Hookahs Cobra Paladin

“What doesn’t kill us, we don’t smoke.” Hookahs Cobra Paladin takes a totally badass and tough approach to hookah. Pavel Drakunov developed the packaging, using intimidating images of skulls, ravens, and cobras with a bit of traditional, classic tattoo inspiration. The black, white, and gray box only further emphasizes the brand’s attitude, and is also an indication of the bold hookah flavors.



“In most of the stores selling hookahs they are unpacked and it is very difficult to attract the customer’s attention. We decided that the seller of the store will be our First Client. So he will see the package and love it. Only then he will faithfully recommend hookahs to the customers.”



“The basis of the aesthetics was taken from package of expensive alcohol. Calligraphy and unique illustrations will attract attention and break stereotype, claiming the product unique. Besides the package will work well in the Internet, where high-quality pictures will attract attention also.”


Designed by Pavel Drakunov

Client: Point-art

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home http://ift.tt/29aprLs

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