120WaterAudit Water Testing Kit

Having clean drinking water has become more of an issue this past year than ever before with states in the US like Michigan unable to maintain health conditions due to contaminated water. Knowing such a devastating matter was effecting thousands of lives, 120WaterAudit wanted to help. In collaboration with Co-motion Studio, they created and packaged a water testing kit for businesses and consumers. The kit provides a convenient way to frequently test your water for unhealthy contaminants. 

This incredible kit is packaged with a strong brand identity that speaks words about the issue in a beautiful way, emphasizing the quality for their product. A plastic bottle sits nestled in a cardboard box ready to be labeled and shipped. Infographics add a playful vibe to the packaging with step-by-step instructions that are so easy, even a kid can do it.



The kit needed to weigh less than a pound and fit in a residential mailbox. Every kit includes: 

• a bottle to collect your water sample 

• a chain of custody sticker for lab processing 

• a box seal for return mailing 

• two swag stickers to share with family and friends 




“On the inside flap of the box, a customer will find instructions on how to collect their water sample. Iconography was used to depict the customer action for each step. A custom die was created to safely secure the water sample during shipment. The design of an inside panel was used to indicate the fill line for each water sample.”




Designers: Stacey McClure & Jon McClure 

Printer: Welch Packaging

Designed by Co-motion Studio

Client: 120WaterAudit 

Country: United States

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Job of the Week: Epoca International Inc


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Epoca International Inc designs, manufactures, imports and distributes award winning houseware products. Most of our products are craft coffee/ tea preparation, cookware or entertaining pieces. We are looking for a graphic designer that specializes in packaging design and production.

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Get Ready for a Night Out with Glam by Manicare Packaging

Too often, fake eyelashes or nails are packaged in a way that feels like it’s geared towards teenagers. Glam by Manicare is a sophisticated line of beauty products that will make you feel beautiful, elegant, and—well, glam. Sonja Wilson worked on the refresh for this packaging, making it sleek and modern with a hint of femininity.



“Glam By Manicare is a sub brand of Australian Beauty Tools & Accessories brand, Manicare. Their aim is to introduce a newer, younger audience to the master brand with transformative beauty products such as false lashes & nails.”

“Lashes are a key growth driver for the brand with over 20 skus, however shopper insight suggested a significant barrier to trial/purchase; consumers were unclear on how to select. Also suggested was a lack of personality; that previous packaging was dated, OTT & didn’t encompass the brand essence of cheeky, fun and youthful.”



“We conducted a packaging revamp to introduce clear on-pack segmentation including naming, a diamond system/scale & colour-coding to communicate lash intensity. Being Australia’s #1 Lash Brand, we chose to retain high-equity, recognisable elements including the logo, black & gold base colours and die-cut circle showing a single lash. To inject personality, our approach was to re-shape the die-cut into a cheeky, fun shape; (A cheeky ‘wink’ which was the design fundamental carried across to Nail packaging with a die-cut nail shape).”

“Since re-launching Glam by Manicare packaging in 2015, the master brand has enjoyed significant growth.”


Designed by: Sonja Wilson

Art Direction & Design Lead: Sonja Wilson

Contributor: How.

Client: McPherson’s Consumer Products

Country: Australia

City: Sydney

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Chiri Dried Fruits Packaging Highlights the Organic Ingredients

Chiri Dried Fruits area made from natural ingredients and fresh produce, and what’s the best way to communicate this to the consumers? By letting them see it for themselves. BRID – Branding Agency developed packaging that features images of the fresh fruits on the packaging and a cut out to see the mouthwatering product inside. It’s an irresistible and easy (and healthy!) treat the entire family will crave.





“This is new Product from Georgia. It contains the highest quality of organic natural ingredients. At this moment we have only 4 product with different ingredients—apple and pear, 2 types of plums and persimmon. The packages are looking natural and global among other brands.”


Designed by: BRID – Branding Agency

Art Director/Graphic Designer: Ia darakhvelidze

Logo Designer: George Chichinadze

Graphic Designer: Gaga Turmanishvili

Country: Georgia

City: Tbilisi

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Elegant Details in CherryHills Market Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Packaging

We’re suckers for fine details like the ones on these labels for CherryHills Market Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. With a classic appearance and energetic pops of color, it brings a unique personality to the shelf that makes it an instant standout. Designed by Jenny Pfost, both labels have a unique look but still clearly belong to the same brand, building up trust in the consumer and also allowing for expanding other product lines in the future.

“CherryHills Market sells premium home goods in several locations across Southern California. In the summer of 2016, the brand launched a line of olive oils and balsamic vinegars with packaging by L.A.-based designer Jenny Pfost.”

“The labels are both traditional and approachable, contrasting dark elegance with playful color pops and exaggerated typography. The intricacy of the gold lines imply a careful craftsmanship in the product, while the bold pastel text keeps the design welcoming.”


Designed by: Jenny Pfost

Designer: Jenny Pfost

Client: CherryHills Market

Copywriter: Walker Pfost

Country: United States

City: Los Angeles, CA

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2hGF3XA

Woodcut Barrel Rested Gin: Your G&T’s New Best Friend

Your G&T’s just got way better. Fresh Bread Design developed the packaging design for Woodcut Barrel Rested Gin, a new spirit from Temple Distilling. The label is perfect parts elegant and mysterious with ornate details that truly add character to the gin.



“Woodcut Barrel Rested Gin needed to maintain a family resemblance to the award winning Chapter One gins Temple Distilling has been creating the past year, while showcasing the warmth several months in a bourbon barrel will bring. We know this is a top shelf product that will be a staple for craft cocktails so we crafted hand lettered typography and elegant custom scrollwork inspired by vintage woodcuts.”

“We made very subtle changes to the original Chapter One dieline to continue brand recognition while still differentiating this as a different product on the shelf. Too many embellishments can be overkill but we took the risk of using high build screen varnishes, embossing and lots of gold foil. We paid special attention to balancing these embellishments to create a sense of harmony, rather than conflict, and increase the tactile experience. The result is a label that doesn’t just look great, it feels great as well.”


Designed by: Fresh Bread Design

Client: Temple Distilling

Printer: Labels West Inc.

Photographer: Josh VonJentzen

Country: United States

City: Seattle, WA

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Årets sista dag, ja till och med årets sista timme blev det innan jag hann kika in till Er.
Nu går jag vidare,  för från och med i morgon, första dagen på det nya året 2017 flyttar jag över till egen domän @mycasa.se


Det har varit en stor ära för mig att få blogga för en sånt fint magasin som Sköna Hem, men efter drygt 3 år känner jag mig redo att klara mig på egen hand.
Helt på egen hand blir jag iochförsig inte.
Ni som följer branschpressen vet att tre av mina duktiga bloggkollegor också flyttar ut.
Maria/HusligheterMonica/Hemmafix och inom kort även Helena/Hemma med Helena vi kommer fortsätta att samarbeta i framtiden på olika sätt, vilket blir fantastiskt roligt.
Härliga och bra kollegor är alltid viktigt att ha!

nyår 2016_myrberg


Så ändra gärna era bokmärken,  -jag hoppas självklart att ni följer med- nu hittar ni mig istället på @mycasa.se.  

Men först tar vi våra glas i handen och går ut i den -ljumma- natten,
säger adjö till det gamla året och välkomnar det nya med öppna armar.
Hoppas verkligen att det blir en fint år …
För VÄRLDEN för oss ALLA!

Varmt tack för den här tiden.
Jag väljer att inte säga HEJDÅ, jag säger på återseende,
vi ses 2017 och då på annan adress.
Nu höjer jag mitt glas och önskar ER ALLA

stor & varm kram   Å S A







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New Year’s restorative breakfast – starting 2017 right

Happy New Year!!!!!!!! As you know I have been really looking forward to seeing the back end of last year, so I am bloody beside myself that it is finally 2017. Bring it on is all I have to say. I have a huge year planned with the publication of my first book here in New Zealand, possibly Australia and (with every fibre of my being I hope) in the United States. Last year I had a good few months of eating cheese and crackers and drinking whisky for dinner (the end of a marriage is tough), but was happily just getting my act together by the end of the year. Then Christmas happened and things went rapidly down-hill – champagne at breakfast, cocktails at 4pm, endless glasses of wine – falalalala! Then that kind of rolled on into the holidays, and with the relief of getting to the end of the year and making it through the festive season it was pretty much a free-for-all.
But day 1 of 2017 and this year I am determined to get back to looking after myself, it’s going to be super-important with all the stuff I want to achieve. I absolutely love yoga (ohmmm) and going for long walks, but while I love exercise and wholesome eating, I am not into mega-extremes – it is my belief that deprivation isn’t necessary to live a healthy life, moderation is. Any waaay, enough words, here you have my healthier take on the traditional fry-up – just as satisfying and nourishing as the old fashioned fried sausages and eggs, but with fresh, spicy flavours: wholemeal grainy toast topped with soft, herby home-made labneh (yoghurt cheese), tender asparagus, creamy avocado, a poached egg and a good sprinkling of fragrant dukkah. So much good stuff! Wholegrain bread for fibre, vitamin rich asparagus and avocado, salmon for it’s lovely omega 3s, egg and labneh for protein and (the labneh) for calcium. Wishing you an absolutely stellar start to the new year – wherever you are I hope you are surrounded by friends and loved ones, but if not – you get this brekky all to yourself 🙂
(PS – as this recipe has a loverly sponsor I also have a $150 prize to give away – head on down to the bottom of the recipe for details!)

Herby labneh:
1/2 cup picked basil leaves
1/2 cup packed coriander leaves
1 large garlic clove, crushed
finely grated zest of 1 lemon
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon toasted cumin seeds
1/4 teaspoon chilli flakes
450grams natural yoghurt
Put all of the ingredients in a small food processor and whiz to combine. (You could also use a stick blender for this). Wet a 50cm square of muslin, fold it in half and pop it in a sieve over a bowl. Pour in the yoghurt, then draw up the sides and twirl the top so that the liquid is gently squeezed out. Leave like this in the fridge – 4-6 hours for a soft spreadable labneh, and over night for a firmer consistency. 
2-4 eggs
 10 small asparagus spears
2-4 slices wholemeal toast
2/3 cup labneh (see above)
1 small avocado, sliced
2 tablespoons dukkah
This bit goes without saying really! While the eggs are poaching, blanch the asparagus by dropping it into simmering water for 1 minute. Drain the asparagus and refresh under cold running water. Spread the toast with labneh and top with asparagus, salmon and avocado then top with a poached egg and a sprinkling of dukkah. Serves 2
PS – if you’ve made it this far you deserve a reward, I have a $150 Prezzy card to give away. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below telling me what recipe you would like to see in my new recipe book! The winner will be announced on Facebook, and with a reply comment on the blog, on 16th January. If it’s you – you must contact me with your details by Monday 30th January so I can organise the prize 🙂 (Competition only available in New Zealand) Good luck!

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