Black Mama Craft Beer

Do you think you could handle this craft beer? This hearty IPA combines deep a passion for brewing beer and label design for a striking drink. Think Bold Studio developed some unique packaging for this special release from Original 1920.



“Black Mama is a special edition black IPA craft beer, brewed having in mind the holistic connection between the process of making the beer and the crafting of the label design characterized by the belief that the parts are intimately interconnected and accounted only by reference to the whole.”

From the detailed border to the gold foil, Black Mama Craft Beer is definitely something memorable to behold. An elegant font and impeccable embossed details add texture and sophistication to the strong, flavorful beer. The fat, stout bottle also adds to its imposing strength. Black Mama Craft Beer comes off as luxurious and stylish, perfect for craft beer lovers who want something to savor.


Designed by: Think Bold Studio

Client: Original 1920

Country: Portugal

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

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