tomato baked eggs with prosciutto turkish toasts

Serves 4

Hungry? Can I make a suggestion for Sunday morning brunch (or easy dinner even) – eggs baked in a warming, spicy tomato sauce, rich and fragrant with the addition of salty feta and olives. To finish off the turkish toast fingers wrapped in crispy prosciutto made for dipping into the soft yellow yolks are bloody magic – frankly they’d make a great drinks nibble on a Sunday afternoon! This recipe is part of a ‘mediterranean brunch’ spread that I put together for my lovely friends at Dish magazine a while back, and it’s definitely a keeper – so easy to make and packed with flavour!

Right then, in other news Hoob is currently asleep in his room (hurrah) on a fleeting trip to Auckland. I only have him in my clutches for a little while but will be enjoying every minute! Meanwhile Henry is exploring the idyllic Greek island of Paros and in the last stage of his epic European adventure before beginning the journey back to New Zealand – it feels like he has been there for aaages. In my department it’s pretty much same ‘ole same ‘ole – lots of work on (shot my next Dish spread last week), and have a heap more lined up to get finished…but it’s all good though, I am incredibly lucky to love what I do, so for much of the time I lose myself in the creative flow and it doesn’t feel like work at all. Even so all work and no play makes me a dull girl (‘woman’ I should say, God who wants to be a middle-aged woman ‘girl’!?) and I have had some lovely catch ups with friends of late, including a night out when negronis were the celebratory drink of choice when the only cause for celebration was being in a great mood and getting out of the house! Tonight I am whipping up a wee Sunday night feast of chicken pie, kumara and potato mash and green beans for some of my dearest mates – a proper l’il homey Sunday night dinner. Right haha, am in bed as always and I need to get my walk done before Hoob wakes up – time to go! Have a great week ahead and see you soon…

from Stuck in the kitchen

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