Mandalay Rum – The Governor’s Choice

Brand Union Hong Kong has partnered with Heritage Spirits. Ltd. to produce an export version of the popular rum brand, Mandalay Rum. The iconic drink has been distilled and bottled in Mandalay, Myanmar since 1886. 

The export brand, also known as “The Governor’s Choice”, is currently only available in Asia and was created to test the waters for potential larger scale exports to European and American markets. Brand Union was tasked with creating a suite of branded materials from scratch, including the design of the bottle, packaging and marketing collateral. 

The latest addition to the line expresses the singular personality of Mandalay in a light-hearted way. The Governor’s Choice celebrates the colonial period when the rum was first produced, evoking a world of eccentric colonial settlers and parodying life in a rum-soaked Mandalay township. The bottle itself is inspired by antique rum receptacles and includes engravings to achieve an antique patina. The pattern work was inspired from carvings found at ancient Mandalay temples. 

Andy Reynolds, Brand Union, said, “We wanted to evoke a sense of the colonial era, which is firmly rooted in the minds of many consumers, and create a nostalgic, fun-loving nod to the brand’s history. 

Jonathan Carr, Heritage Spirits, said, “In our label revamp for export, Brand Union’s excellent collateral has made all the difference in achieving the positive reception we have had from consumers and distributors. The creative work by Andy, the creative director, and Gianluca, the designer, perfectly brings to life the elements of exploration, appreciation of quality and exotic vistas that make this brand unique.” 

A select number of the limited edition bottles were sent to distributors and bar owners across South East Asia, in order to garner attention and drive orders during the launch phase of the campaign. The rum bottle is wrapped in a copy of the “Mandalay Gazette”, a parody of the early colonial newspaper, featuring Mandalay Rum stories. Brand Union also crafted bespoke coasters for bar promotions that feature the illustrative elements from the bottle, along with labels and stickers that highlight the brand’s elements and visual style. These coasters reinforce brand recognition among consumers enjoying rum drinks and provide a unique reminder of the drink they enjoyed.

MR_Design_f18_copy 2

MR_Design_f18_copy 2

MR_Design_f18_copy 2

MR_Design_f18_copy 2



Chief Creative Officer: Reed Collins

Creative Director: Andy Reynolds

Assistant Creative Director: Mike Pearson

Copywriters: Malcolm Pryce, Mike Pearson, Amy Thompson

Designer: Gianluca Crudele

Illustrator: Barlo, Vincent Wong

Designed by Brand Union Hong Kong

Client: Heritage Spirits 

Country: Hong Kong

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Top 10 Packaging Projects & Articles

Happy Monday ya’ll ! Check out our Top 10 and get inspired for your next packaging project. 





3. Mon Choco















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Mustilli is a historic wine company of Sant’Agata de’ Goti in Italy. Combining geographic elements with the history of the brand, nju:comunicazione developed the labels for the four labels. Although the territory is rich in beauty and Mustilli is a long-established winery, a simple graphic identity was set in place for each wine. A bold colored shield appears on the front, each with an icon that plays a part in the story (like a bridge or a rolling hill). Mustilli is free from excess images and text, giving it a clean and confident appearance.

“For the wine labels design we took inspiration from the elements of the territory: the Isclero river water, the Sant’Agata’s crown, the pyramidal Ariella hill, the icon of the bridge that cross the medieval hamlet. Visual elements that highlight the area’s history and complement each other into the Mustilli Family icon: the shield. Sign of identity where we started for the logo restyling too, lightening it into the graphic composition to fully transmit the corporate identity.”


Designed by nju:comunicazione

Country: Italy

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Sherpa Power Tea

If you make a stop in Whole Foods, be on the lookout for this new beverage. For Good Measure developed the art direction and packaging for Sherpa Power Tea, an organic sweet tea with native Nepalese ingredients from Global Family Farms.

“In April 2015, the Nepal earthquake killed over 8,000 people and injured more than 21,000, destroying Nepal’s economy. The idea behind the product was to revitalize the Nepalese agriculture industry through the employment of farmers and exporting of their goods to provide high-quality beverages to Western cities.”




“Custom Mandalas were built as emblems representing each particular flavor. Each Mandala was about 36 inches wide, constructed of printed paper and chipboard. The mandalas were inspired by the tiered terrace farming landscapes found all throughout Nepal.”



The hypnotizing Mandalas pay respect to where the leaves come from and the product itself generates business to an area that was devastated in 2015. Tea is known to provide calming effects on the body, and each colorful Mandala also gives consumers a sense of ease. The amber bottles give the beverage the farm-to-table appearance that they promote, and a bit of information about the farm and their mission is shared on the side of the drink.


Designed by For Good Measure

Country: United States

City: Brooklyn, NY

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Hedon Craft Beer

It’s always obvious when you see a product that an agency clearly had a fun time creating. Such is the case with the new identity for brews from Hedon Craft Beer, designed by FlyingObjects Design Studio.

“Art direction and strategy for Hedon craft beer company. This is the second part of our cooperation with the brewery. The brand expanded with five completely different kinds of beer with completely different target audiences and prices, but the brand is still remains recognizable and unique with humor, bold colors and fun texts.”






Each variety has its own approach that speaks to the type and flavor of the beer. Infuzio, for example, is like a tonic or medicine you’d get from the doctor, with two easy images to show you how to use the beverage. Katalin Carno is a sophisticated and upscale porter with a refined look and a crest on the front. Balatonvilagosi shows all of the characters in the Hedon universe on one fun label. By making each beer notably different and enjoyable, it invites consumers to try one or try them all, and using characters allows them to become attached on a deeper level to their favorite. The varying illustration styles are refreshing and break away from what we usually see in a line of beer, appealing to adventurous beer drinkers who want to try different brews.













Designed by FlyingObjects Design Studio

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

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We’re loving these memorable jewelry pieces and packaging for EDGE, a new collection from Karman Jewelry. Taking a cue from the jewelry itself, Edinas Paper Installations created packaging that pairs perfectly with the bold statement pieces. The boxes that the jewelry comes in are not cube-shaped but instead take a unique shape that is strikingly different and edgy. White packaging is unexpected and bright and mimics the large monochromatic pieces in teh line.



“The use of strictly geometric shapes simplified to the extreme gives the collections minimalist packaging an exciting, spatial composition that reflect on the jewellery line. The straight lines of bent edges both link and define the pieces of the jewellery and the packaging. The material used for the packaging, allow for a rhythmic flow from triangle to rhombus. Harsh edges and angles intermix with planes is an exciting spatial sequence. In keeping with the exclusivity of Karman Jewelry, Edge pieces are available in a special packaging fitting the design of the jewellery collection.”



“The packaging design by Edinas Paper for the Karman pieces reinterpret the character of the jewellery line in paper while keeping function and protection also in focus. The packaging line is made up of a group of three different boxes, all of them using the same language of expression.”



“Karman Jewelry’s latest collection is a perfect example of the invigorative and experimental style characteristic of this brand. The Edge Collection is based on geometric uniformity and symmetric beauty. The juxtaposition of hard and soft is present in both the material and colors used in the collection. For instance the designer further softens the use of white plastic with a softer pastel layer. In addition to adding a visually dramatic effect it makes certain pieces, such as bracelets and necklaces, more comfortable to wear.”


Designed by Edinas Paper Installations

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

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Diamonds Are Forever

Want ultimate glamour? Instead of diamond earrings or a necklace, you can put diamond dust-infused beauty products on your face. LAMBRECHT AGENCY developed the packaging for Diamonds Are Forever, a high-end cosmetics line that provides creams and serums.



“Premium cosmetics products already have to meet high standards in terms of product quality and packaging. So what do you do when a product is developed that is supposed to be positioned above these premium products? A German cosmetics manufacturer has produced just such a super-product—and now it has diamond fever, because the new product uses real diamond dust. This makes diamonds an obvious choice for the key visual, and so diamond patterns have been used right across the packaging.”



“LAMBRECHT AGENCY has been created an individual packaging design with a reserved but multifaceted colour scheme based on the colours of diamonds. Textured Fedrigoni paper, which changes its appearance depending on the angle of the light, perfectly complements this effect. The brand name and logo are discreetly embossed in silver. All this ensures the product looks outstanding at every stage of its journey: at the POS, as a gift or on the dressing table waiting to be used. That’s essential, because as everyone knows: ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.’”

For such a premium beauty product, Diamonds Are Forever needed to express its unique qualities in a subtle and elegant way. Silver foil for Haertling Cosmetics shines against the geometric gray background. Instead of boxes, cylinders offer a more striking look for the packaging. Once opened, products rest against a silver case that holds them in place, almost as if they’re elements being plucked from the earth. A clean and tasteful appearance also works well for the beauty category, giving consumers the feeling that the products will leave their skin looking fresh and bright.



Client: Haertling Cosmetics

Country: Germany

City: Berlin

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Barbera Marrone Sofia

Sophisticated but not stuffy, Barbera Marrone Sofia is a wine that’s now instantly recognizable on the shelf. Designhorse developed a new label design that would express the high quality of the wine while still possessing a contemporary appeal.



“Due to poor sales listings, Designhorse was assigned to redesign the Italian wine Barbera Marrone Sofia. To make it more attractive to Norwegian customers, we choose to increase the size of both the label and the typography to make it more visible in the shelf. The elegant and modern, yet bold result focus on typical Scandinavian values like rationality and simplicity. High quality, no noise. The redesign resulted in 39% increase in sale.”

While the older label for Barbera Marrone Sofia looks traditional and a little dated, the new design uses large, bold typography that is incredibly modern. Without any graphics, the black serif text against the white background is simple and charming. A matte black foil wrapper adds to the elegance of the wine, and the same small label wraps around the neck of the wine bottle making it easy to associate with other wines from the winery.


Designed by Designhorse

Client: Arctic Beverage Group

Country: Norway

City: Oslo

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Concepts We Wish Were Real

The week is finally over and what better way to celebrate than with our concepts we wish were real.

The Mill








In the sea of coffee shops of San Francisco, The Mill is a standout choice close to Alamo Square. Evan Tolleson developed new branding and packaging for the bakery and coffee shop hybrid, combining two San Francisco favorites under one roof. 

“Josey Baker Bread and Four Barrel Coffee came together to create The Mill. Their cafe is located in Alamo Square in a naturally lit, open space. In the collaborative and communal spirit, no wifi and outlets are available inside the cafe. This is to encourage real life interaction and give us a break from our fast-paced, technology driven lives.”

“Some of the city’s best coffee and freshly baked bread can be found at The Mill. It is their belief that the best loaf of bread is from your neighbor and The Mill prides themselves on being that neighbor. In an industry that is already highly designed, it is important to take a fresh approach. The redesign aims to transform The Mill into the neighbor they would like to be — forward thinking, warm, and genuine. The core essence of The Mill is captured in an outreaching, fluid wordmark.”

The Mill offers oven-baked bread and freshly brewed coffee in an environment that is intended to foster creativity and collaboration. Tolleson’s branding embraces the high quality of what The Mill serves, starting with the name written in a calligraphy style. Brown, white, and small splashes of orange feel sophisticated and also true to the products that the shop offers. A thin sans serif font gives The Mill a modern, stylish look that can appeal to coffee lovers who want to truly enjoy where they go, no wifi necessary.

Designed by Evan Tolleson

Country: United States


Seven Stills Distillery








Whiskey is traditionally distilled from fermented grain mash, which is technically a very low-quality beer. Tim Obert and Clint Potter, friends and founders of Seven Stills, wanted to flip this tradition on its head. They wanted to see what the results would be when whiskey is distilled from high quality, bottle ready craft beer.

Seven Stills is redefining whiskey with new, innovative distilling methods. Their approach creates a flavor palate that whiskey drinkers have never before tasted. It was important to Clint and Tim to avoid the cliché traditional whiskey aesthetic. To avoid doing this, the design bridges the gap from craft beer to quality whiskey. The choice of paper and color palette position Seven Stills as a high-quality whiskey, while an industrial choice of typefaces, off-center identity, and quirky illustration recall its roots in craft beer. The result is responsibly playful.

Designed by Evan Tolleson

Country: United States


Cornucopia Wines








This bold and colorful wine label will make anyone going through the alcohol aisle do a double-take. Designed by Alexandra Rusu, the goal was to create a modern yet striking design that would draw the consumer in. Whether you are a connoisseur or first-time taster, Cornucopia Wines offers a wide range of wine varietals to fit your fancy.

“One of the project’s premises was to create a concept that attracts someone who’s looking to discover and enter the world of wine, a consumer who needs to be ‘steered’ through notes and flavours. To achieve this, I tried coming up with a naive (yet colourful) story, with an imaginary world that features ‘abundance’ through simple shapes and textures. The collage depicts a donkey turned into a unicorn thanks to ‘the horn of plenty’ (symbol of abundance and nourishment).”

Designed by Alexandra Rusu

Country: Romania


Thirsty Orchard Sparkling Juices






Crisp, Refreshing, and Delicious can best describe Thirsty Orchard’s Sparking Juices. Designed by Jag Nagra from Page 84 Design, these bubbly beverages not only are bursting with flavor but have the most adorable packaging. Inspired by the nostalgia of childhood, and the memory of putting an orange slice in your mouth, Illustrations are drawn out for each flavor, giving the brand it’s own personality and twist on soda pop.

“The six die-cut business cards take on the shape of the fruit slices, which can be used as photo props for customers, as they hold the card up to their mouth, similar to the characters on the bottles.”

Designed by Jag Nagra, Page 84 Design

Country: Canada


Shaka Skin





Shaka Skin will make you feel like you just stepped into a tropical oasis. With the smell of coconut, papaya, mango and star fruit lingering in your bathroom, one use of this product is all you need to feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the world. Designed by Diane Benjamin, retro style type and aloha shirt patterns were used on the lotion bottles for that vintage feel. The overall colorful design is a great way to beautify your bathroom without doing any more than displaying the bottle on your vanity sink. 

Designed by Diane Benjamin / Pomegranate Design

Country: United States













Samurai is a Japanese restaurant located in Stockholm, Sweden. We have given them a new identity, created a new beer to the brand and also developed a new take away concept. Inspiration are taken from the colorful Japanese culture and handwork. From there we created a pattern and colors that in a playful and personal way will bring new costumers to the restaurant. 

The takeaway box is a packaging made entirely without glue. Inner drawers can easily combine and mix with each other, depending on what the customer orders. The packaging is sealed with a simple sticker.

We wanted to avoid using a bag as a solution and therefore created a design where you can stack and attach packagings on top of each other.

The chopsticks are used as handles. In the middle of the pack, you can see a perforation that makes it very easy to open up and take out the chopsticks.

It is a unique take away box that gives the customer a more personal and premium experience. 

Designed by Fanny LöfvallNanna BasekayOliver Sjöqvist

Country: Sweden

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Who Gives A Crap

 I think we’ve all had that awkward feeling when we check out at the store with a huge 24-pack of toilet paper rolls. While we like to keep our number one and two private, this is some toilet paper you’ll actually enjoy picking up and showing off.  Designed by Craig & Karl, the pop art infused rolls give consumers a refreshingly fun way to store their toilet paper rolls—by actually displaying them to be seen!



“Illustration duo Craig & Karl recently created a series of limited edition toilet paper rolls for the ‘Who Gives A Crap,’ an organization that creates and distributes environmentally friendly toilet paper and donates 50% of its profits to WaterAid to build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world.”

“The duo’s idea for the project was to create a different graphic pattern for each of the rolls that featured a single human feature; an eye, an ear, nose, mouth and a finger. We wanted to be playful with our artwork, so the thought was these patterned blocks could be moved around. When stacked, they’d loosely represent an abstracted/cubist face and the arrangement can be individually created by the customer.”



Who Gives A Crap brings in a wonderful dose of much-needed humor into a small sector of the market. It takes something we generally don’t like to see or look at for a long time and turns it into something fun, enjoyable, and even interesting to interact with and move around. The charitable work the company does adds to appeal, making it a choice for toilet paper that is new, intriguing to look at, and benefits those in need.


Designed by: Craig & Karl

Client: Who Gives A Crap

Country: United States

City: New York, NY

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