Great Circle Coffee

Great Circle came to market with the goal of leading the craft coffee industry and design agency Pilot partnered with the company on a cross-functional role, from polishing the brand story to naming the business – all the way to crafting their packaging and building the web presence. 

The team at Pilot strategically set out to build the brand from the foundation up. During the naming generation process, the name Great Circle quickly rose to the top. “It spoke directly to their ‘high tide lifts all boats’ philosophy, while also being a geographical reference to the earth’s equator and coffee belt that parallels it. It was a natural fit. The tagline ‘Roasted with Care’ enforced their mission statement while also bringing context to them as a roastery.”

“A heart was a natural concept for the identity. It spoke directly to their passion for the product and compassion of their mission. The construction was also designed to incorporate a “G” for Great Circle while overall reflecting the forms of the cross section of a coffee bean. We paired the heart icon with a palette of typography that pulled its inspiration from times when handcrafted goods were the norm.”

“The final packaging solution was a dynamic label system that utilized one common label size for both singleorigin and blend roasts to simplify logistics and lower the required packaging inventory. As a small roastery, the single product label allowed Great Circle flexibility to bring a small run of products to market. We paired a bright colour with the utilitarian typography to easily communicate different product segments. Over-arching brand information was fit into one label on the back of the packaging to succinctly communicate Great Circle’s mission.” 

A well thought, powerful and well-crafted brand identity package that differentiates Great Circle from the competitors.







Creative Direction: Erik Weikert, Bill Concannon

Design: Sean Morse

Copywriting: Chris Antonowich, Marcelo Urjel, Sergio Boppel

Designed by Pilot

Client: Great Circle Coffee

Country: United States

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Always Fresh Redesign

Boxer & Co. were briefed to revitalize the Always Fresh brand and its 100+ strong range of packs and imbue it with excitement and emotional engagement. 

The old design was black and white and had been replicated by several other brands. As research confirmed, the shelf was dark, dingy and confusing. There was limited emotional connection or relevance and a real need to brighten & lighten the Aisle. 

All of Always Fresh’s product is made in The Mediterranean. In a time when provenance & brand story is translating to a new premium, it felt right to bring to life the abundance and authenticity of the region on the new packaging design. Since ancient times, The Mediterranean has been a region known for its farms, markets and providores… bursting with nature’s bounty. 

“There is a genuine connectivity story to tell about The Mediterranean. There, food stands for connecting with friends and family and bringing together the right mix of people for a special time. Traits that the Always Fresh brand was keen to embody.” 
Gwen Blake, Managing Director, Boxer & Co. 

The Always Fresh target market is broad and transcends life stages, but is united by a passion for good food. The strategic positioning ‘The Good Life’ was arrived at the design stemmed from this joy of delicious food and sharing it with the people you love. 

The Mediterranean countryside produces foods with an unparalleled depth of flavour, vibrant colours and wonderful aromas. Boxer & Co. and the Always Fresh team needed to capture this on the packaging. 

The final design centres around a carefully crafted circular logo, the top half of which houses wood-carving style illustrations of a Mediterranean landscape, depicting the story of provenance. The bottom half features an olive picker which drives home the hand-crafted nature of the product and the lid seal device gives artisan cues. EST 1977 portrays the element of heritage that the brand should rightly own. The ALWAYS FRESH brand mark is bold and white and sits proudly in the centre of the logo, ensuring stand-out and memorability. The logo brings over a small amount of equity from the previous logo in its black, white and gold colouring. 



Around the logo, four images form a quadrant, which takes its inspiration from colourful tiles found frequently in the Mediterranean. The four pictures follow the same pattern on every pack; a coloured tile pattern, a Mediterranean landscape, a macro piece of detail from the region, like a door, a window or a serving suggestion. The bottom right quarter is an image of the product, shot in a relaxed and fresh style and overlapping the logo to bring modernity and dimension to the design. 

“When ranged together onshelf, the packs combine to give a bountiful vibrancy of colour, food and tiles, reminiscent of the Mediterranean.” 
Mark Haygarth, Creative Director, Boxer & Co. 

Always Fresh: Share the pleasure of true Mediterranean flavour.


Creative Director: Mark Haygarth

Designed by Boxer & Co.

Country: Australia

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Volunteers Wanted!

Are you in the London area September 14 & 15? 
We are in need for volunteers in the London area who are energetic, love design, packaging and who would like to be part of our The Dieline Awards 2016 exhibit in London! 

Where: Olympia London for Packaging Innovation & The Dieline Conference September 14 & 15

A: West and Central Halls, Olympia
Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UX

Compensation: Attending The Dieline Conference London and Packaging Innovation expo for free!

How to contact:
Please indicate what day (September 14 or 15 and time from 10:00am – 16:00pm and we would prefer blocks of 3-4 hours).
In the email header: London Volunteer




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Tiger Beer Turns Air Pollution Into Ink

This pen is like no other! Designed by Marcel Sydney and Graviky Labs, air pollution is transformed into ink through a series of tools that attach to pollution emitters like the tailpipes of cars. Once in place, the device captures any raw carbon and soot that might seep into the air. That is then put through a purification process to ensure its safe for anyone to use. 

“The streets are not only a great place to drink Tiger, they’re also the place where creativity, ideas and passion are born,” Mie-Leng Wong, director of international brands at Tiger Beer, Heineken Asia Pacific, said in a statement. “By using our entrepreneurial spirit to repurpose pollution into ink, the lifeblood of creativity, we’re giving creative people the tools to enhance their streets, and empowering inventors like Anirudh to take small but impactful actions against air pollution.” 

“In the last few decades, Asia has grown exponentially. But this growth has come at a cost: air pollution. We asked ‘what if we could turn the ugliness in our air into something beautiful?'”

Here is the film that tells the story. Even the supers and animations were created with Air-Ink:

“We created a full range of Air-Ink products for street artists to use. Pen, markers, spray paint and even refill bottles. We launched the idea at an event in Hong Kong using street artists to create murals all over the city with our ink and message.”


Director: Joel Kefali
Executive Producer: Juliet Bishop
Technology Partner: Graviky Labs
Technology Director: Anirudh Sharma
Location Credits: Jacob’s Garage, Indusspray, Pavithra, 80 Edifice (Bengaluru,
Producer: Andrew McLean
DOP: Lachlan Milne
Editor: Simon Njoo
Post Production: Palace
Music Producer: Juan Woodbury & Christine Bilich
Music Company: Squeak E Clean
Productions Creative Director (Music): Justin Hori
Sound Design: Rumble Song
Writers: Justin Hori & Alberto Mejia
Song: “Inked”

Designed by Marcel Sydney 

Country: Australia

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Kute Cake Artisan Cupcakes

Kute Cake is an artisan cupcake start-up that is going to make you wish you lived in London. They turned to IWANT design for branding, design, and packaging to make them stand out on the sweets front.

“Cupcakes are everywhere right? So how do you make a small artisan product cut through? Kute came to us at the end of 2014 to help them with their packaging. They had been through a long and expensive branding process, they had an identity but weren’t overly enthusing about it, whereas they gushed endlessly about their product—and rightly so. After a little convincing we agreed that they needed to re-think the brand so they could be as excited about that as they were about the product… so we got to work.”

“We created four different box sizes, each utilising a brand colour, with inner fitments to hold the cakes securely. Bags were also designed to hold the boxes comfortably to ensure the cupcakes are always delivered as good as when just made.”




Kute Cake is undoubtedly adorable. The logo is almost like a light, fluffy cloud, and the pastel colors on the boxes elicit happiness and youth. Photography for the brand gives it a bit of personality, showing the messy side of cupcake-making (and eating), helping consumers to see the handmade, artisan quality of Cute Cake. Gold foil on the boxes adds an element of luxury, while the sans serif font feels minimal and accessible to anyone who simply wants a sweet treat to enjoy.




“With branding, packaging and photography all coming together budgets were tight—with no funds left for a big PR agency we advised on how to utilise social media while we developed their web presence. Sales began to take off with orders from Uber, Google and London Fashion Week to name a few. It became clear that online sales would need to be flexible so we developed a bespoke store to allow Kute to manage their capacity and sales flow.”





Designed by IWANT design

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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OK Cookie

From the makers of Card’s Against Humanity, these satirical fortune cookies are making headlines for their twisted dark humor and commentary on the ridiculousness of fortunes in cookies. 

Available in a box of 15, these dessert bites are great party favors containing some interesting “prophecies” such as “You will probably die of a heart attack or something.” and “It’s too late to stop climate change.”

Crack into a cookie and see what the future holds. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.52.02 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.52.13 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.52.22 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.52.31 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.52.45 AM.png



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The Wild Goose Chase

A homage to a lost flock of goslings that once patrolled the grounds where these wines were conceived. The Wild Goose Chase is made by Australian winemaker Nina Stocker and her husband John Day at their Tallarook Ranges vineyard in Central Victoria. 

This is Nina and John’s first venture in to the UK wine market. It was important the wine labels reflected Nina’a personality and winemaking style. Nina’s story of her entire flock killed by a fox, was a sad one. But out of this came a simple concept – a homage to the would-be fully fledged birds. We created illustrations of the flock to create a feeling a chaos – overflowing other elements and balanced out with typography. 

The Wild Goose Chase Melee and Shiraz Viognier are funded by Naked Wines UK customers and designed in-house.


Designed by Naked Wines

Country: United Kingdom

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BLNDN Beauty Brand

BLNDN went from simply a concept to a product on the market launching on QVC in a matter of a year. Bulldog Drummond developed the branding and packaging for the beauty line which includes shampoos, creams, masks, and more. The brand is particularly focused on the consumer—products say “Repair You” and “Nourish You,” making them feel cared for and as if they had a personal relationship with BLNDN. Crisp white and rich garnet appear on the packaging, giving it a clean, slightly feminine look. A sans serif font looks contemporary and simple, appealing to people who want one beauty brand they can turn to for all of their needs.

“After a decade working in the beauty industry, fair-haired entrepreneurs Erika McKeller and Elisa Hills set out on a mission to gain a deeper understanding about their damaged, blonde hair. With a team of world-class beauty chemists, they developed the BLNDN Complex, which is designed to reverse the harmful effects of oxidation. But while they had an idea for their business, they needed help to build a brand and a company. They partnered with Bulldog Drummond to help develop a strategy to build and fund their business.”

“We took an active interest in the concept and incubated BLNDN by taking them under our wing. Bulldog worked with their team to develop their brand, packaging design and look book. We also worked closely with them to develop their business plan and obtain their first round of funding. Together we helped BLNDN take their idea from concept to launching on QVC and in market in just 12 months.”


Designed by Bulldog Drummond

Country: United States

City: San Diego

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Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. Shampoo

Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. have a line of shampoos to care for your furry friend’s needs. Whether it’s sensitive skin or lots and lots of fur, these shampoos will do just the trick. Designed by Serafini Creative, these pet products will make your pet feel like they’re at the best groomer in town.

“Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. is a family-owned and operated brand of high quality pet products. They were looking to update their brand identity, along with produce a variety of new products, including a line of premium shampoos. The labels feature a typography forward design, with a vintage modern color palette and copper foil accents.”

The large bottles feature labels with crisp, light colors, and the copper foil shines against them and brings out certain elements of the label. It feels high-end and appeals to those who want more than just a generic shampoo but want to find something suited for their pet. The varieties of Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. Shampoos are indicate what type of pet they’re best for, making it easy to pick and choose. Rocco & Roxie Supply Co.’s logo is of Rocco and Roxie, two adorable pets who are introduced on the side of the label. This gets the consumers more emotionally invested and it also expresses the family-run nature of the business.


Designed by Serafini Creative

Country: United States

City: Chicago, IL

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