Concepts We Wish Were Real

T.G.I.F! Time to celebrate the end of the week with today’s concepts we wish were real.




Aleksandra Godlewska is aiming to reclaim the word “bitch” through beer. This concept for a craft beer takes something we would normally consider offensive and makes it appealing and beautiful.

“Packaging for the craft beer BITCH is in fact a fictitious rebranding for Portuguese brand VADIA (eng. bitch) created for the purpose of student project. Original label refers to vulgar meaning of brand’s name—presents provocative female figure, is offensive, humbling and—in my opinion—just distasteful. While designing new packaging I intended to break away from pejorative meaning of the word ‘bitch’ and amuse customer by pointing out different interpretation – I have created series of simple, minimalistic illustrations portraying 4 females of dogs. I decided to display Chihuahua, Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel and Great Dane. Why? Because I believe appearance and temper of each of those types of dogs can be a reference for one kind of beer. The result I was hoping to achieve is catchy and funny label design, which would entertain potential client—just like beer itself.”

BITCH is undeniably confident, using a neon pink against the black and white packaging. The pink bows add some femininity and the mostly black bottle exudes strength. Each dog is featured as a white silhouette which helps add to the self-assured and tough brand identity. The bottles are topped with a bright pink cap, splashing a little extra of that fun hue in the packaging.

Designed by Aleksandra Godlewska

Country: Poland


Dino Ice



A toy and a treat in one! Dino Ice gives kids a full experience, from opening up the popsicle to eating it and even getting to play afterwards. Sasha B. Perelman and Katya Mushkina have developed this concept that takes kids on an adventure and encourages play with a tasty frozen treat.

“Packaging concept for a fruit ice lolly. The packaging was inspired by the Ice Age. It tells the juicy, catchy and funny story with a tiny bit of an education about ice-frozen dinosaurs. Dino Ice is perfect for kids because of a nice addition. The stick with a small dinosaur toy hidden inside the fruit ice lolly, you can barely see him through the ice. The thinner the ice the closer you are to discovery of unexplored world of mighty prehistoric creatures. After the fruit ice lolly has been eaten, kids can play with the new toy.”

The popsicle itself is just barely transparent, and the packaging completes this chunk of ice with an opaque and rocky outline. You can make out just the outline of the dinosaur inside, getting kids excited to feel like archaeologists digging up bones in the Arctic. The popsicle colors indicate the flavors—orange, strawberry, and grape—and the popsicle sticks match each hue. Dino Ice offers so much for children by giving them something exciting to look forward to in a delicious dessert but keeping them occupied and interested in the product for much longer than a traditional popsicle.

Designed by Sasha B. Perelman, Katya Mushkina

Country: Russia





A lot of our preconceived notions about how the world works and the roles we play start at a young age. Although the world is changing and less focused on men being masculine and women being feminine, there is still such a divide. From childhood, we see separate toys for boys and girls, marketed in incredibly different ways. Seeing this massive problem, Anna Rising has created the concept Kanvas, allowing boys and girls to play with color and break down gender stereotypes.

“Within branded packaging, the beauty category is among the most clichéd. Why do men’s personal care products look like power tools, whilst women’s remain delicate and ultra feminine? The world has moved on. Create a new-to-world, accessible, mass-market beauty brand that breaks established category codes. Your brand should be a response to some of the issues with which modern, post-demographic consumers identify: gender stereotypes, healthy body image, environmental concerns, or any other issues you feel are relevant to users of beauty products today. Kanvas is a brand concept aimed at breaking down gender stereotypes and beauty stigmas from the roots: with kids. Kanvas promotes gender neutral products that promote self-expression, originality and creativity.”

“‘Boys don’t wear nail polish.’ Even now in 2016, a time where generations are becoming more and more accepting, there is still a negative stigma when it comes to boys wearing nail polish. But why is this? When it comes down to it, nail polish is just paint for your fingers. Paint and color are not limited to one gender, so why is nail polish? It’s just another form of self-expression, after all.”

Kanvas uses a slew of bright colors without focusing on blues and blacks for boys or pinks and purples for girls. Instead, all the colors combine in a way that encourages kids to play and explore with color. After all, painting your nails and dying your hair is fun no matter if you’re a boy or girl, and Kanvas embraces the fun in adding some color to your appearance. The colors on the packaging are in abstract shapes, allowing kids to use their imaginations. Additionally, the logo is a square with parts of the letters in “Kanvas” on the outside, encouraging kids to embrace individuality and to literally color outside the lines.

Designed by Anna Rising

Country: United States


Meat Dishes



Whereas most packaging is meant to be left alone and admired for what it is, Meat Dishes encourages a bit of interaction. Much like the papers and crayons you were handed at a restaurant when you were a kid, this box requires that the butcher actually draw on it for each customer based on what they buy. Terminal Design developed the concept for an innovative take on purchasing cuts of meat.

“The first bar of the new network Meat Makers opened in St. Petersburg. Brutal restaurant serving pastrami, porchetta, pork and chicken cooked over a fire in a special way. This unusual meal can be enjoyed in the bar or taken outside in a special box. The packaging shows the animals, which are likely to be found in hell, because they are trying to fry each other alive, fighting and reminding us of real devils. It’s written ‘What the hell?’ on the packaging. Thus, the seller asks the customer whether to put the pork, beef or chicken. He marks with red one or more ‘devils’ on the box in accordance with the customer’s choice and makes an appropriate inscription with the name of the product.”

Going to a butcher to get meat is a normal thing that people do everyday, and we usually try to put the violence of it far from our minds. Meat Dishes brings it back in a somewhat humorous and fun way, embracing the good, bad, and ugly of what they do. The box features deranged, evil animals and employees use a red marker (similar to blood) to indicate which choice the customer makes. In many ways it brings consumers closer to the source of their food and keeps them educated and closer to what they buy, reminding them where the meat itself actually comes from.

Designed by Terminal Design

Country: Russia


Omega3 Ice Brain Boosters Ice Cream



Who says ice cream has to be a guilty pleasure? OMEGA3 Ice Brain Boosters Ice Cream allows you to indulge while also giving you plenty of nutrients as well. Designed by Sheridan&Co, the branding and packaging hinges on the trend of healthy foods that are also a tasty treat.

Bright, playful packaging encourages consumers to indulge and have true enjoyment in their lives, and the predetermined sizes make portioning easy. Festive confetti plays both sides of the product—making it enjoyable and fun but also resembling brain waves and emphasizing the nutrition factor.

“OMEGA3ICE looks at ice cream and treats in a new light. These icy treats are packed full of rich nutrients and essential Omega3 fatty acids crucial for regulating heart and brain activity. These ‘Brain Boosters’ come in frozen fruity capsules that feel like taking a vitamin while tasting like ice cream! This playful concept flips the idea of ice cream being an unhealthy indulgence turning it into a positive and an essential healthy treat. The products come in vitamin pill trays with a range of flavours and sets that sit in boxes to put in your freezer. The capsules themselves can be taken as a little icy treat, crushed over fruit, or popped into a smoothie or drink. The brand identity plays on the trends of ‘soft pop’ and emotional and playful learning by ‘soft teaching’ tools that make sensitivity available to all, encouraging learning that reinforces positive, all-inclusive messages. The playfulness of the brand tools and graphics (the scattered patterns and fish) create a memorable and surprising experience that becomes a serious concept for making the design more approachable, showcasing the unexpected contrast between the sweet ice cream using bold colours and fun patterns with the mix of fish icons to hint at the omega 3. The simplicity of the fonts balance out the colourful brand tools creating a perfect hierarchy of visual messaging.”

Designed by Sheridan&Co

Country: United Kingdom


Reggie’s Cookies



Cookies that are stuffed with good stuff—what more could you ask for?WeAreGiants has developed a concept for Reggie Southerland’s new line of tasty sweets. 

“Reggie Southerland is a pastry chef currently based in Los Angeles. If you haven’t heard that name before you must have missed out on a great second season of the Food Network Star. He was the runner up against Guy Fieri, but still won the hearts of many. He was also featured in several cooking shows such as Semi-Homemade cooking with Sandra Lee.”

“With a high background as a pastry chef, Reggie wanted to extend his sweets to a larger audience with Reggie’s Cookies. Reggie has a whimsical, fun and confident personality that needed to translate onto his branding.”

Reggie’s Cookies uses humorous text to convey Southerland’s unique personality, with things like “big soft sweet chunky delicious piece of heaven” and “come sit next to me and bring me cookies” on the packaging. Images of the cookies or even small openings on the packaging immediately make consumers want to get their hands on some mouthwatering dessert. The orange and blue work together to bring pep and enthusiasm to the brand, and the thick, sans seriffont looks modern. You can’t help but smile when looking at the packaging, making it a feel-good brand.

Designed by WeAreGiants

Country: United States

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Taihang Valley

Ice wine can only be produced under incredibly specific circumstances. Everything from the temperature to the exact time the grapes are picked must be just right. Zhou Jingkuan designed the packaging for Taihang Valley ice wine to demonstrate the beauty of the region from where the wine comes and also the precision with which the product is made.

“The towering Taihang mountain, dimly discernible in the cloud, the sky under the snow, extreme ice wine. Based on the growth of the ice wine brewing grape winter attribute and the geographical location of Taihang mountain, designed a pair of Taihang mountain snow artistic conception of the abstract graphics.”

“Flying snowflakes, geography latitude 37° reaction with gold production of quality ice grape wine. Graphic contracted form of point, line and plane, is rich in traditional Chinese culture, reveals the value of China’s ice grape wine.”

A beautiful, golden illustration appears on the front of the label, giving buyers a taste of the massive Taihang mountain. The skinny bottle also seems to add height to the mountains that peek out from under the clouds. Each wine comes in its own box, emphasizing the unique qualities of the product. A matching label seals both the wine and the box, creating a more special opening experience for the buyer.


Designed by: Zhou Jingkuan

Country: China

City: Shenzhen

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Nosh Refresh

Fruit and vegetable smoothies are naturally good for you, but Nosh Refresh tells you upfront what you can expect from each mouthwatering flavor. Whether you’re looking to energize or calm yourself, Valiant designed the packaging to help consumers choose exactly what they need.

“Nosh is an inspirational business set up by Geeta Sidhu-Robb to help treat her son’s allergies through nutritional expertise. In a competitive market filled with smoothies and juices that aren’t always as healthy as they appear, Nosh’s detox packages, raw juices and smoothies, supplements and foods needed to stand out. Our brief was to revamp the design and packaging for their range of raw products. We approached the products from the benefits they brought the customer and used a personal tone of voice throughout—so a juice of linseed, apple, mango and kelp now told the potential customer ‘I will boost and energise you.’ This approach ties in with the very personal service Nosh offers its customers—they are there at the end of the phone when the thumping detox headaches kick in and you need reassurance!”

The juices, snacks, and flavor boosters take a modern and clean approach with a sans serif font and minimal graphics. Earthy colors make up the color palette, indicative of the healthy and wholesome ingredients that they use. The statements like “I will calm and soothe” and “I will boost and energize” help tell consumers what each product will do and also double as mantras for their daily life.

“Already since launch Nosh has seen a significant increase in sales year on year for the products which have the new design and packaging applied. (And despite a love of exceptional coffee, we are a healthier design studio now we’re Noshed!)”


Designed by: Valiant

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Bombay Electric

Bombay Electric is clearly a clothing brand that doesn’t shy away from the bold and the colorful. Michael Thorsby designed a the identity and packaging for the company which is Mumbai’s premier fashion select store.


“Bombay Electric has been compared to Barneys New York or Colette in Paris. When approaching the work to put a new image on the company I knew that there was no way around colors and vibrancy. Framed by a rather minimal typography and grid, the intense color gradients are drawn to look like blurry abstract photographs, as if taken inside an Ann Veronica Janssens installation. The paper, from Arjowiggins, used has a subtle metallic quality to it and in direct sunlight the boxes and tags goes completely white. The paper also amplify the colors.”

The colors on Bombay Electric are like a watercolor painting and feel energetic and bright. Avoiding any extraneous text or graphics, this allows the unique colors to immediately catch the consumer’s eyes. The colors also transition with no problem at all from a box to a tube to a tag. Bombay Electric’s packaging makes a statement and implies that their clothing is suited for those who want to do the same.


Designed by: Michael Thorsby

Client: Bombay Electric

Country: France

City: Paris

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Wolfburn Whisky

The last time Wolfburn Whiskey was produced at its original site in Thurso, Scotland, times were a little different. Queen Victoria was still on the throne, Dynamite has just been invented by Alfred Nobel, and Abraham Lincoln was the President of the United States. To get Wolfburn ready to be distributed again, Progress Packaging Ltd developed new packaging for the whisky brand.

“Today, however, Wolfburn is a brand that is coming back from the dead distilleries. After 150 years of neglect, they found a ‘barely discernible pile of stones (in Thurso), but one thing still remained the same from the yesteryears of Wolfburn distillery: the water.’ However, ‘No bottles or even memories of the original whisky remained from when the distillery last operated,’ which not only meant a complete rebuild of the site the whisky would be produced on, but also a complete start from scratch of the production of the actual spirit itself.”

Wolfburn Whisky’s packaging is sleek and luxurious, giving off an atmosphere of sophistication and also emphasizing the brand’s history. The box is mostly black with a little bit of glossiness, and the amber hue of the whiskey appears in some of the text as well.

“Making the decision to bring Wolfburn back to life was a massive task. When their list of to-dos began to shorten, and they finally reached the fun stage of preparing the packaging for their product, they came to us at Progress Packaging. To support their whole rebirth, we created these crash lock based cartons, which were flood-printed black and matt laminated to the outer. A gloss UV spot varnished was added, as well as the outer then being foil-blocked gold over two designs (EU version and USA version).”

“Progress also produced the Wolfburn labels, which were digitally printed onto uncoated stock paper. These, too, were matt varnished, as well as being gold foil-blocked over 4 designs that were given to us.”


Designed by: Progress Packaging Ltd

Client: Wolfburn Whisky

Country: United Kingdom

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Wild Fruit Enzyme

Wild Fruit Enzyme hopes that, through their product, you can get back to nature and the simplicity of life. UNIDEA BANK developed the packaging for the compound fruit enzyme concentrate that captures the essence of walking around on a summer evening with the ones you love.


The concentrate comes in a matte white bottle, perfect for keeping the product protected from sunlight and incredibly fresh. A rich navy blue makes up the label that is a mix of Chinese characters, the English alphabet, and images of hanging fruit. It makes the product appear to have a nice combination of health and also nature. Wild Fruit Enzyme’s logo is the silhouette of a parent, child, and dog jumping in the air, creating carefree and happy feelings for the consumer. The font is a basic sans serif that is all capital letters, allowing the 5-year seal and the shaded fruit to stand out more on the shelves.


Designed by: UNIDEA BANK

Country: China

City: Shenzhen

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

A Pale Mosaic

Hops & Grain Brewing is very selective about every new beer they create and meticulous about perfecting a recipe before introducing it as a packaged product. After a year spent exploring the potential of the new Mosaic hop variety, owner & brewmaster Josh Hare hit on an American Style IPA that knocked his socks off. Matching his enthusiasm, we were ready to experiment with and further develop the brewery’s existing packaging system. As anyone who’s been to the beer aisle recently can tell you, the market has become increasingly more crowded, and we wanted consumers to continue to be excited about Hops & Grain and the outstanding quality of their beer. We decided the best way to increase visual energy while maintaining the brand’s identity was through the introduction of pattern into the can’s negative space. 

For A Pale Mosaic we took our visual cues from the beer’s descriptors, “rich, crisp and vibrant”, and developed a subtle “mosaic” that enhances the vitality of the design. 

The original color set for this can was warm oranges and yellows but a last minute curve ball sent us back to the drawing board. When life gives you lemons, as they say…the mix of blues with the silver was a perfect match for the personality of this American style IPA and sets it apart.


Creative Director: Derrit DeRouen

Designer: Lisa Rogers 

Designed by DeRouen & Co. LLC

Client: Hops & Grain Brewing

Country: United States

City: Austin

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Nike TechPack Influencer Packaging

This Nike TechPack was only seen by a handful of people, but it creates a complex and exciting experience from beginning to end. Designed by Taboo, the box has multiple layers that makes the product inside even more dynamic.


Taboo combines many different elements to make the box for Nike TechPack so much more than just a box. With transparent acrylic, a camo pattern, reds and blacks, and photographs of the products in action, recipients have a lot to take in. It truly offers so much to discover and it is interesting in all of its states, from fresh and never opened to taken apart bit by bit. When assembled, it holds a world of possibility that brings the recipient closer to the Nike brand itself.


“Taboo designed, produced and delivered a custom packaging solution for the 2015 Nike TechPack fall collection to 100 of Australia’s top media and social influencers. The packaging combines the streamlined modern style and vivid colours of the collection to create a layered locking system. The apparel was enclosed by a transparent acrylic cover of the seasonal woodland camo print and Nike’s championship female athletes.”


Designed by: Taboo

Country: Australia

City: Melbourne

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Travolta | House Wine

In the village of Polydendri in Domokos, Greece, there is a 350 acre vineyard producing wines for Travolta, one of Greece’s prime restaurant destinations. Producing Greek and foreign varietals that are made with love and respect for the environment, Travolta turned to them for three house wines. Chris Trivizas designed the packaging for the wines to focus on the restaurant’s specialty dishes.


“Travolta®, currently under the guidance of the Liakos brothers, is one of the leading gastronomic destinations in Greece, when it comes to quality fish dishes. The three labels designed for the restaurant’s house wines (Assyrtiko, Chardonnay and Syrah), present three illustrations of three different fish species (vlachos, tuna and sea bream).”


“Source of inspiration for the symbol was the lantern, which is used by fishing boats to attract fish (called ‘pyrofani’). The design of the symbol was based on the pyrofani, combined with the geometric shape of a fish.”


Detailed fish fins drape down the front of each label, perfectly fitting to the restaurant’s big draw. The label is white and includes minimal text and illustration on the front, implying a clean and fresh taste that one might expect from a local winery. The wines feature a light blue foil wrapper at the top that reminds the consumer of enticing ocean water, making it a wonderful match for a restaurant that specializes in seafood.


Designed by: Chris Trivizas

Country: Greece

City: Athens

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Before & After: Star Gin London Dry

“A star is (re)born.” Star Dry Gin has been around since 1933 and has always been a popular choice. Although it’s gone through a series of bottle shapes and label designs in the past, they turned to Motherland for their most extensive make-over to date.

“With the latest design for this classic gin, Motherland wanted to revive the product’s heritage and London Dry Gin origins. From an anonymous yet strangely ostentatious design reminiscent of cheap vodka brands, we headed off in the direction of a more stable, classic look with a distinct British heritage. The new bottle shape meant there was more surface to play with, while the challenge remained: how to make this relatively standard shaped bottle interesting.”

“Design-wise, the new Star Dry Gin is much inspired by the handwritten typography of early tube- and traffic signage in London, with elements thrown in from the first 1930s Star Dry Gin as well.”

Star Dry Gin’s new look gives it life, intriguing consumers while respecting the delightful taste of the gin made from juniper berries, hints of citrus, and coriander. Their most previous look is premium and almost exclusive with a slender bottle and classic font choices. The redesign feels recognizable and relatable. Above the city skyline the brand name immediately jumps off the shelf. A rich blue on both the label and the top of the bottle gives the impression of a high quality product that is also modern and appealing to younger customers.

Arcus Brand Manager Alexandra Wachtmeister says, ”We are very excited about the new design and how it will be received. It’s always a challenge to change the shape of such a classic product. But we’re confident that this change gives the product a lift that allows it to stand up well against the competition, both today and for some time to come.”


Designed by: Motherland

Client: Arcus

Country: Sweden

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Coca-Cola “One-Brand” Redesign

Iconic and instantly recognizable, the signature Coca-Cola Red Disc was first introduced in the 30s and has now become the essential element in their “One-Brand” packaging design. The new packaging is officially making its way to store shelves and beverage coolers, starting this week in Mexico.

James Sommerville, VP of Global Design for Coca-Cola, mentions, “We set out to build on the core design principles of being bold and leveraging the power of red, while preserving our simplicity and iconicity. During our design process, we saw the Red Disc as the one design element that could unite the trademark visually. Coca-Cola, any Coca-Cola is refreshing, uplifting and delicious… and the presence of the Red Disc on our new packaging communicates that message.”

“These new packaging designs signal a shift in our visual language in which the classic Red Disc is more prominent than other elements associated with the brand. By applying the disc across the Coca-Cola Trademark, we’re using a signature asset in a contemporary and surprising way to share the equity of Coca-Cola across all trademark products. Consumers will see the Coca-Cola Red Disc in all global markets at the end of our ‘Taste the Feeling’ TV ads, in our print ads and on our billboards. Using this same device on packaging completes the picture.”

The new packaging marks the first time in Coca-Cola’s history that the visual identity system is shared across all media and Trademark products. While other important elements to the brand, like the contour bottle or the Spencerian Script will continue to appear in the branding, nothing better expresses the brand’s heritage more than the disc. It first showed up in Coca-Cola’s hand-painted advertising in the 1930s, and in 1947 Archie Lee made the Red Disc fit for retail signage to indicate the refreshing beverage was sold there. The iconic disc communicates the heart and history of Coca-Cola clearly, so it was natural for it to be the center of their “one-brand” design.

“The beauty is that the disc is red, and consumers know this means great taste and refreshment, representing the full range of Coca-Cola products.  Executionally it applies easily to the cylinder of a can or bottle, the square or rectangular shape of a fridge pack, and so on. But this new packaging does not create a “matching luggage” look. It’s a modular design device that will be applied individually across all global packaging templates and adapted to all printing techniques. When you see the lineup, you see a common language, a single voice – but used in different ways depending on the treatment, environment, country and context.”


Via Coca-Cola

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Light & Free

With Danone’s mission to bring healthy food to as many people as possible, they identified the opportunity to develop a truly great tasting Greek Style yogurt brand with real fruit pieces. Aimed at young adults, Light & Free has over 30% fewer calories than most full-fat fruit yogurts and is made with no added sugar and zero fat, it contains naturally occurring sugars to meet the needs of the health-conscious target. Danone approached Dragon Rouge London to help create the new brand. 

Building on the upbeat name Light & Free, we set about creating a joyful, dynamic and stylish look and feel, designed to achieve a distinctive presence in the yogurt chiller. 

In a range of 5 enticing fruit flavours, with fun flavour names, like ‘Cherry Charmer’ and ‘Blueberry Burst’, the 4-pack sleeve design features light-hearted hand-crafted line drawings of stylish young women ‘wearing’ fruit dresses – breaking the usual yogurt category codes. The individual pots are adorned with hand-drawn lifestyle-oriented accessories – based on music, sport and fashion connections – complemented by real fruit imagery to add appetite appeal, colour and a touch of humour. 

“Having been on an inspiring journey, with the launch of Light & Free, we’ve arrived at a new brand withreal stand out and buy-me appeal. Supported by a memorable advertising campaign, we look forward to great brand exposure with Light & Free – a brand that gives everyone the option to enjoy their own little pot of positivity.” – Aloys de Parscau – Senior Brand Manager


“It’s not often we have the chance to create a completely new brand where clients give us license to explore a variety of design avenues. In Light & Free’s case we won the pitch based on a design aimed at tuned-in adults, interested in looking after themselves, being active and staying positive. We then worked closely with the Danone team to realise their ambition of doing something really different on a crowded shelf. The ultimate design has bravely gone where no yogurt branding has gone before!” – Steve Irvine, Creative Director

Light & Free launches into Waitrose and Tesco stores nationwide on 18 April 2016 and into other major multiples later this month.


Creative Director: Steve Irvine

Designed by Dragon Rouge

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home