The 1-Pack

To celebrate their 11th Anniversary, 1 Trick Pony teamed up with Taft’s Ale House to create a custom beer. It’s a bit of a recurring event—every year the agency sends an “obsessively branded” bottle of alcohol to clients as part of their annual tradition dubbed “The Alcoholidays.”



“Clients received their 16oz. can of beer in a ‘1-Pack’ – a gold foiled box with a perforated opening at the top that resembles an old beer can tab. 1-Pack’s were shipping to The Pony’s clients across the country – however, most of them have contacted the agency asking for another 1-Pack because they put the first one on display in their office.”



It’s easy to see why you’d want this gem on display. Beautifully designed with lavish art deco inspiration, The 1-Pack feels luxurious and classy. The black and gold are absolutely divine together while also elevating the quality of the product. Of course, the packaging still has its fun quirks, including a faux can top that encourages recipients to “Have a good one.” The beer itself features many of the same graphics seen on the gift box, shown in a subtle gray in the background. By having the cans packaged individually, it adds to the special quality of each one.


Designed by: 1 Trick Pony

Country: United States

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In BIG Pictures: Causeway Coast and Glens, Northern Ireland

We’ve just returned from a three day driving trip along the Causeway and the Glens, Northern Ireland. It’s easily the most iconic scenic stretch in Northern Ireland which encompasses the world famous Giants Causeway and several filming locations for the hit TV series Game of Thrones….

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DIY Rustic Industrial Pipe Table

Learn how to build this rustic industrial pipe table with this simple tutorial | A Burst of Beautiful

I’ll start by saying this post is a long time coming. I built this table months ago, and it’s been in our living room for quite some time now (so you may have noticed it in some of our home tour posts), but today we are finally getting around to sharing our tutorial.

Our DIY Rustic Industrial Pipe Coffee Table quickly became one of our top posts and we received a lot of positive feedback from those who tried to follow our plans. Since then, Alicia has always hinted that it would be nice to have a similar side table. As a husband, you learn to read between the lines when your wife makes a not-so-subtle hint. I kept this idea in my back pocket…

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Top 10 Packaging Projects & Articles

Check out this week’s top packaging projects, a great range of beautiful package designs with impeccable details.





















10. Cito

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Sure, olive oil is delicious, perfect for a salad dressing or for cooking your favorite meal, but it’s also good for you. In developing the branding and packaging for Yo,verde, Veobrand used this as inspiration for the oil that would actually be distributed in pharmacies instead of grocery stores.



“Naming and packaging design for the early harvest olive oil ‘Yo,verde’ (I, green). The biggest benefit an olive oil can provide to health is for the cardiovascular system, that’s why the main protagonist is a pixelated heart.”

“It is distributed in pharmacies, so the design should be far from those visual codes used by most gourmet oils in the market with the aim of getting the target consumer identifies with a healthy and young product.”

While Yo,verde is certainly a premium quality product, the market is slightly different than those simply looking for something to dip fresh-baked bread into. The branding and packaging look similar to that of health beverages or protein shakes, while the bright white bottle emphasizes a pure product. A pixelated heart on the center of the bottle is immediately eye-catching with its glints of lime green, and it simultaneously communicates its heart health while also speaking to a younger, hip audience.



“The main appeal of the product is its bright and intense green colour and its multiple benefits for health, that’s why we seek soft and round shapes, pure lines and a simple but powerful graphic design to highlight the concept.”


Designed by: Veobrand

Client: Yo,verde

Country: Spain

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Rafa Office Supply Industry

Rafa needed to be refreshed, so Triocom stepped in to design completely new packaging for the office supply company. Since the company had been in business for over 20 years, it was important to attract a wider customer base while still appealing to their loyal customers as well.




“When sought our design studio to work a new brand positioning and packaging realized that there was a project that would be very pleasurable to develop and have a great result. In the research we could identify how this type of product has low competition and visual appeal to all competitors. For activation of the materials define own icons and a revival in all packaging.”



Rafa has a combination of colored stripes and designs that channel a bit of retro inspiration, but a modern sans serif font makes it a little more contemporary. Bright colors add a bit of playfulness to your standard selection of office supplies, giving the brand a bit of personality and also helping the products to stand out on the shelf. A rich midnight blue appears on all of the boxes, adding a bit of a uniform look while also helping to calm down the repetitive graphics and designs on the box.


Designed by: Triocom

Country: Brazil

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Brami Beans


Have you ever heard of a lupini bean? This super legume contains more protein per calorie than any other plant in the world. Brami Beans believes that snacking can be just as delicious as it is nourishing, so they turned to Interact Boulder for a new branding and packaging design that would match the power and energy of these little beans.

“If you don’t know what a lupini bean is, you should! Lupini beans are a traditional Mediterranean snack and can be compared to edamame in that they are low calorie, low fat and low carb, but are soy-free and packed with protein, fiber and macronutrients. Roman warriors relied on these hearty beans to fuel them during long journeys and now Brami has made the mighty bean accessible to the modern warrior.”

You can now “snack like a Roman” with Brami Beans. The packaging clearly expresses that, though these beans are little, they have major benefits for those who eat them. Various mouthwatering flavors are offered, each with their own coordinating color and flavor visual. The text looks like it was written by hand, and adorable drawings of the beans add a playful personality, making this a fun and convenient choice for snacking. The beans themselves are seasoned and then vacuum-sealed in the resealable pouches, preserving freshness without any added preservatives.  


“The Brami wordmark is playful yet simple, incorporating their iconic bean as the dot in the ‘i.’ A funky fresh bean character is the center point of the packaging, making the snack fun and approachable for people of any age. Various iterations of the bean character can be seen throughout the packaging, continuing to convey the whimsical personality of the brand. The lighthearted food photography on the front enables consumers to easily identify flavors while the window provides a sneak peak to the actual product. The entirety of the brand is tied together by dynamic typography, reiterating the playful quality of the snack.”


Designed by: Interact Boulder

Country: United States

City: Boulder, CO

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

N’eat Energy Bars

“No nasties, just N’eat.” These energy bars leave out artificial ingredients and are 100% natural. London agency Mayday developed the packaging, creating a uniform look for the line that emphasizes the delicious and fruity ingredients.

“Mayday’s designs feature a hand drawn logotype that conveys the soft, chewy, fruity properties of the energy bars and reflect the colour of the fruit within each variant. Fresh, zingy apricot, blueberry, banana and red berry colours emphasize that N’eat bars are made from 100% natural fruit and seeds, unlike rival products that use dates and nuts.”

“On-pack copy is used to reinforce the idea of natural healthy goodness, and clearly indicates the different taste options. The packs feature the line ‘no nasties, just N’eat’ to communicate the 100% natural proposition and the line ‘good for you, good for orangutans’ appears on shelf display units to support the unique brand claim that no palm oil is used in the production of these products.”

N’eat adopts a lovely kind of simplicity with their packaging, using the exact same packaging for each bar variety, save for the color palettes. The different hues reflect the ingredients, while the elimination of any additional graphics or text keeps the look uncluttered. This speaks to the pure ingredients of the energy bars, appealing to people who want to make healthy choices in regards to the foods they eat without being fitness fanatics.

Mayday partner Barry Gillibrand says, “Mayday has created a confident brand look and feel that is appetizing, honest, impactful and fun. The packaging design clearly communicates the chewy, fruity, tastiness as well as signaling the natural ingredients without any boring ‘worthy’ health references.”


Designed by: Mayday

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Bennison: Baby Care Wear

This is a company on a mission that is sure to make your heart smiles. Bennison has partnered with gyro for the Baby Care Wear campaign, an effort to get pajamas donated to babies in need to keep them warm and safe. The packaging is especially unique, though, because it is actually soap paper that dissolves in water. This allows the recipient to clean the pajamas in the first few months of a baby’s life.



“Upwards to 42% of baby deaths could be caused by hypothermia, according to the World Health Organization; even in warm climates because their body temperatures fluctuate. Nearly half a million die from unhygienic environments. This effort helps fight both causes. And frankly, if it even saves one baby’s life, it is worth it.”

The work between Bennison and gyro creates so much good, giving baby supplies to those who truly need it as well as a way to clean it. Furthermore, the packaging is used for detergent and not thrown into the garbage, meaning it’s good for the environment, too. The sealed packaging clearly lets the recipient know the alternate use for the bag, making them and their entire family feel even more cared for.

“From the moment a baby is born, their temperature dangerously fluctuates when unclothed – even in warmer climates – putting them at risk of hypothermia and, possibly death. Bennison, a maker of high-end children’s sleepwear, set out to make a difference in a new way. With each sale, Bennison donates and delivers pajamas to impoverished countries around the world. And because hygiene is essential, keeping pajamas clean and germ-free is equally important. Our objective is to help mothers not only keep newborns warm, but keep some of the infants most at risk – warm, clean and safe.”



“Many impoverished areas, such as Liberia, lack access to anything but communal bar soap to clean the donated pajamas – which actually spreads germs rather than eliminates them. That’s why we created the Baby Care Wear package. Each pajama is wrapped in a package made entirely of water-soluble, non-toxic, biodegradable soap paper. Simply tear off a square and drop it in a pail of water. There is enough soap paper to keep infants clean during the first delicate months of their lives. Even the ink washes away since it’s the same kind hospitals use for baby footprints. The soap-packaged pajamas were distributed to Western Africa, and women’s shelters in the U.S.”

“Over four thousand pajamas were donated to keep newborns warm. That’s four thousand pajamas that mothers need to keep clean. Each Baby Care Wear package is a step in the right direction to keeping newborns warm, clean and safe.”


Designed by: gyro

Client: Bennison

Country: United States

City: New York, NY

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home

Aeijst Styrian Pale Gin

“Handcrafted out of honest convictions. Balanced in its taste. Puristic, but not simple.” Aeijst (pronounced aced) is a gin crafted in southern Styria (Austria). It’s 100% organic, made with nine different botanicals that make a completely one-of-a-kind pale gin. Christina Michelitsch developed the branding and packaging for the new gin, which the Thomann family takes immense pride in making by hand.



“Brand identity, corporate design und packaging were all developed from the ground up. The combination of nine botanicals for the gin, as well as the passion for creating it with the best ingredients were key in the briefing for the product. The Thomann family wanted their product to be a reflection of themselves and their work ethic: puristic, charming, reliable, elegant, confident, uncomplicated, low-key, regional but not rural and with a hint of wit.”

“The brand identity includes the branding of the bottle, design for, and illustration of the wrapping paper, design of the greeting cards, hang tags and a brand book that can be found inside of the box, as well as additional stationary material, a website and their social media presence.”



There’s something so beautifully simple about a clear bottle with a sparkling, crisp, clear beverage inside. This gives the gin a minimal and powerful look that is incredibly noticeable without looking busy. The branding and packaging use stark whites and sharp blacks, and the illustrations of the botanicals are impeccably detailed. Michelitsch lets the handcrafted spirit catch our attention, placing an emphasis on the pure and organic ingredients.


Designed by: Christina Michelitsch

Country: Austria

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Home