Despite my love for greenery, I don’t use a lot of greens in my bouquets. Instead, I achieve texture with lots of interesting, smaller flowers and a variety of products. While green is beautiful, I often find it a bit too heavy for bouquets. When I do use some I choose longer, more delicate trailing stems to make it feel wild and elegant, rather than using big, leafy things.
I tend to make my bouquets more wide than round. As a result, they have this cascading look when they’re held to the side. I think it’s natural for a bride to relax and hold her bouquet on the side on her wedding day, so it’s important that they look good this way too! A video tutorial on bouquet design and an in depth pdf document with photos explaining my method is included in my digital course, The Nature of Wedding Floral Design. Link to purchase is in my profile. #ifimadeweddingflowers #sarahwinwardflowers
This stunning photo was taken by @as_ever_photography at #thepathworkshops taught by @darcybenincosa

via sarah_winward

by jennr_yorm

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