christmas cinnamon figgy swirl ice cream with praline

Ta daaaaah! As promised there will be a new recipe here each week between now and the new year – and first up is this gem of an ice cream that I created last year for the good people at Fisher & Paykel and Dish magazine. I am so excited to finally share it, because it really is such a bloody delicious and easy solution to Christmas dessert. The ice cream tastes like Christmas – with whisky (or brandy), ginger, figs and cinnamon all blended together in a luscious creamy base, and the praline provides that extra little bit of festive sparkle to make it even more fancy!

Right I  am literally posting this ‘on the run’ (or walk actually), I am just about to head out the door for my morning walk, Pog is upstairs in bed with Maggie and Dougal, and we have a busy day ahead – starting with the book signing at Karen Walker New market at midday. Henry is joining me which is so super cool, it will be a huge treat for me to have him there, and then we have a few jobs to run around and get done before heading off to Waiheke tomorrow. So, that’s it for now, really must fly – but more news next time…

from Stuck in the kitchen

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