Sip is A Simple Yet Elegant Juice Concept

Daniel Robson designed the simple yet elegant packaging for Sip, a conceptual juice brand.

“This is an RMIT University student project. The label is printed on a premium paper with a digital clear spot finish, creating a semi-gloss tactility. 
Sip is a conceptual juice brand with a premium feel, designed to compete with high-end cold pressed juices. The logo extends around the side of the bottle, leading to the ‘Shake Well’ instruction and then product description. This encourages interaction.”





“The contrasting blue logo provides a bright, fresh contrast against the pale green juice. This unique colour palette sets it apart from competitors and gives the bottle an overall ‘fresh’ feel. 
The descriptive text on the rear of the label uses a subtle gradient from blue to black to emphasise the unique blending of flavours that this juice offers. 
The lid playfully references the unique whiskey flask shape of the bottle. The tag-line ‘enjoy responsibly’ (often seen on alcoholic beverages) subtly hints at the possibly addictive nature of Sip juice.”


Designer: Daniel Robson
University: RMIT
Lecturer: Renato Gallina
Printer: Classic Colour Copy
Paper: K.W Dogget
Location: Melbourne, Australia

from Blog – The Dieline | Packaging & Branding Design & Innovation News

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