With Muted Colors This Italian Craft Beer Line Is Bringing a Refreshing Look


Jona Sbarzaglia designed the packaging for Podere La Berta Winery & Brewery’s new line of Italian craft beers. The project beautifully marries muted tones and textured imagery in order to provide a refreshing take on the craft beer label.



“We stand for the dreamers and the determined ones that commit to make those desires come true. PLB is the Italian craft beer project of Podere La Berta winery and brewery. Water, yeast, barley malt, and hops are serious things, but at PLB they transform these titan ingredients to minor players within their identity. They want to keep alive the desire to play, to try out things, to get their hands dirty and experiment. It starts with their area, in Romagna, on the border with Tuscany- but they’d like to export their craft way of life even farther.

PLB is the quintessential meeting-place between history made and pages yet to be written, between a passion for the artisanal and a modern approach, just a vatful of style! The rebranding comes from this desire and this consciousness to be more colourful, but keeping the right mood; to take beer more seriously, but without losing the joyful, smart and playful approach to things.”



“Land – Seasons – Mud – Craftsmanship – Nature – Play – Human desires

These ingredients all together create the fundamentals to inspire the new brand where there is a new way of reading and embracing the story, and a wish for everyone to be part of the game and interpret that mood. The main inspiration comes from rugby, the game that the founder has always loved and followed since a spell living in the UK- a sport where you’re only as strong as your weakest link, and where every saying or move is associated to the bigger picture. We decided to link the dots among this energetic and team-oriented sport with nature and its seasons, soil and its colours, materials and textures.”




“Inspiration came from the human personality where aiming for the best means working and playing together. Each beer has an eye-catching representative image that wants to push the drinker forwards, without being didactive or banal. To stimulate a new way of reading and a new participation of the label, but also, more importantly, of the beer.”





Designed By: Jona Sbarzaglia

Client/Branding: Nicole Poggi

Photography: Annalisa Patuelli

Location: Italy

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Choose The Wine That Best Fits Your Dark Side With Obscura Wines


These mysterious wines come with a gorgeous bold look. Meghan Cook was responsible for these beautiful labels that provide a sense of depth and intriguing darkness.

“From California vines to bottle, to glass vessel, only our label designer knows what distorted and obscure image showcases the label. What do you see? Be curious and seek the wine that best fits your dark side.”



“Obscura wines encapsulate the dark elegance of a thrilling mystery. From the natural to the seemingly supernatural, only the designer knows the true identity of the obscured images on each of the respective labels. The wines behind the labels share with them an equally dark and sophisticated persona. A modern rendition of timeless varietals such as Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir, and Merlot results in a collection of opulent California red wines characterized by robust body, round mouthfeel, and bold, jammy dark fruit flavors. Choose the wine that best fits your dark side with Obscura.”



Designer: Meghan Cook
Photographer: Franki Ludwig
Location: Milwaukee, WI

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The Dieline Conference: Early Bird Ends TOMORROW

Why go to the packaging conference of the year? 

We all need a week of inspiration to connect with other designers who are going through the same design experiences as you. Attend one of the largest design conference in the nation. Join us this April 30 – May 3 in Boston.


5 Reasons You Need to Attend The Dieline Conference

Should you or shouldn’t you? The Dieline Conference is the largest packaging design conference of its kind, but if you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, here are 5 reasons to join us in Boston this spring.


  1. Gain knowledge from speakers. We’ve lined up people from all over the world with a variety of experiences, from in-house to agency. Designers from Target, Chobani, Anagrama, The Hershey Company, Instagram, and Pearlfisher will be there, just to name a few. Will you?

  2. Get focused on the future. We’re not just highlighting pretty packaging projects; instead, how can packaging become a vehicle for change? Speaker Lauren Singer will even take this a step further, sharing her vision for The Package Free Shop.

  3. Witness the best of branding. Just like substrates and graphics aren’t the only things to consider with packaging, The Dieline Conference goes above and beyond with information on the brand experience. What better way to do this than with Bekah Shrine, who will take us inside Instagram and how they retain their brand integrity?

  4. Connect with driven creatives. This isn’t amateur hour—the fellow designers and creatives you meet are working towards the next big thing, just like you. In between sessions, expand your inner circle and get to know some of the other best and brightest in the industry.

  5. See the keynotes in action. Your ticket to The Dieline Conference also grants you access to all of HOW Design Live, including the keynotes on the main stage from folks like Brian Collins and Adam Kurtz.


Learn More + Register Today

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This “Legendary” Spirit Captures The Heart of The Muskoka Region in Canada


One Twenty Three West designed the packaging for this “legendary” spirit. Muskoka Legendary Oddity Gin is a dry gin that comes with a variety of flavors that embodies the spirit of the Muskoka region in Ontario, Canada.

“Inspired by tales of early Muskoka settlers, we created Muskoka Legendary Oddity Gin. A traditional Dry Gin distilled with wild juniper berries, orris root, orange peel and fresh heather tips. In a nod to our brewing roots, the infusion of Sorachi Ace hops delivers a fresh citrus aroma and distinctive Muskoka taste.”




Agency: One Twenty Three West 
Creative Director: Bryan Collins, Jeff Harrison, Rob Sweetman
Copywriter: Bryan Collins and Alan Russell
Designer: Jeff Harrison
Producer: NInette Aves
Account Services: Ninette Aves, Scot Keith
Illustrator Iain McIntosh
Location: Vancouver, Canada

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We Love This Bold Packaging and Branding Concept For Adidas Superstar’s 50th Anniversary


Student Duy Dao designed this fashion-forward concept for Adidas’ 50th Anniversary of their Superstar sneaker.




“In 2019, Adidas celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the iconic Superstar with the ‘FOREVER YOUNG’ campaign. This campaign is a tribute to influential figures that Adidas and the Superstar had been a part of or been influenced by. The campaign includes a design packaging of the special edition Superstars along with promotional posters and an invitation for the shoe release party in Melrose, Los Angeles.”

















Designed By: Duy Dao
Location: Los Angeles

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La Sola is a Fun and Whimsical Pasta Packaging Concept

Sam Whitney created the design for La Sola Pasta, a conceptual pasta brand that wants to bring fun and whimsy to the kitchen.



“La Sola Pasta is a unique line of pasta packaging designed to ameliorate the difficulty of properly portioning dry pasta, thus lowering potential food rot and waste, as well as engaging an audience of “non-foodies” and inspiring pride in cooking-and eating-alone.”






Designed By: Sam Whitney

Location: Syracuse, NY

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These Boldly Packaged Truffles Are Nothing But Pure Magic


Award-winning chocolatier Willie’s Cacao has launched a range of luxurious truffles with the help of global brand design agency BrandOpus. The result is a bold impactful design that allows this chocolate brand to leave it’s mark.

“Not your average chocolatier, Willie Harcourt-Cooze was the UK’s first bean-to-bar chocolate producer and handcrafts all of his chocolate from his kitchen in Devon. With his dedication to craft and quality he wanted to bring a little bit of magic and desire to his new range of luxury truffles. Using only the finest natural ingredients, these aren’t your everyday truffles, they are the ultimate after dark indulgence.”


“We delved into the enchanted world of mystical creatures to create a grown-up, alluring world for Willie’s Cacao’s Truffles range. The sumptuous quality of the truffles are represented by intricately detailed seductive characters. When you open a box of Willie’s Truffles the magic comes to life and envelops the senses, taking you to a magical world full of delectable desires.

Willie’s Cacao Truffles are the perfect holiday gift or indulgent treat to share and are available to buy in select high-end department stores, independent retailers and online.”



“Paul Taylor, Chief Creative Officer at BrandOpus says, ‘Willie’s passion for chocolate is unparalleled and his most recent creation is the most decadent yet. The mystical creatures we illustrated are the perfect embodiment of the extravagance.’

Harriet Rhys-Williams, Marketing Director, Willie’s Truffles says ‘Willie’s Truffles were entering a crowded category. Our new packaging needed to reflect this step change in quality and superiority as well as gain the consumers attention. BrandOpus have created the perfect sophisticated, magical characters to symbolise Willie’s Truffles.’”



Designed By: BrandOpus

Location: London

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RoGo is an Innovative Beverage That Combines Dairy Servings With Fruit


Kayhan Baspinar designed this eye-catching packaging for Rogo, a milk brand that creates products that mix dairy needs with fruit intake.

“In order to ingratiate milk to children, Rogo brought fruits’ flavor and milk’s nutritiousness together. This innovative product is the first and only in it’s category and contains 30% milk, 35% fruits and 67 mg calcium.”



“While designing the logo, we were inspired by the udder, so arrayed letters stand symmetrically as four round shapes. For the packing design, we gave primacy to attract children’s attention, therefore we gathered fruit slices and milk piquantly. By this way, we expressed how the product occurred, as natural as we could.”





Designer: Kayhan Baspinar
Client: Saray Milkman
Agency: Genna İstanbul
Location: İstanbul, Turkey

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Tailspin is a Refreshing Take on Jerky Packaging


By taking a clean approach to design, Brett Lair made sure that Tailspin Jerky had a look that would be more approachable than the existing products on the market. With carefully crafted typography and a more subtle approach to color, this jerky packaging definitely stands out from the rest.


“Tailspin Jerky is a company defined by quality and an abject refusal to take itself too seriously. In the crowded snack space, Tailspin’s refreshing sense of humour helps to cultivate a strong identity. An identity defined by fun, flavour, and questionable business decisions. Even the name, ‘tailspin’, with its traditionally negative implications has been ironically embraced. In a world filled with cookie cutter brands, Tailspin lets their actions and product define their name, rather than letting the name define their brand. Tailspin is a jerky that everyone can enjoy, from the family that is out camping to the group of friends kayaking up Everest, and the design had to reflect this.”


“When it came to packaging, we knew that there were a few things dominating the jerky shelves—black and craft bags, overly macho themes, and loads of hand crafted, artisanal buzzwords. Straying from the status quo, we landed on a design system and visual language that’s scaleable and much more approachable.”



“The bags feature a bold dividing line representing the waves of flavour you get with Tailspin Jerky. This element helps add distinction to each flavour, while simultaneously creating brand recognition in contrast to competing products. The heat indicator icons lead into the flavour and taste profile so within seconds you’ll know which bag is perfect for you. On the back of the bag, the brand tone is reinforced through witty copy and a few nutritional stats that are featured above the window which shows off the thick cuts of delicious Tailspin Jerky contained inside.

In the 6 months since launch, Tailspin has already established itself as a familiar face in the offices of many of the largest companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. They’ve also been active in their community, providing thousands of bags of jerky to firefighters fighting the fires in Northern and Southern California. Also, it tastes delicious.”





Designer: Brett Lair
Client: Scott Bader, Tailspin Jerky
Printer: Cannaline
Location: Canada

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20 Packages That Feature The Use of Jars

Artboard 1 copy 44-100.jpg

Jars are some of the most used structures for a variety of food goods and spreads, but can also be used creatively in other ways as well. We wanted to highlight some great jar packaging. Here are 20 examples of packages that use jars.

1. How Designers of JOLA Honey Avoided Cliches to Create this Lovely Packaging



2. Melatta: Not Your Average Jam






4. Netflix Finally Teams with Medical Marijuana Dispensary So You Can Actually Chill



5. Concept: Abeeja Honey



6. Pickled Goods Need Packaging Design Love Too



7. Royal Nut Co. – The Butter of Designers



8. Hurly Burly Makes Cabbage Fun



9. Tyme Fast Food Delivers Healthy Meals In Reusable Jars




10. TIBO’s Packaging Was Inspired By The Freshest Ingredients



11. Levi’s Basics



12. Jammy Yummy



13. This Lineup of Foods from Liberty London Highlights the Suppliers & Makers



14. Beautiful Sustainable Honey Packaging



15. Rufino 1949 Pays Tribute To Its Origins in a Unique Way



16. Sons of Christiania: True Scandinavian Menswear Brand



17. Sommer House Granola



18. The Dieline Awards 2017: Poach Pear Charcuterie



19. This is Some Packaging Seriously Fit for the Gods



20. This Cannabis Packaging Comes With Awesome Illustrations


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These Tools Come With a Striking Look That is Sure To Appeal To Consumers


Parsons Branding designed the packaging for Topline Tools. The design stands out due to its use of a bold blue against white, making for an eye-catching solution sure to catch the eye of the consumer. Linework illustrations also help identify what each product is, making for a clear and concise way to find what tools you’re looking for.

“Topline Tools has sourced and curated an automotive range for the hardware and DIY shopper so that they experience top quality at value-for-money, accessible prices. We were tasked with the development of product packaging for this new range, using it as a pilot showcase of their new brand identity.”




“We set our sights on creating a stand-out family of packaging that is super easy to shop. A simple, bold and uncluttered identity makes product identification a cinch and we rewrote the traditional assembly and usage instructions to communicate on-pack info in a user-friendly way. To add even more value to the shopper experience, we included custom-designed product illustrations on every pack.”



“Finally, an affordable automotive range that isn’t designed to look cheap. This range stands out on shelf, disrupting the visually manic hardware environment and empowers the customer to make informed buying decisions through real and relevant product information.”




Agency: Parsons Branding
Creative Director: Craig Parsons
Designer: Craig Parsons
Client: Topline Tools
Photography: Pure Studios
Location: Ballito, South Africa

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De Cecco Pasta Gets an Updated Look With This Student Project


Klara Kovac designed this student project that aims to refresh the look of De Cecco, a traditional Italian pasta brand. The design is playful and incorporates hierarchy in order to create a nice design solution.

“Packaging and rebranding of Italian pasta brand De Cecco. Keeping it classic with an updated color palette, while adding some playfulness with big, elegant numbers and more interesting cut-outs inspired by the shape of the pasta in each box.”




Designed By: Klara Kovac
Instructor: Louise Fili
School: School of Visual Arts
Location: New York, US

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