Noroest Beer

Abio Design Studio Lab worked with their client Noroest to design a down-to-earth beer that references a specific location. The name of the beer, Noroest actually translates to Northwest in Portuguese and along with the label design, adds to the overall feeling of wanting to explore the world around you.

“In the Northwest Beer project we propose communication across geographical coordinates indicated by degrees, minutes and seconds for the identification of the beer. The Northwest Pilsen Beer was illustrated with the set of numbers of the location of the city of Pilsen, in the Czech Republic, a place that gave the name to the clean and clear style and the standards of beer. The city coordinates are 49 ° 44 ’51˝ N, 13 ° 22′ 39˝ E.”

“As for the India Pale Ale, the geographical references are from the city that first used the term “IPA” – Sydney, Australia – with visual communication aiming to be extended to other subjects without losing its identity.”

“For each type of beer, a different typographic style has been applied by customizing the graphical spot on each label. The colors are also customized to follow the traditional expressions of the market. The logo alludes to a compass arrow in the “N”, which is pointing to the top left corner in your plane which indicates the relative Northwest.”

Studio: Abio Design Studio Lab

Designed by: Eduardo Vicente da Silveira e Lucas França

Country: Brazil

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home

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