With Muted Colors This Italian Craft Beer Line Is Bringing a Refreshing Look


Jona Sbarzaglia designed the packaging for Podere La Berta Winery & Brewery’s new line of Italian craft beers. The project beautifully marries muted tones and textured imagery in order to provide a refreshing take on the craft beer label.



“We stand for the dreamers and the determined ones that commit to make those desires come true. PLB is the Italian craft beer project of Podere La Berta winery and brewery. Water, yeast, barley malt, and hops are serious things, but at PLB they transform these titan ingredients to minor players within their identity. They want to keep alive the desire to play, to try out things, to get their hands dirty and experiment. It starts with their area, in Romagna, on the border with Tuscany- but they’d like to export their craft way of life even farther.

PLB is the quintessential meeting-place between history made and pages yet to be written, between a passion for the artisanal and a modern approach, just a vatful of style! The rebranding comes from this desire and this consciousness to be more colourful, but keeping the right mood; to take beer more seriously, but without losing the joyful, smart and playful approach to things.”



“Land – Seasons – Mud – Craftsmanship – Nature – Play – Human desires

These ingredients all together create the fundamentals to inspire the new brand where there is a new way of reading and embracing the story, and a wish for everyone to be part of the game and interpret that mood. The main inspiration comes from rugby, the game that the founder has always loved and followed since a spell living in the UK- a sport where you’re only as strong as your weakest link, and where every saying or move is associated to the bigger picture. We decided to link the dots among this energetic and team-oriented sport with nature and its seasons, soil and its colours, materials and textures.”




“Inspiration came from the human personality where aiming for the best means working and playing together. Each beer has an eye-catching representative image that wants to push the drinker forwards, without being didactive or banal. To stimulate a new way of reading and a new participation of the label, but also, more importantly, of the beer.”





Designed By: Jona Sbarzaglia

Client/Branding: Nicole Poggi

Photography: Annalisa Patuelli

Location: Italy

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