1937 Men’s Grooming

A clean, simple, yet impactful expression. 1937 is a men’s grooming brand for the designer in your life who appreciates a good, clean shave. Designed by Bold Scandinavia CPH, a minimalist aesthetic was put in place to create packaging that would stand out from its competitors. The rich black color that envelops the packaging structure gives the brand a sleek and sophisticated look without much effort. Copy for the labels was carefully selected to retain 1937’s identity and the heritage it so dearly holds. 

The Dieline_Awards_2017_Case_1937_Boards_01

Based on decades of heritage, the old barbershop in Vognmagergade retains the ambiance of Copenhagen in 1936. The shop, its service and its employees embody the mix of old and moderne masculinity to provide a true experience, making it the most popular shave and cut in Copenhagen. 

The Dieline_Awards_2017_Case_1937_Boards_01

The Vognmargergade barbershop has recently launched a series of products all designed and packaged to embody modern masculine balance across aftershaves, hair products and shaving accessories. 

The Dieline_Awards_2017_Case_1937_Boards_01

The Dieline_Awards_2017_Case_1937_Boards_01

The Dieline_Awards_2017_Case_1937_Boards_01

The Dieline_Awards_2017_Case_1937_Boards_01

The Dieline_Awards_2017_Case_1937_Boards_01

The Dieline_Awards_2017_Case_1937_Boards_01

The Dieline_Awards_2017_Case_1937_Boards_01

The Dieline_Awards_2017_Case_1937_Boards_01


Creative Director: Muggie Ramadani 

Art Director: Muggie Ramadani 

Designer: Muggie Ramadani, Nicolas Fuhr

Designed by Bold Scandinavia CPH

Client: The Vognmargergade Barbershop 

Country: Demark

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120WaterAudit Water Testing Kit

Having clean drinking water has become more of an issue this past year than ever before with states in the US like Michigan unable to maintain health conditions due to contaminated water. Knowing such a devastating matter was effecting thousands of lives, 120WaterAudit wanted to help. In collaboration with Co-motion Studio, they created and packaged a water testing kit for businesses and consumers. The kit provides a convenient way to frequently test your water for unhealthy contaminants. 

This incredible kit is packaged with a strong brand identity that speaks words about the issue in a beautiful way, emphasizing the quality for their product. A plastic bottle sits nestled in a cardboard box ready to be labeled and shipped. Infographics add a playful vibe to the packaging with step-by-step instructions that are so easy, even a kid can do it.



The kit needed to weigh less than a pound and fit in a residential mailbox. Every kit includes: 

• a bottle to collect your water sample 

• a chain of custody sticker for lab processing 

• a box seal for return mailing 

• two swag stickers to share with family and friends 




“On the inside flap of the box, a customer will find instructions on how to collect their water sample. Iconography was used to depict the customer action for each step. A custom die was created to safely secure the water sample during shipment. The design of an inside panel was used to indicate the fill line for each water sample.”




Designers: Stacey McClure & Jon McClure 

Printer: Welch Packaging

Designed by Co-motion Studio

Client: 120WaterAudit 

Country: United States

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Job of the Week: Epoca International Inc


Hi from Sunny South Florida! 

Epoca International Inc designs, manufactures, imports and distributes award winning houseware products. Most of our products are craft coffee/ tea preparation, cookware or entertaining pieces. We are looking for a graphic designer that specializes in packaging design and production.

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Get Ready for a Night Out with Glam by Manicare Packaging

Too often, fake eyelashes or nails are packaged in a way that feels like it’s geared towards teenagers. Glam by Manicare is a sophisticated line of beauty products that will make you feel beautiful, elegant, and—well, glam. Sonja Wilson worked on the refresh for this packaging, making it sleek and modern with a hint of femininity.



“Glam By Manicare is a sub brand of Australian Beauty Tools & Accessories brand, Manicare. Their aim is to introduce a newer, younger audience to the master brand with transformative beauty products such as false lashes & nails.”

“Lashes are a key growth driver for the brand with over 20 skus, however shopper insight suggested a significant barrier to trial/purchase; consumers were unclear on how to select. Also suggested was a lack of personality; that previous packaging was dated, OTT & didn’t encompass the brand essence of cheeky, fun and youthful.”



“We conducted a packaging revamp to introduce clear on-pack segmentation including naming, a diamond system/scale & colour-coding to communicate lash intensity. Being Australia’s #1 Lash Brand, we chose to retain high-equity, recognisable elements including the logo, black & gold base colours and die-cut circle showing a single lash. To inject personality, our approach was to re-shape the die-cut into a cheeky, fun shape; (A cheeky ‘wink’ which was the design fundamental carried across to Nail packaging with a die-cut nail shape).”

“Since re-launching Glam by Manicare packaging in 2015, the master brand has enjoyed significant growth.”


Designed by: Sonja Wilson

Art Direction & Design Lead: Sonja Wilson

Contributor: How.

Client: McPherson’s Consumer Products

Country: Australia

City: Sydney

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Chiri Dried Fruits Packaging Highlights the Organic Ingredients

Chiri Dried Fruits area made from natural ingredients and fresh produce, and what’s the best way to communicate this to the consumers? By letting them see it for themselves. BRID – Branding Agency developed packaging that features images of the fresh fruits on the packaging and a cut out to see the mouthwatering product inside. It’s an irresistible and easy (and healthy!) treat the entire family will crave.





“This is new Product from Georgia. It contains the highest quality of organic natural ingredients. At this moment we have only 4 product with different ingredients—apple and pear, 2 types of plums and persimmon. The packages are looking natural and global among other brands.”


Designed by: BRID – Branding Agency

Art Director/Graphic Designer: Ia darakhvelidze

Logo Designer: George Chichinadze

Graphic Designer: Gaga Turmanishvili

Country: Georgia

City: Tbilisi

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Elegant Details in CherryHills Market Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Packaging

We’re suckers for fine details like the ones on these labels for CherryHills Market Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. With a classic appearance and energetic pops of color, it brings a unique personality to the shelf that makes it an instant standout. Designed by Jenny Pfost, both labels have a unique look but still clearly belong to the same brand, building up trust in the consumer and also allowing for expanding other product lines in the future.

“CherryHills Market sells premium home goods in several locations across Southern California. In the summer of 2016, the brand launched a line of olive oils and balsamic vinegars with packaging by L.A.-based designer Jenny Pfost.”

“The labels are both traditional and approachable, contrasting dark elegance with playful color pops and exaggerated typography. The intricacy of the gold lines imply a careful craftsmanship in the product, while the bold pastel text keeps the design welcoming.”


Designed by: Jenny Pfost

Designer: Jenny Pfost

Client: CherryHills Market

Copywriter: Walker Pfost

Country: United States

City: Los Angeles, CA

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Woodcut Barrel Rested Gin: Your G&T’s New Best Friend

Your G&T’s just got way better. Fresh Bread Design developed the packaging design for Woodcut Barrel Rested Gin, a new spirit from Temple Distilling. The label is perfect parts elegant and mysterious with ornate details that truly add character to the gin.



“Woodcut Barrel Rested Gin needed to maintain a family resemblance to the award winning Chapter One gins Temple Distilling has been creating the past year, while showcasing the warmth several months in a bourbon barrel will bring. We know this is a top shelf product that will be a staple for craft cocktails so we crafted hand lettered typography and elegant custom scrollwork inspired by vintage woodcuts.”

“We made very subtle changes to the original Chapter One dieline to continue brand recognition while still differentiating this as a different product on the shelf. Too many embellishments can be overkill but we took the risk of using high build screen varnishes, embossing and lots of gold foil. We paid special attention to balancing these embellishments to create a sense of harmony, rather than conflict, and increase the tactile experience. The result is a label that doesn’t just look great, it feels great as well.”


Designed by: Fresh Bread Design

Client: Temple Distilling

Printer: Labels West Inc.

Photographer: Josh VonJentzen

Country: United States

City: Seattle, WA

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Concepts We Wish Were Real

As the new year approaches we’re celebrating all the concepts we wish were real! 

No Sh•t







No Sh•t was a response to Design Bridge’s D&AD New Blood brief – to create a genderless beauty product. Our response was one that focused on health and honesty, rebelling against unnatural chemicals within products and the binary options of male and female, which are both advertised by major brands. 

Research revealed the increasing number of health products in the marketplace, while gender neutral products were on the rise too. With minimalistic design and transparent ingredients, it cuts through the standard complicated ingredient lists and is a statement to those who value health over beauty. 

Simply, no categories. No Chemicals. No Sh•t.

Designed by: Matthew Brownlee, Matthew Wallace
Location: Belfast/London


Green Necklace Handbags






For this design, my main focus was to create something that harnessed the package’s contents to make a plastic bag both physically unnecessary and emotionally less desirable. Plastic bags are harmful to the environment and a less-than-appetising addition to our food-chain: the smallest plastic bags (the ones that are are too often used for jewelery) are too small to have a practical life after they have ferried their initial load home, making them both too damaging and too effete to survive. 

This packaging is light, strong, free-standing, requires no glue, ships flat, tessellates with little waste, recyclable and also, and I can’t stress this strongly enough, it protects necklaces by turning them into cute paper handbags.

Designed by: Mister Ames
Location: Portsmouth, UK


Mr. Lee’s Noodles






Mr. Lee’s Noodles are a Bournemouth based start-up who specialise in gourmet noodles in a cup. Combining Eastern culture and Western convenience, Mr. Lee’s Noodles are the healthy alternative to other pot based snacks. 

We recently spent an intensive three days working with Mr. Lee’s Noodles to redesign their brand identity (a custom drawn word marque) and packaging design, which is now being developed by their in-house design team. 

Initially when drawing the new logo we wrestled with the use of the apostrophe in Mr Lee’s but later developed the ‘chopsticks’ as a fitting alternative.

Designed by: Mega
Client: Mr. Lee’s Noodles
Location: United Kingdom


The Vegetarian Butcher’s Packaging








This project was an open contest for the third BNO PACKAGING TALENT AWARD 2016. The assignment was to design a packaging line for the already existing products and/or the new vegetarian smoked sausage of the “Vegetarische Slager” (Vegetarian butcher) in the Netherlands. 

This design won first prize and takes the taste of “smoked sausage” and the ingredients as core elements. The Art Nouveau-style illustration represents soybeans which is a main ingredient in most vegetarian products. These two elements create a good balance for the vegetarian sausage, and make you as a buyer feel this vegetarian smoked sausage tastes even better than normal.

As the jury stated: “The playful typography and Art Nouveau-style illustrations connect one-on- one with the logo of the Vegetarian Butcher and at the same time give its own subtle dimension to the package as a whole. The packaging is simple, inviting and evokes associations with a butcher.”

Designed by: Sean Valies
Client: The Vegetarian Butcher
Location: Netherlands














This project is for tea-infused beer branding and packaging. 

The white artwork on the bottles are silkscreened, and the designs are inspired by traditional clothing from the teas’ countries of origin. The wood carrier is tea-dyed and laser-cut, and the design of the carrier is inspired by traditional architecture from the teas’ countries of origin.

Designed by: Jenny Yoo
Location: Brooklyn, NY


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Boxes, Bottles, and TetraPaks, oh my!





The Dieline Award Winners 2015


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E-40’s Malt Liquor is a Rapper’s Delight

This malt liquor is a rapper’s delight indeed. Auston Design Group and rapper E-40 collaborated to create a higher-end malt liquor. 

“Legendary rap artist, E-40, (AKA Earl Stevens) got his name from drinking 40-ounce beers in his hometown of Vallejo, California. So, when he approached Auston Design Group about doing his own 40 oz. malt liquor we knew it had to be special. With a slightly higher price than the mainstream competitors, the charge behind the design was to create branding and packaging that communicates that the product is a higher-end malt liquor.”



“The package was designed, not only to attract E-40 fans, but to catch the eye of the long-time malt liquor consumer and present them with something new and different. Malt liquor drinkers are a different type of consumer than the typical craft beer aficionado. The craft enthusiast is likely to have a go-to brand, but is always exploring and eager to try something new or different. In contrast, the malt liquor consumer is very loyal and tends to wear their brand of choice as a badge. With this in mind, we developed a brand image that had strong E-40 branding and could be recognized from across the room. The branding had to channel the essence of its creator – successful, strong and bold, with a hint of refinement. We achieved this through a minimalist design approach that presents the brand name in large bold type on a metallic gold background. Application of the 40-ounce label design to the 24-ounce can was a smooth and natural extension.” 

“It’s not a craft beer, and it’s not a traditional malt liquor, but through a bold and refined design, Auston Design Group was able to help E-40 build a strong brand and carve out a new market for his malt liquor.”


Agency: Auston Design Group
Location: Emeryville, CA

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Koia Protein Drinks got a brand new look!

INTERACT partnered with Raw Nature 5, now Koia, to lead the repositioning, renaming and redesign of their plant powered protein drinks. The objective was to differentiate Koia in the emerging plant-based beverage category while celebrating it’s honest to goodness ingredients and brand story.

Koia whole heartedly believes in empowering people through plants, with this mission serving as the impetus for every brand touchpoint. The new brand name, Koia, serves as an empty vessel to be filled with meaning while eliciting a natural/exotic power and mystique. The brand identity is a direct translation of the positioning, forging the power of human individuality with the optimism and potential of a seedling, into an organic fingerprint leaf mark.

Koia’s commitment to using simple and uncompromised ingredients inspired the decision to show off as much of the product as possible. The brands previous packaging, while clinical and impersonal, conveyed a sense of efficacy that was then translated into the compartmentalization of flavor, ingredients and health benefits on the redesigned front panel. The new and cheerful color palette and hand drawn illustrations provide a nice accent of personality and humanistic elements to the rest of the packaging.

After completing our redesign, Koia was excitedly granted national distribution within Whole Foods Markets, and will begin to sprout on stores shelves September 1.


Agency: Interact Boulder
Client: Koia
Location: Boulder, Colorado

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