Bareksten Spirits

Hail to the king of craft spirits.

Designed by KIND Norway, this series is one to look out for not only for its high-quality taste but exceptional packaging. A rich matte black is the star of this show with hints of color found on the bottle’s seal. A tree emerges in a glossy black and scales up the bottle framing the Bareksten logo. The cork is made of wood with the emblem printed onto the surface. A simple yet stunning design that incapsulates the brand’s history to a “T”.

It all started with a story…

“He is one of the world’s top distillers of craft spirits. He has won a host of prestigious awards along the way. Now, Stig Bareksten is launching his own brand – Bareksten – and he chose KIND to make it something truly special.

Dark, wild, breathtaking… 

Bareksten represents the essence of Norway – dark, wild, breathtaking, dramatic. Clean flavours inspired by ancient craft traditions are the soul of the brand’s ‘botanical wonders’.”

“Something this good needs to be shared, so Stig Bareksten will launch his unique range of craft spirits – gin, vodka, liqueur, brandy, whisky and aquavit – internationally.

Stig is known as the founder of Det Norske Brenneri (The Norwegian Distillery), where he developed brands such as Arvesølvet, Harahorn Gin and Eiktyrne (Norway’s first whisky). He is a former Norwegian champion bartender and the brands he has worked for include The Macallan Whisky and The Famous Grouse. Now, Stig is chief distiller and general manager for Oss Craft Distillery, Bergen, where he produces the Bareksten range.” 



The world waits…

“Stig held the launch of his new brand in Copenhagen, where the first batch of botanical gin was sold to the Danish market. Now the rest of the world waits to sample the delights of this master craftsman.

Internationally, he will be competing with big brands – but Stig knows that’s where Bareksten can play to its strengths. He says: ‘We plan to develop a loyal customer base all over the world by bringing something new to micro-distillery produced, handmade spirits. Bareksten will stand out in three areas: taste, design and transparency.

‘Our aim is to produce world-class products. To achieve this, we need to work with the best in the world, also when it comes to design and branding. KIND stands for uncompromising quality and represents the very best in Scandinavian design. This mirrors the approach of Bareksten, making KIND the only choice.’” – Says Stig Bareksten, CEO and Founder of Bareksten Spirits







Designed by KIND

Country: Norway

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

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