Match Your Personality With a Glass of Vino With Archetype Wine


Lindsay, Stone & Briggs has come out with this brilliant yet cheerful conceptual project based on archetypes. Bottles of wine are wrapped with colorful labels that contain humorous and sometimes downright cheeky sayings that help reinforce common archetypes.


“Lindsay, Stone & Briggs has a strategic planning process that’s based on archetypes. The process doesn’t end with a strategic plan but is embraced by our creative process as well. Design, art direction and voice are all carefully built around the brand archetype. The assignment was to find a way to demonstrate this belief to both our current and prospective clients in an interesting and well-designed way.”



“We wanted to find something we could send to clients that had some value that also demonstrated in a tangible way how we integrate strategy and creative archetypically. Enter wine. Wine has very distinct personalities that can be described archetypically so we did what any creative department would do—drank wine while working on a concept for each archetype. The result is a fun, interactive way for our clients to experience our process.”





Agency: Lindsay, Stone & Briggs
Client: Lindsay, Stone & Briggs
Designer: Kelly Marie Gutt
Designer: Kim Kelley
Project Manager: Carolyn Hartley
Project Manager: Sherry Shaffer
Developer: Boone Sesvold
Copywriter: Spencer McAfee-Gundrum
Copywriter: Eleanor Pierce
Chief Creative Officer: Bill Winchester
Agency Producer: Julie Herfel
Location: Madison, Wisconsin

from The Dieline Package Design Blog – The Dieline | Packaging & Branding Design & Innovation News

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