Brew Your Next Cup of Coffee With Help From Bro

BRO (you can call it BROTHER too) is the minimalistic and sustainable coffee maker, which lets you brew a cup of smooth and rich tasting coffee. Designer and Creative Director Vytautas Volbekas designed the packaging with an anthropomorphic nod to the product’s name, adding a sense of humor and whimsey to the overall package experience. 

“To our knowledge, BRO is the first ever attempt to create a Lithuanian coffee brewer, and that is why some local materials like wood and linen have been used. The coffee maker was developed for almost a year by Emanuelis Ryklys a founder of CROOKED NOSE & COFFEE STORIES. 


Packaging designer: Vytautas Volbekas.

Coffee maker designer: Emanuelis Ryklys.

Client: Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories.

Location: Lithuania

from Blog – The Dieline | Packaging & Branding Design & Innovation News

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