kedgeree smoked fish pie

serves 4-6

Gooooood morning, and I hope you’re having a lovely weekend! I was thinking this could potentially be your perfect snuggy, Sunday night dinner – a smoked fish pie/kedgeree combo that is warming and comforting, with a wee spicy kick tempered by soft mashed spuds and a crunchy, crumbly topping. It is basically just bloody delicious, so don’t be put off by it’s less than stellar looks.

Crikey – it’s been a busy few weeks! As we speak (?) Pog is lying in bed eating peanut butter toast and drinking black coffee, while I’m lying in bed in my room drinking my second vat of tea and thinking I really must get up. Henry arrived at 4:30am Thursday, (which is basically the middle of the night) sick with a rotten sinus infection, but looking deceptively healthy with a dark tan and sun-streaked hair. Since then I have been guiltily working like a demon but still managed a few hours bargain hunting with him yesterday (excellent purchases), and watching movies on the couch – me with intermittently leaking eyes. While he has been recuperating I was back at My Food Bag (and for the next two weeks – so much fun doing the corporate thing for a change!) and shooting Dish. I am so excited about my next spread, not that I can tell you about it yet, but it’s so pretttttttty… Meanwhile darling Hoob messaged last night to say he had just dislocated his knee – bloody hell, it’s the fourth time, and it happened just while he was stretching. He managed to pop it back in (gross) but it can’t be good. So, flat situation, no ice, but anti-inflammatories and rest on the agenda, while a flat gig raged around him. (Musician flat mates – so cool).

And that’s my news for the moment – I have a rare day off tomorrow to spend with Pog, then it’s styling  at My Food Bag Tues – Thurs and shooting Fairfax on Friday…no rest for the wicked! I hope you’ll give the kedgeree smoked fish pie a whirl and enjoy it as much as I did.

from Stuck in the kitchen

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