Check Out The Dynamic Packaging For These Brews


Halisten Studio designed this dynamic packaging for Monyo Brewing Co.

“Monyo Brewing Co is a craft microbrewery based in Budapest, Hungary. They are producing various beers with quality ingredients, all of their products have a unique identity and made for a personal style of taste.”


“The studio was invited to participate in the redesign of their branding and packaging. The task was to create a unified and recognizable layout with different styles for each product. They chose to redesign their logo and labels completely, and selected five of their beers to show our concept. These five beers include two types with fictitious names (Black Alligator and Invisible Bikini), two types with descriptive names (Black Ipa and White Ipa) and a premium one (Franky Four Fingers).”



“The logo was designed in the spirit of representing their current progressive and tripping punky style. We also chose plain and vibrant colors to support the simple logotype and to make the base of the identity as clear as possible, so the illustrations can have the greater role. Labels in each category (normal, premium etc.) have the same layout. Vector illustrations were made for the beers with fictitious names and a playful background for the beers with descriptive names. Both beers have handwritten names, made with brush in order to soften the hard edges of the vector illustrations.”






Art Direction: Halisten Studio

Client: Monyo Brewing Company

Typography, Layout, Lettering: János Kőrös

Illustration: Gergő Gilicze

Location: Budapest, Hungary

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