self-saucing choc coffee pudding

serves 8

Bloody hell – it is 3˚C as I write this (that’s 32˚F), which quite frankly is making the inclination to jump out of bed to go for my walk harder to muster…but I shall! Meanwhile today’s recipe is a self-saucing chocolate, coffee pudding, pretty much perfect for this freezing weather. I have also included a recipe for a dark chocolate coffee sauce – which you don’t strictly need as the pud makes it’s own sauce, it’s really just to be extra-decadent if you’re serving it up to guests, (and the sauce keeps well in the fridge for heating up to pour over ice cream). I’ve used ground almonds for the pudding, but hazelnut or walnut meal would also work well with the coffee/choc/liqueur combination.

Aaaand – crikey – this time next week I will be packed and ready to head away. I. Can’t. Wait. I feel like I have been hanging out for this holiday for at least six months – bring on the sunshine and the company of my men/boys. Henry has made a pit stop back home so I have had him here since Sunday which is such a bloody treat – he flies back to London on Friday, then Hoob and I follow next week together. He will have finished his exams and I will (she says) be up to date with my work, so we’ll both be primed to let loose! Other than that I have been enjoying my normal round of quiz nights and catching up with dear friends for drinks out and about, rugby, good food and whisky – fantastic! Oh – and I saw Ocean’s 8 the other day, and while the movie may not exactly be arthouse/rule-breaking, looking at the fashion is worth the ticket alone – particularly Cate Blanchett’s kick-arse style, can I please be her when I grow up? (Hahahahaha – might have missed that boat slightly…)

from Stuck in the kitchen

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