst other mainstream Star Wars™ memorabilia. 

We designed a tall, slimline perfume bottle for the Light and Dark fragrances – the taller bottles elevate the limited edition theme and have more impact compared to the smaller bottles of the standard range fragrances that we also designed for Star Wars™. The bottle design has a colour to transparent print from top to bottom, with a matching overcap – further amplifying the fragrance names. The bottle print has a large Star Wars™ logo with accompanying fragrance details in a futuristic holographic print.”



“The paper-over-board box packaging system opens from the middle-out – when closed, a magnet secures the packaging from opening unintentionally. Each perfume is housed securely in an internal plinth with additional foam inserts located internally at the top of the box, to keep the bottles in a secure, fixed position.”


“The packaging design uses rich silver foils and a white on black print to make the Star Wars™ branding really stand out. The left and right sides of the packaging have a light and dark Star Wars™ emblem printed in spot uv varnish – subtle enough not to deflect from the Star Wars™ branding, but really eye-catching with light reflections. Other key information including ingredients, regulations and barcode is located on the bottom of the box.”



Designed By: Perfected Designs
Creative Direction & Design: Andrew Shumacker
Client: Keepme Fragrances & Disney
Location: London, UK

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3 Rios Wines Comes With a Unique Interactive Label


Portuguese studio Moço Wine Branding has designed the packaging for 3 Rios Wines. This label is unique that in that it provides for an interactive experience for the consumer, as they can peel the label to learn more about the wine and its history.




“3 Rios (3 Rivers) is a wine born in the Minho – Northern region of Portugal from Vinho Verde DOC. This wine was inspired by three rivers and created with the most influent vine varieties from each of these areas. The Minho River with the Alvarinho vine variety, the Loureiro vine variety from the Lima river and the Avesso vine variety from the Douro river. The label ‘invites’ the consumer to discover the rivers using a detachable, looking for an interplay between the consumer and the wine history.”






Designed By: Moço Wine Branding
Photography: Hugo Pinheiro
Print: Vox
Location: Portugal

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