Kokomo Coffee

You could book the next flight out of the country to enjoy some fine African or South American blends of coffee, or you could simply enjoy Kokomo Coffee. These bags of coffee feature postage stamps as a representation of how far the beans have traveled to get to your kitchen. AKU teamed up with illustrator Ryan Chapman to make each bag of coffee look like it’s own little caffeine care package, sent right to you from places where some of the finest coffee beans grow. The main label looks like a shipping label for something that would go through the mail, using a basic font with no frills. The stamps add character and help to show some of the unique features of the coffee beans.



“The packaging of the the small coffee roasters’ were designed as a modular system to avoid high production costs and leftovers. Besides necessary information the only visual elements are stamps representing coffee’s country of origin.”

“Packaging postage stamps for Kokomo Coffee’s African and South American blends. Designed in collaboration with UK illustrator Ryan Chapman the impactful miniature format functions to visualize the well-known symbols of the coffee’s origin and the distance these specialist products travel to consumers.”






Illustrations: Ryan Chapman

Designed by AKU

Country: Estonia

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2cYc0xt

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