Peach Ghost Limited Edition Hot Sauce

Things are getting spooky at Wiltshire Chilli Farm! Just in time for Halloween, they’ve released a limited edition sauce called Peach Ghost. Buddy developed this special packaging to celebrate the season and highlight the unique flavor of the hot sauce.

Mango Unchained Artwork copy

“Last year we created a limited edition Halloween special for our good friends at Awestruck Hard Cider and this year our Wiltshire Chilli Farm buddies wanted us to dress them up for the spooky season. Working with the WCF guys has significantly increased our knowledge of chilli varieties and the versatilities of their wonderful fruit. Using the formidable Peach Ghost chilli they have created a new ‘Super-Hot’ product not for the feint hearted.”

“No clowning around we wanted to dress the brand up to ‘scare the sauce’ out of the other products in the cupboard and so we took the bandages out of the first aid kit and mummified the core icon. Building on our fearless flavour social media campaign (for WCF) we created a spooky teaser to whet the chilli devil’s appetite. Happy Halloween.”

This version of Peach Ghost is particularly spicy, so the “Fearless Flavor” label not only speaks to the brand values but also to its intensity. The icon on the front is wrapped like a mummy, and the orange hue of the hot sauce is perfectly fitting for Halloween. A radial pattern of black and gray adds depth to the background of the label, and an all black bottle cap adds a bit of mystery.


Designed by: Buddy

City: United Kingdom

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

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