Beauty & Pin-Ups

Images of pin-up girls will be proof forever how undeniably magnetic the quality of confidence truly is. This line of hair products and tools, redesigned by Brick Design, encourages women to “Love it. Live it. Own it.”

“Beauty & Pin-ups is a line of salon hair products and tools. The original name and idea was the brainchild of the celebrity hairstylist Priel Maman. After an initial launch of a few products the company was bought by Level Beauty Group who then hired Brick Design to rebrand the line with 7 products and an iron. The new branding was launched late 2015 and with a new partnership with distributor BSG is now getting into stores and shows around the world. The design is a nod to the classic pin-up including artists like Alberto Vargas.”

Instead of hiding the ampersand in the Beauty & Pin-Ups name, it is instead used as the perfect backdrop for each pin-up girl. These old retro images featured ladies doing household chores, fixing cars, lounging around the house, and often doing typical, mundane activities. Instead of setting the scene with an illustrated background, the ampersand is the perfect thing for each illustration to center around. Aside from the faded colors of each illustration, the packaging is mostly black and white, allowing the images to truly pop. The packaging is also incredibly clean and modern-looking, creating a nice juxtaposition between the retro images and the clean, minimal design. Although the women represented on the products lack diversity, the real essence of the brand is clear: effortless beauty achieved by using their products.


Designed by: Brick Design

Client: Level Beauty Group

Country: United States

City: San Francisco, CA

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

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