Vitamin-Enriched Water with a Color and Flavor Pop


Proof that vitamin-enriched beverages can be insanely elegant. Designed by mousegraphics for Nongfu company, the bottles look crisp and refreshing with intense hues juxtaposed by the pearly labels.

The briefing: “We want a packaging that will inform consumers of the product’s advantages without scaring them away.”

The target consumer: “Chinese market as well as international consumers.”



The design: “The vitamin-enriched water of Nongfu company demanded a carefully balanced design approach that would convey the product’s medicinal qualities without creating an unfriendly or niche-like overall look. We decided to emphasize the container component of the packaging and designed a new one that points to the shape of a pharmaceutical capsule. The obloid bottle calls forward, in an immediate, almost subliminal way, the science that generated the particular water, while the specific symbols on its semitransparent surface serve as indexes of the various health benefits within the specific product range. A large V shape—that stands for both, the product name, ‘Victory’ and its key ingredient, ‘Vitamin’—dominates each container, sharply pointing to the health-related info on the bottle while also echoing the color/flavor/quality variant in the bottle.”



Designed by: mousegraphics

Country: Greece

City: Athens

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Hot Dog! Dachshunds Inspired this Adorable Pet Snack Packaging Concept


Make your dog’s dreams come true. Burjui Agency designed the concept packaging for HOT DOG sausages for dogs, that truly takes it a step above other pet treats. Using the recognizable form of a Dachshund, the packaging slides open to reveal an ultra happy pup. The typeface is fun and playful, adding in some personality to the brand.








“The new hero of the Hot Dog dog sausage packaging was the fun Dachshund, which becomes happier and longer by weaving the incredibly delicious and healthy sausages for your pet’s growth. The design of Hot Dog packaging reflected the whole concept of a new product for your pets. The more your dog sits on these wonderful sausages, the farther you shift the fur coat and the more the dachshund depicted on the package becomes. The happiness of your pet is getting longer with our Hot Dog sausages.”



Designed by: Burjui Agency

Creative Director: David Hovhannisyan

Country: Russia

from The Dieline Package Design Blog – The Dieline | Packaging & Branding Design & Innovation News