Santa Rosa Chicken

Having chicken for dinner doesn’t have to be boring. Dow Design designed the packaging for Santa Rosa, a line of chicken prepared in different ways to add some life into your dinners and favorite meals.

“The thing about chicken is, while everybody loves it and it’s our go-to dinner dish, that very everydayness makes it, well, a bit boring. Santa Rosa are in the chicken business. But let’s face it, no one needs to see another photo of a plate of white meat and veg, sitting on a sticker, on a tray of chicken. So for this older brand trying to fly past other birds in the coop, we thought for chickens’ sake, let’s not be boring. Enter colour and collaboration. It’s all about us and you, getting cooking and creating with chicken in the kitchen. The colour was already in the name. We could practically hear the castanets clicking. So, bright pops of colour and plenty of winning prompts have people clucky over another chicken dinner.”




Chicken is an incredibly versatile meal option, but not everyone has the time to jazz it up and make it extra special. That’s where Santa Rosa comes in. You can easily enjoy delectable chicken cordon bleu, shredded roast chicken, or savory slices for a sandwich. Because it’s prepared and basically only needs to be heated, allowing consumers to peek inside the packaging lets them imagine all the possibilities for a delicious gourmet dinner or easy and tasty lunch. The font is thick and bold, emphasizing the flavors of Santa Rosa’s chicken.


Designer: Leonie Whyte

Creative Director: Donna McCort

Account Director: Rebecca Hamer

Designed by Dow Design

Client: Santa Ros

Country: New Zealand

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