Tattoo Mall’s Packaging is Designed To Be Friendly

Russian agency Openmint designed this fun, colorful packaging for Tattoo Mall, an online tattoo equipment retailer. The packaging features tattoo-inspired graphics that make the products seem less intimidating and more accessible in general.

“ is one of the biggest online tattoo equipment’s seller in Russia. This is the guide into the world of tattooing for everybody — from beginners to professionals.

 The task was to lift the brand in the competitive environment and to invite the beginners who would like to try their hand in tattooing.”

“We show that the tattoo is not a closed subculture, but rather an open space for anyone who wants to try. We created images showing how the tattooing naturally becomes part of life of many different people.The images are fun and ironic. We believe that this visual language would not scare a beginner with excessive severity, and would make a professional smile.”


Art Direction, Design & Illustration: Openmint
Visualization: Yegor Kumachov
Location: Moscow, Russia

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Vancouver Distillery’s Art Nouveau Labels

Canadian agency Palms designed the Art Nouveau driven packaging for a variety of spirits from Sons of Vancouver Distillery.

“Palms worked closely with really really small batch distillery Sons of Vancouver (SOV) to create a brand and packaging that reflect the hands-on consideration of their distilling process. 

Inspired by the ornateness of Art Nouveau, the identity system elevates SOV while maintaining their independent vibe. Illustrations created in-house pair with custom wordmarks to suit each spirit and emphasize a handmade feel.”








Designed By: Palms
Location: Vancouver, Canada

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Athenian Design Agency Channels Nocturnal Animals For This Microbrewery

Design agency Symbolic created a beautiful packaging and identity system for Athenian Microbrewery Noctua with custom lettering and illustrations that reflect the ethos of the brand. Noctua is the first and only Microbrewery in Athens; read more about their story here. 


“Noctua is the first microbrewery based in Athens Greece. The brewers requested an unconventional approach towards beer branding, aiming to differentiate from the big brewers in the market. The name and image derives from one of the oldest symbols of the city, the Athenian owl, or rather it’s scientific Latin name, Athene Noctua which translates to nocturnal Athenian.”







Designer: Symbolic

Client: Noctua Microbrewery

Printing: Label Press

Location: Athens, Greece

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Barebones Has Got All Your Basic Product Needs Covered

If you like to get your hands dirty or go camping, these high-caliber products from Barebones might come in handy. Process AG designed and manufactured the packaging, which features the use of wood.

“Barebones has developed high-quality products to help provide the basic needs around the globe. From lighting to essential tools, Barebones has been providing its customers with long-lasting, durable products. Process AG designed and manufactured custom wood packaging to help reposition the company to new targeted retail channels.”

“The custom wood packaging we used for Barebones is made from Paulownia: an eco-friendly, low cost material that has the high-quality feel. We added a dark stain finish to the wood to increase the presence of the package against the cream based background. The focus was on the product allowing the premium packaging to stand out while taking a back seat. This custom wood package can be shelved, stacked, or hung on a peg. From concept design to manufacturing management this was a Process Ag collective effort with our US and overseas manufacturing teams.”





Design & Manufacturing: Process AG
Location: Salt Lake City, UT

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The Beautiful Nature Inspired Packaging for Badger

BrandOpus has designed a unique Collector’s Edition bottle for Hall & Woodhouse’s signature brew Badger which has picked up a coveted D&AD Graphite pencil.

Like the beautifully balanced brew, bringing together hints of marmalade and toffee, with spices of ginger and clove, the extraordinary bottle is a realisation of a project lead by passion and the notion of craft. The 75cl bottle is shaped like a badger’s head, decorated in the familiar black and white stripes, with the nose represented by a corked neck adorned with a hand-waxed seal. The bottle is presented in a cylindrical tube depicting the scene of a badger’s sett, made from untreated craft stock paper. The concept sees the badger emerge from his cosy, leafy sett upon opening the package.



‘”The Badger”’ is a project that the whole team feels extremely proud of” Said Paul Taylor, Executive Creative Director, BrandOpus. “A large amount of passion, craft and patience has gone into the realisation of this uniquely brewed distinctive limited edition ale in order to create a bottle that emulates the badger itself nestled comfortably in its leafy ‘sett’ presentation sleeve. The simplicity and charm of the visual idea creates a truly unique and desirable collectable for the ale connoisseur.”

“We are very excited about this Collector’s Edition.” Said Anna Corbett, Marketing Manager Badger Ales. “It’s been a labour of love, and a long time coming, but now it’s here and it’s quite remarkable. BrandOpus’ incredibly creative bottle design really helps give the brew its own unique personality. Whether you’re a long time loyal to Badger, or are new to the brand, it’s a must have collectable or gift option”.

 Badger’s Collector’s Edition is available to buy from the brewery’s Dorset based shop.


Designed By: BrandOpus
Location: United Kingdom

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Hunting Trail – Intense and Wild

Pond Design created the design for Hunting Trail, a Swedish red wine.

“Spring Wine & Spirits, one of the largest breweries in Sweden, made a strategic decision to invest in their private brand. Pond Design was asked to develop a new wine concept for red wine. The target group that was previously identified (hunters) needed to be explored and verified. Targeting the huge hunters’ community, the concept we developed had hunting cues that are only understood and cherished by the hunting tribe. The Red Deer and the woods became the focal points of the design; the deer being the finest animal in the Nordic forest and most desired trophy. The name reflected the way the hunter follows the animals’ trail. We used an orange colour to highlight design details as a tribute to commonly found orange details in hunting clothes. We also developed a box with visual cues from the hunters’ world.”




Designed By: Pond Design
Client: Spring Wine & Spirits AB
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

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