Check Out This Hemp Tea Packaging That is Unmistakably Sustainable

This tea definitely stands out amongst the rest. Tenzing Design has created the eye-catching packaging for Dutch Harvest, a new line of hemp tea.

“The design for this new brand of hemp tea needed to stand out on the tea shelf: explicit, bold and cheerful, with a vintage and crafty eco-vibe. The packaging had to be unmistakably sustainable with materials as well as with the usability, however a too weirdy-beardy look had to be avoided.”

“Extra care has been taken to create a unique pack — not only with design but also in manufacturing. The package was created especially for Dutch Harvest: with an inner layer of cellulose-based plastic wrapped with paper made of agricultural waste. 
Tenzing created the brand name, packaging and other items.”


Designer: Arjan van Woensel a.k.a Tenzing
Client: Esther Molenwijk, Dutch Harvest
Printer: Baginco
Bio-waste paper manufacturer: Paperwise
Cellulose-based plastic lining: Bio4Pack
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

from Blog – The Dieline | Packaging & Branding Design & Innovation News

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