Does Brand Design take Courage? Organized by the European packaging design association



International design conference “Does Brand Design take Courage?”
Organized by the European Packaging Design Association

Looking for inspiration and cultural exchange the European packaging design association has decided to cross European borders and is inviting designers from all over the world to attend its 2-day conference in Taipei on 27/28 October 2016.

“How different are European and Asian designers, customers, brand owners and packaging producers – and what do we have in common?”

During the conference on October 27 design managers from The Absolut Company Sweden and Suntory Beverage & Food Japan will provide insights into their branding strategies. Designers from East and West will be sharing their design approaches and inspire with design success stories from all over the world, from France, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Vietnam and Thailand to the US.

The program on October 28 includes lectures on social design and branding targeted to the local industry, inspirational talks on innovation in the packaging production process by industry leaders as well as workshops for students. 

A special highlight will be the opening of a design exhibition at Taoyuan Arts Center, organised by epda, by the Mayor of Taoyuan. Under the motto “The (Second) Beauty of Packaging” the exhibition will show internationally awarded packaging design, design concepts on the Future of Packaging as well as artistic views on packaging design in East and West.

The whole event will be an enriching experience for all Asian and European participants – a unique opportunity for cultural exchange getting introduced to different approaches on branding and design. 

The program is organised in cooperation with epda board member Jennifer Tsai, Proad Identity, located in Taipei, who has developed a stunning supporting programme, which will take the European audience on a cultural journey to get an authentic taste of Asia.

bout EPDA:

EPDA is the leading European network uniting internationally minded designers and agencies   who value contact and interaction with peers. epda members come from about 15 different countries and have their focus in packaging and brand design – including graphic, product, industrial, retail, digital and communication design. The association runs conferences on varying topics twice a year in different European cities to serve and enhance communication between all key stakeholders in brand and package design – brand owners, brand designers and packaging chain suppliers.

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