perfect steak with herb butter, cauliflower puree & french-style carrots

serves 2

Good morning all you loved-up l’il couples out there – this is a recipe for you…perfectly cooked (more on that) steak with creamy, addictive cauliflower puree and ‘French-style’ baby carrots. OK, first up the perfectness of the steak is obviously open to debate as some people like theirs still mooing (apologies to the lovely vegos), and others like them incinerated. This cooking method is designed for big fat (5-6cm thick at least) steaks, and will leave the steak with a caramelised, seared exterior and a uniformly pink just-cooked (not the wobbly texture of ‘blue’ meat) inside. This results in my favourite textures, and  if I am going to eat a steak (which is a rare (pun intended) thing indeed), this is the only way I want it cooked. They are then topped with flavour-packed, grunty herb butter and served alongside my favourite pillowy cauliflower puree and just-cooked thyme and garlicky, honey-buttery (so many adjectives this morning- whaaat?) baby carrots. It is a quickly prepared, indulgent dinner for two and I’d love to hear if you try it! If you have your own perfect method for cooking steak as you like it, obviously just do that, and give the herb butter and sides a whirl…

Right then, what else is news? I have just finished an epic week working at My Food Bag in Parnell – crikey, it was full on. I was filling in for a stylist away on holiday, so prepping and plating/styling dishes for photography. MFB is such a slick operation I loved seeing a big-budget business dealing with what I do, and now just have to figure out how my modest budget would allow for a version of their lighting set-up – it was super impressive. It was also bloody fun and a welcome change to be working surrounded by a team rather than my normal solo-endeavours, but this week (actually starting this weekend) I must crack on in my normal way with a load of work ready to be done. Due to the busy week (and the absence of a few of my besties) I didn’t have a lot of energy left over for any social life, but did manage to squeak in one drink with a dear girlfriend which was just enough to keep me sane! Meanwhile Hoob has roared into his final semester at uni ‘firing on all cylinders’, which is bloody fabulous, and Pog is still working in the idyllic surrounds of Markington Hall before heading off to Greece and the completion of his European sojourn. (Missing my lovelies after our gorgeous holiday, thank God for my ridiculous schedule to keep me occupied!). Right, I haven’t exercised all week so it’s time to haul arse before getting stuck into some work. Bye for now, have a great weekend – more recipes coming again soon…

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