Get Your Gelato On the Go With Fiasco

Fiasco Gelato has come out with an adorable new line of single-serve pints of gelato just in time for the summer!

“Our team at Fiasco is thrilled to release these 6 new tiny pints with a spoon in the lid, which will appear on shelves May, 2017, across Canada. The flavors include: Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Gelato, Salted Caramel Gelato, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Gelato, Raspberry Lime Sorbetto, Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbetto, and Mango Pineapple Sorbetto.”








“These tiny little pints were created as snack size versions of our top flavours. We wanted them to jump off the shelf just like our pints, and come complete with a spoon in the lid, so our fans would be able to grab it and enjoy their gelato on the go. We also created a 12-pack caddie to hold the single serves, designed with Fiasco branding and storytelling about our company and what we do. 
We had a version of our single serves available in limited retailers that sold well, but the experience wasn’t what Fiasco was known for. After 2 years, and lots of testing, we landed on these little guys to make our fans smile.”

“The single serves are meant to be tiny replicas of our original pints, so they would immediately be recognizable on the shelves to our fans. The design needed to be simple, clear, concise, and still retain the boldness of the Fiasco branding. We color-matched our single serves to our pints to carry forward the instant recognition of our pints on the shelves – our clear packaging in our original pints is an aspect of our branding we love – so we wanted that to be simulated in our single serve design.”





“We added our mission statement to the lid of the single serves to add to our storytelling and give an idea to anyone who picks up one of these little guys what we’re all about as a gelato company. These single serves are a tiny extension of what we do – and like all our Fiasco products, we wanted to create something that is easily accessible and shareable and would be a fun experience for our fans. 
We love that we are able to now offer a treat to our fans that they are able to grab and go and enjoy anywhere, anytime. These single serves are a part of our #SummerofHappiness campaign, and we hope that they make our fans happy!”






Designed By: Ayra PeredoFiasco Gelato
Location: Calgary, Canada

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