The Uncommon Aims To Be The Most Sustainable Wine Brand in England


The packaging for The Uncommon, a sparkling wine brand from England, comes with a beautiful yet playful illustration of a giraffe, hence reinforcing the “uncommon” quality of the product. 

“The Uncommon. Wine of England is a new English Sparkling Wine brand that has just exclusively launched in Selfridges, London, UK. We are slightly different in that our wine comes in 250ml cans. 

Founded by Henry Connell and Alex Thraves in South East London, the long-term friends quit their jobs in New York and London respectively with a dream of creating a modern, sustainable English wine brand. They worked alongside an illustrator who works under the moniker of Yes I do Concept to create a truly ‘uncommon’ brand.”



“The unusual theme continues with the packaging for the wine. The eco-friendly string bag made from organic cotton has a recycled cork label, hand stitched in Peckham, South East London and demonstrates a different take on the ‘multipack’.

The Design – We wanted to create a brand that has a premium yet approachable feel and makes our wine more accessible to everyone, so it was important to encourage people to take an interest in our brand visually. The illustration needed to have an adventurous, curious and English feel. We want people to ‘explore’ our wine and to be taken on an adventure. This is reflected by the perforated edges of the labels that represent a stamp. The back label moves away from the standard ‘tasting notes’ that suggest your wine has to go with seafood or a steak, and we use ‘Pairs perfectly with…’ followed by a number of colloquialisms to add some good old English humour.”



“Here’s a little bit about us: 

The Uncommon’s English wine is produced in line with the highest EU quality rating, Protected Designation of Origin, the grade given to Champagne and Burgundy or Stilton over here in the UK. The inaugural release is a lightly sparkling dry white, with notes of pear and elderflower. The wine is made from 100% Bacchus grapes, which are hand harvested from vineyards at the forefront of new biodynamic techniques, reducing the need for pesticides and chemicals. The wine is produced in Surrey, a mere 20 miles from The Uncommon’s Peckham HQ. 

Buoyed by the UK’s latest global sparkling wine accolades, founders Henry Connell and Alex Thraves escaped their 9 to 5s to create and grow a truly unique, contemporary wine brand that is unpretentious and fun, whilst raising the profile of English wine. Keeping the business within a 40-mile radius, Henry and Alex worked with a Surrey farmer to grow and pick the fruit; a winemaker to crush, press and ferment the grapes and a canner to break new ground for English wine. After 18 months graft, research and grape growing, they are very proud to be the first producers of canned wine in the UK. 

The Uncommon are unique in their approach to convenience and wine wastage and aim to become the most sustainable wine brand in the country. The single-serve aluminium cans will help to reduce the billion litres of wine thrown away each year in the UK, fizz goes flat after just a day so it’s the perfect solution for bars, restaurants and cheeky toasts at home. The cans chill in just 15 minutes; they are endlessly recyclable and very lightweight meaning their carbon footprint is 80% lighter than glass. 

When you consider that one billion bottles of wine are imbibed in the UK annually, Britain is the second largest consumer of Champagne (after France) and that we put away one third of all Prosecco produced, there is need for a light, convenient and easily recycled option. The average wine consumer is now younger and more adventurous, going to one or more of the seven thousand registered outdoor events held in the UK each year that prohibit glass, cans however are an ideal alternative.”






Creative Directors: Alex Thraves and Henry Connell
Brand: The Uncommon. Wine of England 
Illustrator: Yes I Do Concept 
Location: London, UK

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City By City: 15 San Francisco Based Brands


San Francisco is full of charms, and if it weren’t for those sky-high rents, we’d be smack dab in the middle of Haight-Ashbury listening to Dead bootlegs and gnawing on a baguette from Tartine. And who would blame you? That magical “City by the Bay” has even made new seasons of an Olsen twins-less Full House enticing.

In our City By City series, we take a deep dive into the unique and exceptional branding that’s going down in a particular region, and the truth is, some of the best branding and packaging design today is happening in San Francisco. 

Here’s just a small sample of what the city has to offer.

Exploratorium Branding






Fort Point Beer Company







The East Cut







Mixt Greens







Sight Glass Coffee













Benefit Cosmetics




Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 1.30.53 PM.png



method_Americana Range_Product Image.jpg





Williams Sonoma






Kiva Confections



Petra Mints



Ritual Coffee Roasters






Mr. Holmes Bakehouse







Pizzeria Delfina






Magnolia Brewing







Hangar One Vodka



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This Student Project Is An Interesting Take On The Brand Extension


Student Kenneth Kuh designed this sleek packaging for a conceptual brand extension for Aesop, a brand known for its high-end skincare products.


“The objective for this project is to create a packaging set under the assumption of Aesop having their own product line for ceramics tableware. In order to match the already existing brand identity, a lot of considerations in design, user experience, and functionality were put into the process of developing this packaging.”




“This set retains the original natural and raw feeling that is crucial to Aesop while still having a minimal look to it that is not only easy for the customers to carry around but also offers security for the ceramics tableware.”






Designed By: Kenneth Kuh
School: Art Center College of Design
Location: Pasadena, California

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Food Brand La Terra Fina Gets a Dynamic New Makeover For Their Range of Products


The Creative Pack & Hornall Anderson teamed up to create this dynamic rebrand and packaging design for La Terra Fina, a food brand that needed to modernize their product range in order to seal their place in the market.

“‘Clinking glasses and overflowing plates. Warm conversations sprinkled with laughter. Delicious food, simply enjoyed. These are the moments we’re made for.’

La Terra Fina has been using quality ingredients to make food you’ll want to share, from delicious dips to quiches. The consumers love their products, yet often they don’t notice the brand who makes them. The Creative Pack and Seattle-based agency, Hornall Anderson, worked closely with La Terra Fina to create a new look for a long-term position in the marketplace.”


“As the creative lead, Hornall Anderson was tasked with transitioning the dated branding and packaging system into an identity that was focused on the consumer’s experience and enjoyment. It was The Creative Pack’s challenge to apply the new look onto La Terra Fina’s entire line, including current and upcoming products, and to maintain the integrity of the brand for all packaging and branding needs.”



“The Process

It began with the phrase ‘A Generous Helping.’ This phrase represents a brand that is ‘host forward,’ inviting and considered, that is made for the consumers, who want to spend more time in the moment and less in the kitchen.

The La Terra Fina wordmark is a signature to the dedication to real quality ingredients, it represents the human care that goes into everything they do and make. The handmade letterforms move in a joyous, musical rhythm and represent the inviting personality of the brand.

A rubber-stamp like seal reinforces the commitment to quality and the timeless values, giving a small batch, handcrafted-feel.”



“The design is a composition of watercolor swashes and ingredient photography that are artfully considered around the La Terra Fina signature. Like a poetic dance of ingredients, the photography creates a sense of rhythm and abundance, while highlighting the freshness of the product. The ingredients feel as though they’ve been picked up from the market and are being chopped, tossed and thrown together in preparation. 

The packaging architecture was strategically designed to ensure La Terra Fina gets the credit and recognition it deserves for the real, delicious food. Inviting, fresh and wholehearted, the design creates the emotion a brand needs to connect with consumers and the longevity to stay relevant to the market.”



Designed By: The Creative Pack & Hornall Anderson  
Client: La Terra Fina
Creative Director: Danielle Beal
Designers: Corey Czer, Paola Ip, Heather Storie, Emma Tung
Scope: Packaging, Photography
Location: Manhattan Beach, CA & Seattle, WA

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Coca-Cola Dives Into The Alcopop Market


By: Casha Doemland

Coca-Cola has hopped on the alcopop train for the first time in their 125-year history with the introduction of Lemon-Do in Japan.

Alcopop, a combination of alcohol and soda pop, hit the consumer streets in the early 1990s thanks to Coors and Zima. Soon other beverage companies like Diageo and Anheuser-Busch caught on to the trend, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Smirnoff Ice and Bacardi Breeze created a name for themselves in the emerging market.

The demographic focus for alcopop has primarily been young women, and even with Coke dipping their toes into boozey soda water with their take on Japan’s massively popular Chu-Hi drinks, an alcoholic beverage available in a wide variety of fruit flavors, they’re still keeping the focus on women.

According to Drug Education, “while the industry says the drinks are intended for adults, women 21 and older rank alcopops as their least consumed alcoholic beverage. About one-third of teenage girls ages 12 to 18 and one-fifth of teenage boys have tried alcopops.” This, of course, raised controversy and in the UK, it resulted in a 40% increased tax on the beverages by Chancellor Kenneth Clarke in 1996. After a while, the ready-to-drink sales began to decline at a rapid rate.

Yet, the hype never died in Japan, and it became the working class drink found at izakaya pubs around the country.

Jorge Garduño, Coca-Cola’s Japan President, said “This is a canned drink that includes alcohol. Traditionally, it is made with a distilled beverage called shochu and sparkling water, plus some flavoring.”

At the moment, Lemon-Do is only available in Kyushu, Japan in three flavors – Honey Lemon, Standard Lemon and Salt Lemon, with varying ABV between 3 – 8% – and Coca-Cola has expressed zero interest in expanding the market to other countries. Instead, they prefer to remain in Japan where it makes sense for the market.


Casha Doemland

LA-based and Georgia-bred, Casha Doemland spends her days crafting poetry and freelance writing. Over the last two years, she’s been published in a variety of publications and zines around the world. When she’s not nerding out with words, you can catch her watching a classic film, trekking around the globe or hanging out with a four-pound Pomeranian.

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This Conceptual Candy Comes With Fun Packaging

Kandy_05_0001.jpg created the super cute conceptual packaging for Kandy, a brand of candies that aim to be a little more health conscious.

“When creating consumer brand Kandy wrap design, the brand name was created by including a hero – a cheerful birdie sitting on a candy cloud and pecking the cloud. The brand design should underline the product in that the products are light, sugar and gluten free, ecologically clean, and fit for the body.”




“Cheerful colours, light lettering used for the logo design and SKU marking and signatures indicate the taste. The window form for the product presentation is in the shape of cloud, and together all the elements serve to emphasize the main values and advantages of the Kandy candy brand.”




Designed By:
Location: Moscow, Russia

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Iyura Is The Elegant Skincare Line From India That Stands Out Within The Market


Spain-based Fagerström Studio created this beautiful packaging for Iyura, an Indian skincare line. The feminine color scheme and textured brush stroke elements make for an atypical packaging solution with respect to what is usually seen in the skincare market.



“Iyura is an Ayurvedic skin care brand developed by Transformative Learning Solutions in India for sale in the United States & Europe. It is a redesign of the brand and the development of a new packaging for its beauty products. The design was inspired by the patterns that are generated with Ikkat, an Indian artisanal and handmade technique whose result is a unique and unrepeatable impression.”







Designed By: Fagerström Studio
Location: Madrid, Spain

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Denada Ice Cream Is Bringing The Flavor With These Colorful Pints


Your favorite sweet treat just got a whole lot sweeter. Jo Cutri Studio designed this bold color-blocked packaging for Denada Sugar Free Ice Cream.

“Introducing the newest kid on the block, Denada Sugar Free Ice Cream. Completely guilt free and everything an ice cream should be silky, creamy and downright indulgent.”





“We wanted the packaging design look as good as a set as they do individually. With a focus on minimal design and close attention to choosing a rich pastel colour palette. The idea was to create premium appeal to a more sophisticated audience.

The great design challenge was to create an entire package design using only three colours for each flavour.”




Design + Art Direction: Jo Cutri Studio 
Client: Denada
Location: Australia

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Bond & Lillard Bourbon – “It Bears no Equal.”


“Good packaging seduces the consumer, but Bond and Lillard seduced us. With ample supplies of delicious whiskey on hand and almost 200 years of rich history to work with, this brand designed itself. Gruppo Campari will be lucky if any of this rare spirit actually makes it to shelf.”

—Leif Steiner, Founder & Creative Director,  Moxie Sozo


Revolutionary War veteran, John Bond, settled down in Kentucky, built a distillery, and started producing good, old-fashioned sour mash. After his death, John’s son William took over operations. William partnered with his brother-in-law, Christopher C. Lillard, a veteran and POW of the Civil War and they formed Bond & Lillard Bourbon in 1869. A newspaper wrote of the partnership, “The electric chord which linked the hearts of these sturdy men was mutual confidence in each other’s judgment and integrity.”


Bond & Lillard grew to be one of the most revered pre-prohibition Bourbons in America. It earned the Grand Prize at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis for “real delicacy of flavor, beauty in the sparkle and superiority in strength. It bears no equal.” After prohibition, the brand enjoyed a resurgence until falling into obscurity in the early 1970s.

Exclusive Mockups for Branding and Packaging Design

The flavor, beauty, and sparkle of Bond & Lillard were reimagined in 2015 when Campari brought the storied brand back to life as part of the Whiskey Baron’s Collection and hired Moxie Sozo to build it.

Exclusive Mockups for Branding and Packaging Design

Every detail on the packaging was hand illustrated by Moxie Sozo’s Charles Bloom. The red diagonal band and whiskey barrels were two design elements carried over from some of the early packaging. Bloom redesigned the iconic red band to resemble a tax stamp, which looked like it had been placed over the actual label. Bond and Lillard are both depicted, and their partnership is celebrated through some of the romance copy. The packaging features Bond & Lillard’s 1904 Grand Prize with an illustration of the actual medal.

Next time you visit your favorite dram shop, check out more of the Whiskey Baron’s Collection designed by Moxie Sozo.

Exclusive Mockups for Branding and Packaging Design

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These Spirits From a California Distillery Come With a Fresh Modern Look


We’re digging the delicate yet friendly vibes from this spirit packaging. Hint Creative designed the fresh branding and packaging for You & Yours Distilling Co., a California-based brand founded by a female distiller.

“You & Yours Distilling Co. is located in the East Village of sunny San Diego, California. They are a destination distillery, tasting room, event space and cocktail bar, complete with cocktail program highlighting their signature craft spirits: Y&Y Vodka (a classic vodka) and Sunday Gin (a citrus-noted gin).”




“They were founded by Laura Johnson, who is one of a handful of female head distillers in the country. Y&Y is a direct result of Laura not being hired as a distiller in a male-dominated industry. So she created her own, and built it around the idea of bringing people together. Hint was tasked with creating the brand identity for You & Yours Distilling Co. and the packaging and branding for their two signature lines. The logo was custom drawn, a representation of their 100% craft distilled spirits. Laura describes You & Yours’ aesthetic as ‘approachable yet aspirational. I wanted it to be inviting and pleasing to the eye, yet still be a bit eclectic, relaxed yet sophisticated.’”





“The packaging reflects the authenticity of the brand. Each spirit was designed to be unique, drawing inspiration from their distinct ingredients. Sunday Gin: citrus-forward with notes of fresh florals and herbs. Y&Y Vodka: a blend of single-source distillates of corn, potato, and grape. The result was a visual system which allows for each spirit family to stand on its own while tying back to You & Yours Distilling Co. family.”








Designed By: Hint Creative
Designers: Analisa Estrada, Cinthya Lopez, and Arlo Vance
Creative Director: Christian Hansen
Client: You & Yours Distilling Co.
Location Photography: Lindsey Marie 
Product Photography: Derek Israelsen
Location: Salt Lake City Utah, USA

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