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By: Casha Doemland

As you age, your skin does as well. You develop wrinkles, sun spots and the elasticity that used to snap back is now delayed or nonexistent. For some, that’s a hard pill to swallow and to combat it, they invest in skin care regimes and weekly facials or even switch up their diet and follow silly fads on the internet.

Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, a sought-after board-certified dermatologist with 40 years under her belt, has partnered up with a decade-old client, Myriam Zaoui Malka, an expert in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, nutrition and aromatherapy, to develop products that keep your face looking youthful and fresh.


The partnership began when Dr. Loretta presented her “skin exposed” concept to Myriam and asked if she would be interested in contributing her brand expertise and formulating products, as she had experience developing products and a brand of her own for The Art of Shaving.

For a year, the two, along with their husbands discussed the possibility of launching products under the name Dr. Loretta and decided to self-fund the anti-aging skincare line. Dr. Loretta’s daughter, Gina Ciraldo Stabile, even left her career as a lawyer to serve as CEO, which brings the business close to home.

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“As a dermatologist, my passion is helping women feel confident as they age,” says Malka. “That’s why I’ve created the first skincare line that protects from the four external factors – pollution, light, climate and irritants.”

According to their research, four factors play a roll in aging your skin.  Pollution both indoors and outdoors has been linked to age spots, while climate can deplete skin moisture. UVA light, as well as high energy visible light or blue light, can damage the skin and cause pigmentation or redness. Lastly, irritants can cause inflammations and even enhance wrinkles prematurely.

“We are a clean dermatologist line, and our medical grade actives are often ‘bio-inspired’ by naturally occurring ingredients or ‘bioidentical’ to naturally occurring components of young healthy skin,” starts Dr. Loretta. “For example, we use a synthetic ingredient called Chromobright that is bioinspired by Vitamin E to be an effective fade ingredient that protects skin from damage done by UV and visible light.”

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The brand avoids using unhealthy ingredients like sulfates, parabens, artificial dyes/fragrances, phthalates and triclosan linked irritations or inflammations that can result in the breakdown of collagen and ultimately accelerate the aging process.

Malka also served as the creative lead for brand creation, packaging, website and social media. “I had a very precise vision of using a clay color palette with a matte, soft-touch texture to evoke a delicate, natural and confident woman’s personality for Dr. Loretta’s brand,” says Malka. To achieve the brand’s medical and feminine feel, Malka chose pastel pink, grey and white for the brand’s distinctive look.

“My design philosophy is ‘less is more,'” adds Malka. “I was looking for soft curves and a bare, sleek style.”







From there, symbols depicting the four types of external factors were created and placed on the containers and packages to let consumers know which products helped with the aspect that ages your skin. For example, Dr. Loretta’s Intense Brightening Cream fights against all four and “is used to brighten the duller tones that arise from aging as well as age spots and hyperpigmentation from acne scar,” chimes in Dr. Loretta.

Impressively, everything was produced in a brief 18-month window, from creating the formulas and a brand voice to finding the ideal packaging.

As Dr. Loretta’s continues to hit the ground running, they’re gearing up for new releases in the coming months including a broad-spectrum SPF 41 for HEV Light and pollution protection. They have put immense thought into each product, from the ingredients in the formulas to the packaging it arrives in because they believe that “greatness is in details” and they want to ensure your skin receives the best treatment.  



LA-based and Georgia-bred, Casha Doemland spends her days crafting poetry and freelance writing. Over the last two years, she’s been published in a variety of publications and zines around the world. When she’s not nerding out with words, you can catch her watching a classic film, trekking around the globe or hanging out with a four-pound Pomeranian.

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