Get Healthy With GoSimple

Co-motion Studio designed this simple and straightforward packaging for GoSimple.

“GoSimple is a health and nutrition startup that makes your health decisions simple by creating the finest products with transparent ingredients, clear labeling, and proven results. To differentiate themselves from their competition, GoSimple partnered with Co-motion Studio to create a clean brand that incorporated clear and concise packaging for their Essential product line.”

“From supporting a healthy brain to boosting energy, Essential is a daily supplement for all around mind and body support. Easy grab-and-go single serving packets create a convenient health solution with scientifically researched ingredients. 

With the saturation of health products in today’s market, GoSimple wanted to strip away the clutter and simplify their content for consumers searching for a solution. For this reason, the Essential label design is color-coded for Women and Men and highlights the key functions that are supported by each formula.”





Agency: Co-motion Studio
Client: GoSimple
Designers: Stacey McClure & Jon McClure
Photographer: Chris Whonsetler 
Location: Indiana, USA

from Blog – The Dieline | Packaging & Branding Design & Innovation News

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