Testar nytt ställe för gammal möbel



God kväll hörrni, hoppas ni har det fint!


Under veckan har jag flyttat runt lite grejer här hemma. Möbler har bytt plats och gammalt ratat har fått en ny chans.

Jag har inte landat i det, så jag vill inte visa helt och hållet ännu. Funderar fortfarande på om det verkligen blev bra…


Nej, nu måste jag lämna datorn och mysa med familjen.


Kram kram


from Drömhus http://ift.tt/2bQDd43

Concepts We Wish Were Real

Before you head out and enjoy your Labor Day weekend, check out today’s Concepts We Wish Were Real and let us know which one’s your favorite. 

Sunset Grove Fruit Bar


Sunset Grove Fruit Bar (4).jpg

Sunset Grove Fruit Bar (6).jpg

Sunset Grove Fruit Bar (5).jpg

Sunset Grove Fruit Bar (9).jpg

Sunset Grove Fruit Bar (10).jpg

Sunset Grove Fruit Bar (7).jpg

Sunset Grove Fruit Bar (3).jpg

Sunset Grove Fruit Bar (2).jpg

For a healthy mid-day snack, try Sunset Grove. Designed by Donna Tiao, bursts of mango, blueberry, and peach instantly satisfy a sweet tooth. White pouches are decorated with botanical fruit illustrations, giving the overall design a minimalist look.

“Sunset Grove is a nutritious, heartfelt, and crunchy organic fruit bar snack for all ages to enjoy. Not only is it gluten and GMO-free, but it is packed full of natural fruits, fibers, and grains. Our organic fruit bar is perfect for all ages to enjoy because of the nutritious benefits and yummy taste. In a sea of healthy fruit bar snacks, our differentiation is the story behind each fruit bar.

The story and concept behind the name sunset grove originated from farmers picking peaches, blueberries, mangos, and other fruits from their farms. They would describe their favorite part of fruit picking to be watching the sunset go down as they carried their baskets up the grove.

Each organic fruit bar is filled not only with nutrition but with love and hard work. By this wholesome process, each customer feels a connection of gratitude within each chewy bite. Each flavor is recognizable through the use of color and botanical illustrations for easy recognition in an aisle full of competitors. The color palette for each flavor was created from bits and pieces of each fruit. The botanical illustrations create a sense of original authenticity within each bar. The three flavors are Peach for a good source of dietary fiber, Blueberry for warding off heart disease, and Mango for lowering cholesterol. The main concept for Sunset Grove is to create a recognizable brand and story by telling the behind the scenes story of each fruit bar through color, imagery, and presentation context.”

Designed by Donna Tiao

Country: United States


PROPER – For a Genuine Man


PROPER-For a Genuine Man (1).jpg

PROPER-For a Genuine Man (2).jpg

PROPER-For a Genuine Man (3).jpg

PROPER-For a Genuine Man (4).jpg

PROPER-For a Genuine Man (6).jpg

PROPER-For a Genuine Man (5).jpg

PROPER-For a Genuine Man (7).jpg

PROPER-For a Genuine Man (8).jpg

Every man needs his own grooming kit, filled with pomade, bath soak, and soaps. Designed by Mark John Mangayayam, this gift box does just the job and leaves you with a beautiful box to restock with other grooming necessities once finished. With white labels embellished with the “PROPER” logo and custom type, this fresh and clean design caters to the modern man from packaging to product.

“Proper is an American brand that specializes in apothecary products for men since 1915. The men behind Proper believe that it is important to incorporate their traditional roots in a way. The packaging is based on the simplicity of a hand-made typeface, commonly used during the early 20th century, with simple typography.”

Designed by Mark John Mangayayam

Tutor: Beau Monroe

Country: United States


FutureLife® – Expand Your Potential










FutureLife® Expand Your Potential is a new and improved on-the-go breakfast packaging design that fits into consumer’s life and adapts to their fast-paced lifestyle in an instance. 
One should never need to compromise on having a healthy breakfast, which is ultimately the purpose of the FutureLife® expandable packs. The expandable packs are created to be easy to transport, easy to use, convenient, and versatile, to adapt to current fast-paced lifestyles in society. The packs are, however, not only created to be convenient and promoting a healthy on-the-go breakfast, but the packs physically represents what FutureLife® SmartFood does in your life, it Expands Your Potential.

Designed by Lhente Strydom

Institution: Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography

Country: South Africa


F’OLIO Olive Oil









This was our final project for the course, and for this assignment we were required to redesign three olive oil labels using a current brand. We used this opportunity to redesign the existing label design and select a new bottle shape if we choose to do so. We needed to select three different flavours / infusions and also create a gift-type box holder for all three bottles. For my project, I chose to redesign an existing, recent, and award-winning Italian brand named F’Olio, known for it’s incredible taste, authenticity, and being organic.

I decided to use a unique “torso” bottle shape to make it more eye-catching and create a more high-class, award-winning, upscale feel to the package and brand. I painted the bottles each as the colour of the flavour to help better differentiate the flavours and bottles from one another, whilst continuing that colour onto the labels themselves. I created the labels in the same torso shape to keep consistency and create a new label that was both unique and would really stand out amongst the crowd. 

Designed by Jessica Redmond

Country: United States












Homeward explores seasonal eating through family recipes. This is presented through four distinct books based on each season of the year and categorized by its relative foods. Homeward is about eating at opportune times; eating according to seasons. Different seasons of the year require customised cooking systems and different food choice. 

Homeward is more than just the food. Homeward is about family. Family recipes access people’s emotions. It can evoke powerful memories and unique experiences, bringing excitement, satisfaction and feelings of comfort. The word Homeward refers to the idea of moving towards home or returning to home. In this sense, Homeward is more than just the action of going home but also to prepare one’s mentality of returning home. 

The logo is an ancient Chinese house. This is the simplest form of a traditional Chinese house, with one roof and a single studio room. Living under one roof is a Chinese tradition. The Chinese ideal of living together symbolizes harmony, longevity as a united and thriving family. When family comes together to eat under one roof, the home becomes alive, a source of energy and hope, of urgency and love. 

In this case, the wooden box itself acts as the house. The box is in a shape of 4 edges and 4 vertices to resemble siheyuan. Siheyuan is a historical Chinese type of residence. In English, siheyuan is sometimes referred to as Chinese quadrangles. The name literally means a courtyard surrounded by buildings on all four sides. In Chinese, ‘Si’ means ‘Four’, which here refers to the four sides: east, west, north and south. ‘He’ refers to the surrounding, meaning the four sides circle into a square. Due to its special layout, it is compared to a box with a garden in the centre. 

The interior of the box is divided into 3 sections, for the books and seed packaging. The purpose of seeds is to encourage more people to grow their own vegetables and at the same time growing stronger family relationships; an experience that can be passed down through generations. The books are bilingual, focusing individuals from both English and Chinese backgrounds and food enthusiast. The family recipes are Chinese cookings with western influence. 

Homeward is an exquisite fusion of taste, memory and history.

Designed by Yan Lin

Country: Australia


WEARIT | Fashion Branding






Wearit is a Greek company which designs clothes for men and sells worldwide. Wearit’s goal is to create modern clothes with minimal style and elegant, since it addresses to young people through its shop and its website. The final brand name was the WEARIT. Direct and with no excesses it givesus the impression that is talking about a fashion brand. Design could be directed more freely to give the concept result. The “ W” in conjuction with “braids” clothes was the inspiration for the final result of the logo and in this way the final brand was made. 
In contrast with the logo the font that was selected is more special to be able to work individually and to be easily understood. 
A particularity of the logo that makes the font more recognizable is the opposite “a” which works as an ”e”. Afterwards there are all the design suggestions of the logo and all the applications that were necessary. 

The printed material of the company was a very important subject as we have to promote our collection in a way that
all their details would be obvious. Look was designed with minimal way so as to fit to the style of clothes. In the context of promoting the new summer collection #SUMMERIT was created. #SUMMERIT is the name if the summer event that came up from the brand name. Simple to name, we immediately give basis to summer element and this it becomes clear that we refer to the summer collection of the company. It was given great importance and this is why we created a new logo. Inspiration for the logo was the sea and the lights colours of summer. All the fits depends on specific colours and on the minimal designs (like the design of the sea on the logo). The designs of the clothes mainly addressed to young. With the end of the project, we managed to create a business identity from the scratch. Target of the work is to understand the importance of the business identity and deepen to this but also to the design piece.

Designed by Marios Balaskas

Tutor: Artemis Roussos
Photographer: Nancy Tsitlaidi

Country: Greece

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2cahHcR

Äntligen några pics från Lillans nypiffade rum



Hej på er, härligt med fredag och helg va!?


Här blir det flytt och fotbollscup för hela slanten. Kanske hinner man med en flarra vin och lite mys med hjärtat också mellan varven 😉

Ni är ett gäng som frågat efter bilder på Lillans rum som jag började göra om för ett tag sedan. Det har tagit ett tag att komma någonstans där, så himla mycket som kommit emellan, men nu börjar det i alla fall att arta sig.




Väggarna som var vita har fått en fin rosa färg (Lingonshake) och sängen som också var vit har jag målat grå (Grådis). Ett vanligt sängbord (Hemnes) från Ikea har jag köpt och satt dit en porslinsknopp från Indiska (den är jättegammal och satt på en byrå jag har i källaren).




Det här är bara ett litet hörn av hennes rum, resten är under produktion så att säga. Bredvid dörren, som går in till vårt sovrum (stora fina pardörrar som inte syns leder ut i hallen) ska det vara ett sminkbord. Har bara inte hittat rätt ännu. Helst vill jag ha ett gammalt snirkligt men det kan funka med ett från Ikea också. Kan bara inte bestämma mig för om jag ska fortsätta vänta på det rätta, eller sticka iväg till Ikea och få allt klart lite snabbare…

Nåväl, nu vet ni på ett ungefär hur det blir i alla fall, och jag håller er förstås uppdaterade på fortsättningen.


Ha en fin fredag!


Kram kram


from Drömhus http://ift.tt/2bXFFJc

Premium Chocolate Bars NUGALI

Aware of the market and working to ensure that their products are internationally recognized, the Nugali Chocolates has invested in new concepts for their packaging, and designated the FAZdesign to perform the redesign project for the premium chocolate bars. 

The look of the packaging was modernized without losing the characteristics which reflect the nobility of the products. The color palette was designed to facilitate the identification of different cacao concentrations – which were also highlighted located with UV varnish. For the bars with nuts, they have been illustrated such that complement the art proposal. 

The presence of a mark for the line of premium bars assigns a kind of quality seal to products. The strip with cocoa illustration allows bars greater prominence in POS through continuity effect. Finally, special finishes like matte lamination and hot stamping enhance the perception of value of Nugali chocolates, differentiating them from other brands segment in which it operates.








Designed by FAZdesign

Country: Brazil

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2bEAhNA


SENSPA BALM has carefully selected various flowers to create special blends of balm that will melt down all your stress and tiredness with a soothing exotic scent. These pleasing formulas will also improve your blood circulation. Our selections of Thai Jasmine, Lotus, Lavender, Orange, and Champa flower, are packed within portable bottles beautifully decorated by flower motives according to that bottle’s fragrance. 

“Absolutely Aromatic” is the heart of this design. Aside from the aesthetic concern, the flowery decoration of each bottle is crafted to best communicate the inner beautiful scent to buyers at the first glance. 

GoNinetyOne uses hand-drawing techniques to create the delightfully plump flower patterns. These patterns are delicately positioned to allow for seamless continuation between the outer and inner designs. It is done in order to maximize the artistic appeal of the products on the display shelf.







Designed by GoNinetyOne

Country: Thailand

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2chE4yW

Barco Wine

This wine bottle packaging will take you back to your childhood when you used to fold paper boats and send them off into the water. Designed by DIEGO BALLESTER, Barco’s red wine is labeled with a beautiful ombre and silver waves. It’s details like these that really pull the design together and make it stand out on the shelves. 

“Small boutique project of some friends of Rosario, exclusive limited editions of wines games. He advises and prepares them came the young and talented winemaker “Ariel Angelini.” With a modern, fresh, cheerful, unstructured, high-impact design, inspired by the style of wine and port monument hometown of partners.

Subite this boat. Set sail along the route of malbec. Let yourself go and you will come to fruition. Meanwhile … we continue sailing.”



Country: Argentina

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2cfkhgC



Citrartwork built a strong and powerful brand and message with “simple” packaging.
Chances are color attracts people first. Differentiation with color. While mostly crowds of snack and chips products using strong bold vibrant colors, this chip brand uses pastels for a fresh look that makes Baetatoes stand out on supermarket shelves.

“Besides signature color, Citrartwork also do unique icons, package structure, imagery, typography and all that combine to create “ownable” that’s makes very synergy that prompts the “buy” response from young consumers. The another essential thing also to create a memorable yet strong character which create the illustrations that are very thought-through: texture, color, facial expressions, design style. Each character relates to the product inside and shows it own uniqueness and its own “love stories” to the consumers through the “quote”. As every people, every young consumers has their own ” bae-story”, their own way of showing love. For design style,Citrartwork build a strong and powerful image with a “simple” character, simple doodle.”






“The point of Baetatoes packaging is fun quote on each package. Each variants has a different quote which relate with the flavors itself. 
Like pop music,a quote are easy to remember. 
On the each package contains a quote which consumers can read while enjoying their snack alongside other characters, that they can explore to try a different flavors on the reverse side of the package.Using a simple,short , positive yet fun quote that the public is likely to remember it has the power to get stuck in young consumers head and makes differentiation in an overcrowded market. Quote content is the young consumer interest, which will increases the probability of choosing this brand and increases memorability.”

“The primary focus for Baetatoes are on young people, as they are enthusiastic users of the new media and updates. Mostly young consumers are still finding their own identity and are using brands to define who they are. So,Youth trends are part of an environment pertaining to information that we know as youth marketing .This can enable and enforce brand loyalty within a young consumer.many young consumers are concerned with reading and observing what other people are posting. Mention about young trends, its refers to young behaviours nowdays,especially their languange, the urban words.”

“Young consumers tend to have a language of their own, Most of the words and phrases aka urban words are seen on social media sites, text messages and heard in highschool hallways and popular song lyrics, and also it could be taking a toll on their performance in the classroom or work enviroment. Social media like twitter, instagram, facebook thing is becoming a our best friend to find the consumer’s insight, what is on their mind and the most trending urban words thesedays .The essential of products it self (potatoes) combines consumer insight (whats trending, esp the love story thing (bae). Bae and Potato .” Urban Dictionary says,The young generations, today, also using “Potato” in their daily conversation.it refers to a strange,uninteresting and boring or fat person -this usually refers to as a little joke or friendly insult .and word “Bae”, is an acronym that stands for “before anyone else,” and Young trends using “Bae” as a shortened version of baby or babe, another word for sweetie . 

#Potatoftheday is a positive “x” factor that will build brand recalling and makes stands out in the crowds of chips and snack category
The positive main message of POTATOFTHEDAY for young consumers is to persuade them yo have
self confidence and knows that nobody perfect but they are already perfect for someone out there.”


Designed by Citrartwork

Country: Indonesia

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2cfg3pz

Maquinon 2015 Wine

Like Marimorena , Maquinon already had an identity. A small Smoking Robot built in the 60s , who in its time was powerful and robust, with smoke exhaled through its mouth and a disturbing twist. 

The tasting notes spoke of a clean and bright red. The design we pursued was clear, the pop comic of the 60s, the same decade that the robot appeared in homes. We had to clean up the little object and make it shine more than ever. 





An illustration of short lines and spot colors fills it with life. Typographs that when used give a sensation of movement and character. The final touches do the rest. Ink varnish rounds of the graphics and sweetens the touch. 

Clean and bright … like a small light bulb that glows in the dark. In case somebody loses it.



Designed by Estudio Maba S.C

Country: Spain

from The Dieline – Branding & Packaging Design Home http://ift.tt/2bVO9Cu

Den första moodboarden jag gjort till mig själv !


Okej, nu har jag alltså gjort en väldigt lätt variant av moodboard åt mig själv för att visa  känslan jag är ute efter i vårt nya kök.


I vårt fall handlar det ju enbart om känslan i rummet, här kommer inga stora förändringar att ske. Inga nya skåp, Inga nya möbler … vi pratar enbart känsla & det är framförallt värmen jag saknar!

Värmen jag behöver få in i köket, tänker jag ska komma från trä & tapet.


Så här ser köket ut idag, ett enkelt, litet kök med svarta skåp från Ikea.
Nu vill jag ha bort de svarta hårda luckorna, det vita kalla kaklet.
In med trärent & tapet!
-vill här bara notera att det är jag som tidigare inrett detta kök, kaklet har 14 år på nacken, där & då tyckte jag detta var supersnyggt-

torhamn ikea

Intro Alm Kvänun

Tänker mig någon av dessa två varianter av skåp -luckor-  det övre från Ikea, det nedre från Kvänum.
Tillsammans med någon form av greige tapet tror jag att jag kommer få ihop precis den känslan jag ute efter.

mina saker i en moodboard

Satte även ihop en variant på moodboard på de saker jag tänker behålla i köket.
Produkter som maken tillverkat elementet,  kopparhängare,
väggfästa lampor  ,knivlist
allt tillverkat i koppar som i sig själv har en varm ton i sin färg-
+ de tre stålhyllorna.
Dessutom behåller vi självklart också vår bänkskiva i kalksten.
Stålhyllorna & stenskivan får representera det hårda & kalla i köket
-som krävs för att uppväga all värme från trä & tapet-

Ni vet den viktiga vågskålen inom inredning
… hårt/mjukt, varmt/kallt, högt/lågt osv.
De enkla trixen som gör känslan av inredningen levande !


PS. alla små tapetprover ni ser i mina moodboards ovan kommer från
Morris nya kollektion PURE





from @my casa http://ift.tt/2bLFJKA

Nyttig glass till Lillan som inte gillar frukost



Har du precis som jag ett barn som mer eller mindre vägrar äta frukost på morgonen innan skolan? Eller kanske är du själv en sådan person som inte har någon aptit direkt när du vaknar?


I så fall har jag ett superbra tips!

Gör glassar av olika sorters smothies, juicer, yoghurt, bär, frukter, etc.


Lillan är hopplös på morgonen med frukost, hon har helt enkelt ingen aptit. Det känns hemskt att köra henne till skolan på fastande mage, så vi har alltid skickat med någon slags frulle i skolväskan, men oftast kommer den orörd i retur.

Nu har vi kommit på att glass går ned. Jag menar alltid, oavsett om klockan är 7 eller lunch så är hon alltid sugen på en glass. Nu gör vi helt sonika ”nyttiga glassar” som hon kan äta på morgonen, så får hon i alla fall något litet i magen.




Givetvis hade familjen redan öppnat och druckit av de olika sorterna jag hade köpt hem den här gången för att ta bilder hit till bloggen…

Så bilden blev inte jättekul med halvfulla flaskor och så, men strunt samma.




Fyll glassarna med just din favoritmix.

Vi kör mest 10% turkisk yoghurt mixat med frysta frukter och bär, men också bara Proviva med blåbärssmak, eller färskpressade olika juicer eller smothies från affären.Turkiska yoghurtglassen är ”frukostglassen framför andra”.

Blanda vad som faller dig in och prova dig fram.




Det blir så gott, och det känns så skönt att veta att de finns där som en liten bost på morgonen, eller varför inte till dessert efter maten, eller kanske som mellis efter skolan.




Lillan älskar dem och äter gladeligen en eller ibland tom två på morgonen innan skolan.




Det var mitt lilla tips för idag!


Kram kram


from Drömhus http://ift.tt/2bTjsOk