This Tequila With Mexican Origins is Nothing But Elegance

Mexican agency Anagrama designed this beautiful elegant packaging for Casa Pujol tequila.

“Tequila Casa Pujol 87 is a white 100% blue agave tequila created in 2013 and distilled in the Jalisco highlands. Tequila Casa Pujol 87 has a ‘Protected Designation of Origin’ classification; a geographical indication for food products whose quality and characteristics are the result of the geographical location in which they are produced.”

“The purity and flavor of Tequila are central features standing out from this product. We developed a simple brand that manages to highlight these attributes elegantly. The typographical arrangement has the objective of extolling the most remarkable product information: Its origin and quality. 

The color palette considers very neutral tones harmonizing with the simplicity of the product’s presentation. We introduced a gold & blue ribbon that wraps the packaging adding a touch of elegance and distinction. We were also in charge of the creative direction for the glass bottle physical design. The guiding concept in the bottle’s design process was achieving consistency between the brand values and materials employed.”

“The icon takes inspiration from the Santiago Apóstol temple, located in Jalisco. The architecture and design of this building is representative of Mexico’s history and culture.”








Designed By: Anagrama

Location: Mexico

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