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The travellers are joined by a full-time adventurer, Barrett Caldwell, Marianne’s son who also happens to have a car. This enables them to reach more rural goodness in the days ahead. The loft in Sarlat feels like their own, overlooking a convenient but remote residential square on on side, off the back balcony, the church and her bells. A cafe lies just beneath – it’s perfect, the ideal place for simple trekking in this Foie Gras capital.

After gathering typical fresh, seasonal foods and a baguette from local vendors, they strike out in search of the perfect picnic spot, and happen upon the village of Beynac and a subsequent stone farmhouse outside of town. The goal to live the rural life of the French seems very close here. Morning chores beckon, with endearing donkeys awaiting their feed, tobacco to be gathered for drying, and a walk in the pasture to forage simple floral gifts from nature for the day’s table. Time for such simple pleasures is peace-giving. The daily ritual of the Boulanger yields a fresh baguette to be enjoyed with local farm fresh cheeses, fruit and jam. The simple spread allows for gathering together, French coffee and conversation. This is followed by a leisurely dirt drive walk in the sunshine among all the sounds of nature. The visitors are changed and inspired, in agreement that the pace of living, the fresh, simple eating, and the value on relationships is much to be admired and learned from. They leave a part of their hearts there and bring a lifestyle back with them (although they quickly learn that you cannot separate the two!) So, France… until we meet again… thank you for the love.

April 18, 2016 at 12:30AM

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