This Packaging Aims To Capture The Romantic Spirit of Italy


In 2015 moodley developed the new corporate design for Viani, a Germany based retailer for Italian delicacies. The last step was the revision of the packaging of Viani’s store brand. A quite important task, not least because customers get in touch with a culinary brand in retail mainly by the product’s orchestration. So what was needed was a packaging concept that offers a high recognition factor despite having such a huge range. The tomato products were supposed to play an important role in all of this.



Tomatoes have always been the base for the majority of Italian dishes – this is why tomato products – from Passata til Sugo – get treated differently. To make one feel romantic Italy when opening a Polpa tin, a special retro edition was created for tomato products: A tasty tomato red is staged prominently and the “Dolce Vita” was translated in an atmospheric packaging design. “That’s amore”, that’s what Dean Martin would say.




Designed By: moodley brand identity
Client: Antonio Viani Importe GmbH
Art Direction: Nora Obergeschwandner
Graphic Design: Nora Obergeschwandner
Consulting: Alex Rehm
Rollout: Antonio Viani Importe GmbH
Location: Vienna, Austria

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