When life gives you a vineyard, make wine, of course. Six friends who managed to get a vineyard knew they wanted to develop delicious wines with a distinctive character, but first they had to do a little exploring. They checked out different wine growing regions all around the world for inspiration and to uncover the trends. Without even realizing it, they had become “Winehunters.” Peter Schmidt Group developed the branding and packaging for their wines, playing off of the idea of hunting for wine, whether it’s with a spear or a fishing rod. The result is a sporty, playful representation of premium wine.



“An analogy to hunting typically comes to mind when referring to winehunters and so it was natural for a stylised target to be developed as a key element of the brand’s corporate design, for it symbolises the accurate pursuit of perfection, while individualised logo colours increase the brand’s overall flexibility across diverse media applications.”

“The wines themselves equally embrace the hunting theme: The Pinot Noir is an ideal accompaniment to red meat and is robustly called ‘The Hunter’ while the white Pinot Gris is a perfect companion to seafood and so bears the name ‘The Fisherman.’ Each grape variety is represented by an intuitively understandable image that cleverly illustrates both the name and provenance of the wine.”

“The grape is always the center of attention. It is cut out of the label so that the bottle shines through. This gives the grape its color. Depending on the flavor and terroir the grape is being held by a different hunting weapon such as an arrow or a hook.”




Designed by Peter Schmidt Group

Country: Germany

City: Hamburg

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

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