Knot Living Comes With a Wonderful Minimalistic Look


Check out the wonderful minimalistic look for KNOT, a home goods company that wants to bring high-quality goods to consumers while also placing an emphasis on sustainability.

“KNOT living is a small family business, in which founders create a collection of home decor and lifestyle accessories inspired by nature and the idea of minimalism.”


“Our logo shows two knots connected to each other – for us it is a symbol of simplicity but in the same time it is a strong connection between us and our home, our family, and our life-work.

Our main goal is to create simple, beautiful and meaningful products for sustainable living. We believe that ‘less is more’ and we want to show a lifestyle in which people can buy less but live better.”




“All products are handmade and created by the founders in cooperation with their talented partners. The main values of this brand re high-quality, sustainability and minimalism. KNOT living creates only eco-friendly products. That’s why we chose beautiful, high-quality and sustainable materials to create a package that can be used in everyday life for years. Every little detail in this project is an extension of the brand’s philosophy – the philosophy of simple things.

“The main idea of the packaging design was to create a package with after usage life experience. So we chose beautiful, eco-friendly and high quality materials to create a collection that can be used in your everyday life for years.”







Designed By: Karina Zhukovskaya

Ceramics Manufacture: NOK ceramics

Location: Minsk, Belarus

from Blog – The Dieline | Packaging & Branding Design & Innovation News

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