Get Your Build On With Primo’s Toy Blocks


The project’s objectives were to create playful packaging for the Cubetto Playset and all its expansion packs. The purpose was to create a consistent range look across all packs, and a format that can be repeated for future products. The design had to communicate the functionality of all the products through product photography, copy, and illustrations.

The idea is to walk customers through from first grabbing their attention to slowly explaining the products. As these are to be sold in store as well as online, the use of colour is important to make packs stand out. Designs were created to be free of clutter to reinforce the idea of quality.




One of the toy’s main characteristics is the materials from which it’s made: warm and tactile natural wood, which separates it from all the other coding toys present on the market. The packaging had to reflect the idea of something made with natural materials but incorporating contemporary technology at the same time.

The target audience is mums and dads with children of primary school age looking for toys that add value to their child’s lives. They have a broad understanding of programming through what their kids are learning at school, and it’s important for the packaging to reinforce this.



From a marketing objectives point of view, the packaging is a key sales tool. In the majority of cases this will constitute a consumer’s first interaction with Primo, therefore all packs need to clearly spell out the function, benefits and brand ethos.

With a big focus on coding and programming, the packaging needs to capture Primo Toys as the brand that teaches kids to program.

The outer sleeves illustrate the product and what can be found inside the box, all featuring the brand’s contradistinctive cream background. The colours of the images are bright and bold, giving to the packaging the feeling of something fun.


On one of the sides of the packaging there is always an illustrated image of the toy itself as represented in all the Cubetto stories, in order to give children and parents a clue of all the adventures they’ll be able to discover with the toy/expansion pack.

Under the sleeves we have a raw, almost plain cardboard box. The cardboard is natural and elegant, distinguished only by a small black illustration on the top.

The “playful” diecut of the boxes was created in collaboration with Burgopak, a company specialising in providing exciting alternatives to the plain cardboard box. In the Cubetto Playset, on the opening of the package, the friendly face of Cubetto emerges from the cut, while on the other side some colours peek from the holes in the cardboard, hinting at an adventure which is about to be discovered.






On the Adventure Maps and expansion packs (Logic Blocks and Directional Blocks), a wavy cut separates the user from the product. The same wave, representing the sea, can be found in all the books and maps from our range.

The products were available on Kickstarter in June and July 2017, and through the Primo Toys website later in 2017. There were also available at a number of limited run pop-up events, for example at the Primo Toys x Appear Here pop-up store in NYC in October/November 2017 and at the Science Museum London in December 2017. The products are also available on Amazon US and Europe.



Consultancy: BurgoPak

Designer: Federica Orlati, Senior Visual Designer at PrimoToys

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