Hometown Roots Shine Through Johnsonville Sausages

The DuPuis Group redesigned the branding and packaging for Johnsonville Sausages in order to give it a fresh look.

“The DuPuis Group partnered with the team at Johnsonville with one mission in mind: to develop an ownable expression of the company’s authentic story. This story would be distinct and unique, helping Johnsonville clearly differentiate itself from an increasing number of competitors.”

“In 1945, Ralph F. and Alice Stayer opened a butcher shop in their quaint hometown of Johnsonville, Wisconsin. The updated brand mark showcases the Stayer’s 1940s shop to tell an authentic story, one rooted in unrivaled product quality. The logo change gives the brand a real and ownable visual story to build around.
While the new packaging is familiar, its refreshed look delivers on simplicity and appetite appeal. This approach has revitalized the brand and lets consumers know the company remains, in essence, a small-town butcher. The updated packaging was just released Spring 2017, and results in-market are positive. Consumers are responding to the more value-driven story and the cohesive line look piques their interest, while improving shopablilty.”


Agency: DuPuis Group
Designers: Adam Gertsner, Adam McIver
Creative Directors: Aaron Funke, Ivana Nikolic
Photographer: Flashlight Studio (Justin Paris) 
Client: Johnsonville
Chicago, Illinois

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