TaylorMade — The Green is Greener on the Other Side

“Good packaging is a creative solution to a business challenge. In the case of TaylorMade, that challenge was simple: to sell more golf balls quickly while clearly communicating TaylorMade’s product superiority on a shelf dominated by competitors.”

—Derek Springston, Creative Director, Moxie Sozo



TaylorMade is loved for its 40-year history of developing innovative, performance-driven products for amateur and professional golfers alike. Players like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, and Jason Day have played its products to countless wins on the national stage. Even those new to the sport know the TaylorMade brand as an industry leader in golf clubs, bags, and other accessories. Brand affinity reached into every corner of the category but one: golf balls.

Despite consumers’ reverence for TaylorMade golf clubs, few consumers gave their golf balls the same respect. Despite superior products and professional representation, sales for TaylorMade golf balls fell short of those of other leading brands in the category.



TaylorMade engaged Boulder-based creative studio Moxie Sozo to reimagine the brand’s on-shelf presence. To succeed, the new packaging would need to be disruptive and engaging, challenging consumers’ purchase habits and inspiring them to try something new. Moxie Sozo did precisely that, using a combination of design and production techniques—including custom typefaces, 3D-graphics, multi-level embossing, debossing, spot gloss, matte finishes, and custom die cuts—to effectively communicate the advanced technology and superior quality of the ball.





Within months, TaylorMade gained substantial market share, grew its audience base and significantly advanced its market position. Perhaps more importantly, the packaging is helping consumers to experience the TaylorMade brand they trust in an aisle they may not have thought to look for it.


Agency: Moxie Sozo
Designers: Derek Springston, Nate Dyer, Kris Haro, Ivan Rocha
Client: TaylorMade
Location: United States

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